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Speech rupture with correctly constructed sentences is considered a psychic deviation. Schizophasia is the confusion of words, as a result of which everything said by a person does not carry a semantic load. Phrases are constructed correctly, but the sayings of the patient with mental disabilities are devoid of logical sequence. This disease is not rare, it is inherent in people with other disorders. In some cases, the manifestation of the disease is associated with a strong alcohol intoxication.

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Among patients suffering from mental pathologies, schizophasia is fixed in 12%. According to epidemiology, the average age of people exposed to this disease is 30 years. In men, mental abnormalities are more common than in women.

The disease is hereditary, this factor plays an important role. This is due to the toxic effect on the fetus during the bearing of the child. Mental abnormalities can develop against an infectious lesion. From this point of view, the hereditary factor is the linking link.

The prevalence of the disease is more often recorded among residents of large cities. This is due to the modern rhythm of life, and numerous stressful situations.

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Causes of the schizophasia

The main provoking factor is craniocerebral injury. Damage to the brain in most cases entails a deviation from the nervous system. As an additional reason for schizophrenia is the use of psychotropic drugs and drugs. A person who is under the influence of prohibited substances and alcohol products can not speak normally.

As a result of schizophasia, the patient connects meaningless words and sentences. All this causes confusion among the surrounding people. The structure of speech is not correct, but there are no grammatical errors.

Experts believe that this psychological deviation is a manifestation of paranoid schizophrenia. This disease is common, more common in people over the age of 50 years. Symptoms of deviation include hallucinations, delusions and strange experiences. The disease is accompanied by disturbances from the emotions and speech apparatus.

The severity of speech is supplemented by obsessions. The patient expresses his emotions strangely, he has confused thoughts, bouts of jealousy and a persecution mania. People with this pathology can not explain what exactly bothers them. This entails isolation, social phobia and narrowing of emotional reactions. To develop the disease can be dramatic, without any prerequisites. At the same time, a person does not realize that his speech is meaningless.

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Experts believe that mental pathology is a consequence of such diseases as:

  • schizophrenia;
  • neurosyphilis;
  • encephalitis.

In some people, the pathogenesis of the disease is associated with the presence of damage to the temporal lobe of the brain. There were cases when the disease was a consequence of chronic encephalitis. All this points to the fact that the onset of the disease is caused by disruptions in the work of the brain. As a result, people are visited by delusional and obsessive ideas, along with the severity of speech.

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Symptoms of the schizophasia

The main sign of the disease is the severity of speech. A person has increased speech activity, but his words and expressions do not carry a semantic load. Thus the person speaks much, and does not need listeners or interlocutors. This is the most common symptom of schizophasia, on the basis of which a psychiatrist can diagnose.

The conversation of a person with mental disabilities attracts others. However, no one can understand what is at stake. Often, this phenomenon occurs due to traumatic brain injury or other brain damage. A person speaks a lot, at the same time completely incompatible concepts are combined. The statements are clear and clear, so the surrounding people can not understand what is happening to the victim.

Along with the rupture of speech, delusional ideas and a violation of thinking are not excluded. However, the dominant symptom is human conversation. With proper treatment, you can achieve a stable remission.

The first signs of the disease

The disease can develop spontaneously. The first signs of schizophasia - increased talkative human. In this case, the victim expresses incorrectly. In most cases, all proposals do not carry a semantic load, and are not logical. Other manifestations, in addition to incoherence speech is not observed. This sign is enough for the diagnosis.

What is the difference between a patient's speech and schizophasia?

The brightest sign of rejection is a person's speech. A victim with a mental deflection begins to quickly speak illogical proposals. The speech of the patient with schizophasia is clear, but devoid of any meaning. At the same time, a person does not realize that he does not speak correctly. It is caused by a brain damage.

Identifying a person with a mental disability is not difficult. He is emotional, his speech is loud and not logical. By his strange utterances he attracts people. At the same time, the victim is not socially dangerous.

Complications and consequences

Schizophasia rarely leads to complications. The only adverse deviation may be the severance of speech on an ongoing basis. Consequences and complications are possible in the presence of concomitant diseases, in particular schizophrenia.

The most common abnormalities that develop due to impaired brain activity are:

Due to autism, a person is not able to interact socially with other people. This psychological deviation disrupts development. Lacural dementia allows a person to realize the presence of a disease. Associated with the deviation from the defeat of the vessels of the brain.

Extrapyramidal disorders develop against the background of the use of neuroleptics. These drugs are used to treat schizophrenia and schizophrenia. Excessive use of medications leads to the development of chorea, dystonia and tremor.

The development of cardiovascular diseases increases the death rate among people with mental disabilities. Finally, abdominal obesity is another common complication. It is caused by a violation of metabolic processes in the body.

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Diagnostics of the schizophasia

You can diagnose the deviation after communicating with a person. As repeatedly mentioned above, during a period of exacerbation of mental pathology, the patient's speech is strange. He talks a lot, but all proposals are devoid of logic and meaning. Diagnosis of schizophasia is simple, so the diagnosis is made after a survey of a psychiatrist.

If the disease is a consequence of schizophrenia, additional measures are taken. The presence of a concomitant deviation is indicated by auditory and visual hallucinations, obsessions and persecution mania. A person can have olfactory, taste and sexual hallucinations.


Differential diagnosis

At the first stages, the disease must be diagnosed from acute transient disorders. The basis of differential diagnosis is the identification of concomitant diseases.

The diagnosis is made on the basis of the clinical picture. Analyzes and other diagnostic measures are not carried out. The mental state of a person is the only criterion for evaluation. In the presence of speech rupture it is customary to diagnose schizophasia. If the condition is supplemented by hallucinations, persecution mania and delusions, schizophrenia is possible .

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Who to contact?

Treatment of the schizophasia

People with mental disabilities, in particular schizophrenia and schizophrenia, need to follow a specific treatment regimen. This will achieve a stable period of remission. At the heart of the treatment of schizophasia is the use of neuroleptics. They are used with extreme caution. This is due to the high risk of developing extrapyramidal disorders.

Widely used tools such as:

  1. He did not;
  2. Sonapaks;
  3. Truksal;
  4. Rispolept;
  5. Triftazine.
  • I did not. Used to eliminate aggressiveness on the background of mental abnormalities. The maximum dose for adults is 100 mg per day, for children no more than 0.5 mg / kg. The agent can cause side reactions, in particular, dry mouth, drowsiness, depression and digestive system disorders. Use Neuleptil impossible with heart failure and vascular pathology.
  • Sonapaks. It helps to eliminate mental abnormalities, in particular psychosis and manic states. It is used to treat children and adults. In childhood, the maximum dosage per day is 10-50 mg. Adults can use 100-300 mg per day, depending on the severity of clinical manifestations. The agent can cause side reactions in the form of confusion, disturbance of hematopoiesis and thermoregulation. Use Sonapax is not possible in pregnancy, the presence of craniocerebral trauma and heart failure.
  • Truksal. It is widely used for psychoses and neuroses. The daily dose depends on the disease and the severity of its manifestation. On average, for adults this is 100-300 mg, for children - 0.5 mg / kg. Use the drug is not possible with diabetes, Parkinson's syndrome and epilepsy. Possible development of adverse reactions in the form of dizziness, tachycardia and disorders of the gastrointestinal tract.
  • Rispolept. Dosage is appointed by the attending physician, it is taken at a time or divided into two doses. Rispolept is contraindicated for intolerance to lactose and in children under 5 years of age. Possible development of adverse reactions from the body, in particular dizziness, cardiovascular system disorders and allergic reactions.
  • Triftazine. The maximum initial dose is 0.005 g, after treatment it is 0.8 g. Everything depends on the severity of the clinical picture. You can use the product exclusively for adults. Triftazine is able to cause extrapyramidal disorders. It can not be used for acute liver and kidney damage.


Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to prevent the disease. In the presence of deviations from relatives, it is recommended to undergo primary prevention. It is in the collection of data on the incidence of native people, in particular, parents. Secondary prevention is then carried out. It is based on the use of medicines. Usually these are injections, depots, once a month. This will reduce the likelihood of complications.

If a person has significant deviations, to avoid exacerbating the situation, it is necessary to minimize mental stress. It is impossible to get rid of schizophasia completely. All that a person can do, prolong the stage of remission and soften the acute phase of the disease. For this purpose, drugs such as Eglonil, Seroquel and Fluansoxol are used. It's antipsychotics, the scheme of application is prescribed by a doctor. Use of drugs is not possible with severe violations of the liver, kidneys and cardiovascular system. Incorrect dosage can provoke the development of extrapyramidal disorders.

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Schizophrenic diseases are not fatal progressing diseases. In most cases, the outlook is favorable. If a person complies with all the recommendations of a doctor and takes medication, his condition is stable. Along with this, it is necessary to avoid stressful situations and mental overloads.

In the absence of treatment, a person's condition worsens. Acute attacks of the disease are replaced for short periods of remission. Man becomes socially dangerous. In this case, schizophasia is characterized by an unfavorable prognosis.


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