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Men, whose health depends not only on their well-being, but also on the family, are very jealous of their sexual responsibilities. After all, problems in bed gradually turn into serious conflicts outside, and sometimes even cause that previously loving people no longer want to be together. On the scale of the problem of the disease, causing violations in the sexual sphere, a strong sex equates to disability, and the diagnosis of "impotence" at a young age sounds like a terrible sentence. But many men's diseases can easily be prevented with the help of one simple procedure. Yes, and doctors themselves recommend prostate massage as an effective method of treatment and prevention of pathologies affecting the reproductive system of men.

Prostate and its health

The reproductive system is a complex multicomponent structure, the coordinated work of which depends not only on the possibility of procreation, but also on the person's health in many ways. Sexual system in men includes both external (penis, scrotum, testicles), and internal genital organs. The latter are not visible to the naked eye, so they sometimes forget about the strong sex sometimes.

One of the internal organs of the male reproductive system is the prostate gland, which is simply called the prostate. This small body (no more than a table tennis ball similar in shape to a chestnut fruit) is located in the cavity of the small pelvis in front of the rectum slightly below the bladder.

In childhood, the prostate gland has small dimensions, but it grows with puberty and reaches 25 ml in adulthood.

The prostate consists of a glandular layer, smooth muscles and connective tissue and is permeated with a variety of nerve fibers. It performs the three most important functions in the life of a man:

  • Development of a specific secret, which is necessary for liquefaction of sperm produced in the testicles and necessary for the continuation of the genus. Due to this secretion, containing an antimicrobial component (zinc), hormones (and in particular dihydrotestosterone), a complex of proteins, fats and carbohydrates, as well as enzymes that provide the functionality of the reproductive system, spermatozoa can be actively moved. And the optimal acid-base balance of the sperm maintained by the secretion of the prostate allows the male seed to remain healthy and viable for a sufficient time.
  • Ensuring the advancement of sperm, mixed with a prostatic secretion in the urethral canal with ejaculation. Sensitive prostate tissue at the time of orgasm is actively reduced, which ensures the movement of semen.
  • Partly covering the urethra, it protects the upper urinary tract from penetration of infection from the lower ones.

If any of the abovementioned functions are violated, the man begins to have problems with the genitourinary system, which in most cases leads to a violation of the reproductive function. If the gland becomes inflamed or increases in size for another reason (for example, due to tumor processes), it begins to squeeze the urethra, and the man begins to have problems with the outflow of urine.

Male restraint and reluctance to share their problems leads to the fact that men for a long time suffer from pain and intoxication provoked by stagnation, only aggravating the situation. To the doctor it is accepted to address, when on the above-listed symptoms problems with a potency are imposed. And even the majority of men try to solve them independently with the help of tablets to increase potency, many of which have a stimulating, but not curative effect.

And even the vaunted "Viagra" is not always able to completely and irrevocably restore the broken potency. But this is possible by effective therapeutic methods, one of which is prostate massage. In addition, unlike most medications, massage procedures can be recommended in preventive care. The likelihood of developing side effects with professionally conducted massage is significantly lower than the risk of harm to health from the use of drugs.

We will try to consider in more detail what are the benefits and harms of prostate massage, what kinds of massage procedures are there and how to properly conduct them, are there any contraindications to such manipulations and what can lead to a wrong massage.

Indications for the procedure

We have already mentioned that prostate massage is considered a popular therapeutic and prophylactic procedure recommended by male doctors (urologist, andrologist). The purpose of this procedure is to prevent and eliminate stagnant phenomena in the prostate gland, which are usually the cause of the development of the inflammatory process in this important organ of the male reproductive system.

Treatment of prostate diseases with massage is a fairly common practice, to which many men are extremely negative. Especially in those cases when the doctor prescribes a rectal massage. But if you discard the psychological discomfort from the idea that the doctor will conduct prostate stimulation through the anus and rectum (in men, then not the most pleasant associations arise), the result of regular procedures can be getting rid of the problems that torment the patient usually more than one month.

Most often, prostate massage is prescribed for prostatitis. This disease, which causes inflammation in the glandular layer of the prostate gland. The cause of this pathology may be the penetration or activation of bacterial infection (activization of opportunistic microflora is possible due to hypothermia or strong weakening of immunity), and stagnant phenomena in the organ, provoked by circulatory disorders in the pelvic region (for example, with sedentary work, irregular sexual activity, hypodynamia, etc.).

Signs of prostatitis are problems with urination (frequent desires with small, often drip, urination, burning sensation in the urethra) and defecation (tenderness during and after bowel movement), decreased potency, premature ejaculation, often accompanied by pain, prolonged painful erection by nights. In acute prostatitis, these symptoms are significant, causing the patient to seek help from doctors.

But chronic prostatitis usually proceeds almost asymptomatically. What does not make it less dangerous. The long-term inflammatory process, although not accompanied by a noticeable pain syndrome, weakens the prostate tissue and a number of underlying organs (and in particular the rectum, which is a common cause of hemorrhoid development).

In the acute phase of the disease, any stimulating procedures are contraindicated so as not to hinder the spread of bacterial infection, which is either present initially, or is associated with the progression of the disease. But with a chronic course of the pathology, massage is extremely useful. After all, it will help restore blood circulation and lymph flow in the affected organ, which is effective for regenerating prostate tissues, removing pathogens, poisons and toxins from the body. The latter can be both the products of the vital activity of bacteria, and the result of stagnation of urine - a fluid containing harmful substances and in a concentrated form of the poisoning organism.

With a chronic form of prostatitis, prostate massage can be prescribed regardless of the nature of the disease and the causes that cause it.

One of the complications of prostatitis is the abscess of the organ, i.e. A purulent inflammation. In this case, prostate massage will help to remove pus more actively from the prostate gland and the urethral canal.

The syndrome of chronic pelvic pain is another indication for a prostate massage. This syndrome is typical for most cases of chronic prostatitis (more than 80%), when men simply do not suspect about their disease.

Another fairly common disease of the male reproductive system is prostate adenoma. This is a benign tumor of the organ, whose treatment at an early stage also often involves prostate massage. However, in this case, the procedure is treated with extreme caution, applying an external massage. If the neoplasm has already acquired large sizes, which affects the work of the genitourinary system, there are no stimulating procedures.

Hemorrhoids - this is a fairly common complication of prostatitis, when inflammation spreads to the rectum, disrupts blood circulation and weakens its tissues, resulting in the prolapse of hemorrhoids. By itself, hemorrhoids in the initial stage are treated in a complex manner using a rectum massage that does not require a deep penetration of the doctor's finger into the intestine. The prostate is located deep inside and with its rectal massage, the inflamed foci of hemorrhoids can be damaged.

If prostatitis is accompanied by hemorrhoids, only the use of external massage is allowed: massaging the perineum, lower abdominal massage and lower back massage. But even an indirect prostate massage (affecting the perineal muscles) can harm hemorrhoids in the acute stage of the disease.

Among other things, prostate massage is used for diagnostic purposes. The prostate gland is an internal organ, and in order to determine its condition with various male diseases, instrumental studies are required. And to once again not send men to ultrasound, the doctor preliminarily estimates the size of the prostate and her soreness by palpation. The simplest and the closest you can go to the organ through the rectum, so for diagnostic purposes, a rectal (direct) massage is performed.

During the massage, the doctor can detect an increase in the size of the prostate gland, characteristic of the inflammatory process, the presence of seals in it, which is very important in diagnosing adenoma and prostate cancer. However, in order to find out whether a benign tumor or malignant one needs additional tests (blood test, biopsy, histological analysis).

If necessary, take an analysis of the prostatic secretion of the prostate massage helps to cause a good full erection and ejaculation, sufficient for laboratory studies.

In therapeutic and diagnostic purposes, massage procedures have been practiced relatively recently, while to increase the potency of prostate massage has been used for a long time. The tradition has gone to stimulate thus the sexual function of a man has ancient roots. The first to observe it were the people of the East, or rather, know it: shahs, sultans. They could afford to keep a personal doctor at the court, who regularly carried out this procedure.

Such manipulations allowed men with a large harem to always stay on top of their old age and be very skillful lovers. In addition, the massage allowed to maintain male health, preventing stagnant phenomena in the prostate gland, which is very important with a sedentary lifestyle.

No wonder the massage for improving potency is called royal. However, for today, with the flourishing of medicine, royal massage of the prostate, which serves both for the prevention of male problems, and for stimulation of male power, has become available not only to rich people. Another thing is that men do not really like this procedure, especially if it is conducted by a stranger in the hospital.

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Massage of the prostate is a procedure that will have a good effect only if it is carried out correctly. This very important point needs to be taken into account when seeking help from doctors. It is better, if the massage procedures will be carried out by a specialist with sufficient experience, who will tell others how to effectively and safely perform prostate massage alone or with the help of relatives at home.

Massage of the prostate is not a complicated procedure, but it requires knowledge of the anatomy of the male reproductive system, and the rules for its conduct provide for special training.

Traditionally, the prostate massage is performed by the finger method through the rectum. Like any manipulation of this kind, it requires preliminary evacuation of the intestine. And it is not a natural act of defecation or the use of laxatives, but a cleansing enema cleansing the lower intestine.

This procedure is usually not difficult, and many are familiar with it since childhood. In the syringe, you need to collect 200 ml of warm boiled water or filtered herbal decoction (usually use chamomile, as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory agent). The temperature of the liquid should be close to the temperature of the body in the anus; about 37 degrees.

Next, lubricate the tip of the syringe with petroleum jelly or vegetable oil and, spreading the buttocks with your hand, gently insert it into the anus with rotating movements that facilitate the movement and reduce the risk of injury to the intestinal tissues. Pressing on the pear gradually injecting liquid into the rectum, and then remove the tip of the syringe.

It is best to do an enema in the supine position. After all the fluid has been injected and the syringe is removed, it is recommended that you lie down in the same position for a few minutes. Usually, after a few minutes, strong urge to defecate. This is the signal to empty the intestine.

But this cleansing procedure does not end there. For hygienic purposes and to reduce psychological discomfort, the area of the genitals, perineum and anal opening should be thoroughly rinsed with water and soap and soaked with a towel.

Another requirement that makes it easier to rectally access the prostate is that 30-40 minutes before a massage session, a large amount of water (about 1 liter) is consumed. As we remember, the prostate gland is located under the bladder. If it is filled, the prostate will lower a little and will be pressed to the rectum, which will facilitate the body massage.

In addition, the inflammatory process in the prostate is always accompanied by the multiplication of pathogenic and opportunistic microflora, and stimulation of the prostate gland will promote its excretion into the urethra, which is a common channel for both seminal fluid and urine. Thus, the act of urinating after a massage procedure will help remove pathogens from the urethra, where they can also provoke inflammation.

These 2 requirements are relevant both for manual and for hardware massage. By the way, the latter can be successfully carried out at home even without assistance, if the man is confused by the fact that another finger will penetrate into the anal hole.

Prostate massage is performed by an experienced doctor in sterile medical gloves, lubricating the working finger with petroleum jelly or using other means for prostate massage. The patient, on the recommendation of the doctor, has the right to choose which remedy will be more accessible and effective for him. And even if the man is planning to do the massage himself at home, the choice of the tools necessary for this is worth negotiating with the attending physician.

The fact is that the lubricant, ointment, oil, gel for massage of the prostate can have a completely different effect. So, "Vaseline" as the most budgetary and simple representative of lubricants, facilitates the introduction of a finger into the rectum and somewhat reduces the discomfort from the massage itself, but it does not have a therapeutic effect. That is, with prostatitis, its use is of little relevance, although it is sufficient to increase the potency.

For the treatment of male inflammatory diseases, drug therapy is of primary importance. And to combine massage and medication, it is better to use drugs that have healing effects:

  • relieve inflammation,
  • have a warming effect, thanks to which the blood supply to the body and the metabolism in it improves, which in turn helps to restore the diseased tissues.
  • effectively fight the microbial component (absorbed in the intestine, the acting substances of such drugs have both local and systemic action),
  • reduce pain.

For example, "Heparin Ointment" removes inflammation, improves microcirculation in the affected area, reduces pain in chronic prostatitis. But since it does not contain an antibacterial component, it is advisable to apply it in a non-infectious form of the disease.

"Zinc ointment" is generally useful for the male reproductive system. In addition, it contributes to the regeneration of glandular tissue, improves local immunity, stops inflammatory processes in the intestine and prostate. This tool is relevant for carrying out a massage both with inflammation of the prostate and with a benign tumor (adenoma).

"Finalgon" is a remedy with a warming effect, which helps to reduce the symptoms of inflammation and pain, and also improves blood circulation in the diseased organ. This ointment is suitable for massage with prostatitis of non-infectious nature.

"Methyluracil ointment" - a universal medicine, which can be used for both acute and chronic inflammation of the prostate. True, with acute prostatitis, when massage procedures are prohibited, ointment is used only externally or use a rectal suppository with methyluracil. Preparations with this name stimulate the regeneration of the tissues of the diseased organ, reduce inflammation, and have some analgesic effect. In addition, due to them, local immunity increases, which is the prevention of recurrence of the disease.

With the infectious nature of chronic prostatitis, the doctor can recommend antibacterial ointment "Levomekol".

Among the medicinal products on gel basis and creams, such products as "Traumeel", cream-lubricant for intimate hygiene "Ekado", beeswax cream "Healthy" (suitable for those who do not have allergies to beekeeping products) have gained popularity in massage procedures. . All these drugs have a good anti-inflammatory and antiseptic effect.

As for oils, for sea massage the most suitable are sea-buckthorn, mustard and peach oil, pumpkin seed oil, as well as pharmaceutical preparations (lanolin and castor oil). All of them soften movements inside the rectum, reducing the discomfort caused by the procedure, have a healing effect on the tissues of the intestine and prostate. Oils can be mixed together, adding ethers, which have an antiseptic and soothing effect.

As you can see, the choice of auxiliary tools for performing prostate massage is quite sufficient, but their choice should be treated responsibly. For example, do not use antibacterial ointments, if the disease is non-infectious nature, because such treatment can disrupt the balance of the microflora of the intestine, where the drug first gets. And this dysbacteriosis, stool disorders, deterioration in the absorption of nutrients and anemia.

A set of measures to prepare for prostate massage includes a psychological attitude to such a delicate procedure. The doctor should explain to the patient what is the use of the massage and what are the types of procedure and what position the man will have to take during the massage. This is very important, so that later there will be no misunderstandings and scandals.

Together with the doctor, the patient must specify the various possibilities and techniques of the massage, and choose the most suitable ones. Not every man manages to step over his own pride and prejudice and agree to a professional massage, but the first procedures should still be entrusted to a specialist who will tell you how to properly massage at home.

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Who to contact?

Technique of the massage prostate

Prostate massage is a procedure that requires certain psychological efforts from a man, especially if it is a direct massage that provides transrectal access. Already the very position for the effective conduct of the procedure of many introduces into a stupor.

The most suitable and often practiced is the knee-elbow position, when the anterior part of the body is located slightly below the back. In this case, the access to the anal opening and the introduction of the finger into the rectum are facilitated, moreover, the muscles of the pelvic floor are as relaxed as possible.

In some cases, the pose is simplified by inviting the patient to simply bend down so that the trunk remains horizontal during the procedure. For convenience, the patient can use his hands to rest on a table or couch.

The third option is the position that a person takes during the setting of an enema, i.e. Lying on his side with knees bent to his chest. In this case, however, the man will have to work up to relax the muscles of the small pelvis, which is very important for the proper conduct of the procedure and is the prevention of pain.

If a man does prostate massage alone at home, the most comfortable position is the squatting position. Although even more comfortable can be called the posture lying in the bathroom with the legs thrown on the sides, facilitating access to the anus and inserting a finger into it.

The above poses are ideal for both manual and hardware massage. They are practiced both with internal (transrectal) massage, and with external manipulations in connection with prostate diseases.

There are following ways of massage of the prostate:

  • finger rectal massage (he is also a direct massage, most often used by doctors to treat diseases of the male reproductive system),
  • Transrectal apparatus massage with the use of special spears and devices,
  • hydromassage,
  • an indirect massage that does not imply penetration into the patient's body and involves the elaboration of the lower abdomen by the massage movements (the suprapubic zone near the navel), the lumbosacral part (the effect of stroking movements across the back from the waist to the coccyx), the area between the anus and the scrotum ( perineal massage).

Now consider how to properly do a prostate massage, based on how the experts do it.

Massage of the prostate with a finger. After the man accepts the doctor's proposed position, the doctor injects the finger, lubricated into the anal opening, gropes the prostate (in the form of a tubercle), located about 4-5 cm deep, and gently massages the gland through the intestinal wall. It is very important that the patient can relax the muscles of the pelvis and not obstruct the movements of the doctor.

The prostate gland is an unpaired organ, but it has 2 halves (segments) separated by a central groove. The doctor first massages one part of the organ, moving from his distal to the center, then proceeds to the second, acting in a similar way, and ends with pressure along the central groove.

Thus, the whole body is being studied, which begins to actively expel the stagnant secret and bacterial components into the urethra. The beginning of the massage procedure should ideally coincide with the first slight urge to urinate, which should be restrained, so that at the end of the massage the man would go to the toilet and remove from the genitourinary system all unnecessary that accumulated in the prostate gland.

Indicators of the effectiveness of the procedure of prostate massage are discharges from the urethra, which should appear in separate drops (4-5 drops). This is evidence that the organ is cleansed and stasis is eliminated.

How much is a prostate massage done with a finger and how long will a man have to endure such "violence"? The duration of one procedure is small - 2-3 minutes (for massaging each share of the prostate gland takes about 1 minute of time). The first time procedure may last longer (about 4-5 minutes), because at first the doctor conducts finger diagnosis of the organ (evaluation of its shape, location, size), and then proceeds directly to the massage. So we can say with certainty that a man is going through a procedure longer than necessary for carrying it out.

Now let's move on to the question of how often prostate massage is needed? In most cases, doctors tend to believe that massage procedures should be daily. But it happens that massage sessions are appointed with a slightly larger interval - every other day. In any case, the frequency of procedures, as well as their number, are determined by the doctor.

One can say with certainty that a single procedure can only temporarily increase the potency, but it is not necessary to expect a tangible therapeutic effect. Usually prostate massage is prescribed by courses of 10-15 procedures with the possibility of a repetition after some time.

It is very important that the massage movements are soft and not very intense, so as not to worsen the condition of the inflamed organ. In no case should the massage be accompanied by pain. In this case, the procedure will have to stop.

If the patient wishes to carry out the procedure on his own at home, he will need to short-cut and nail the nails on his working fingers (usually the finger gets tired and has to be replaced with the other, which must also be provided in advance). Correction of nails is necessary not only because they can break through gloves (and they should be used in any case, if the massage is carried out through the rectum). Long and sharp nails with burrs can damage the intestinal mucosa, which will lead to inflammation. Such a massage can be especially painful.

Hardware massage. This procedure is similar to the previous one, but together with a finger, a special device is used to massage the prostate, which must also be inserted through the anus. Although some models of devices can perform an external non-invasive action (for example, the Intraton device that performs electrostimulation of the prostate through the skin) or prostate massage through the urethra.

There are several types of devices that are used to stimulate the prostate through the rectum:

  • The physiotherapeutic device of the Russian manufacture "Mavit", providing 3 kinds of influence on the sick organ: heat, magnetic field, vibration. The duration of the procedure is 30 minutes. The course of treatment is from 7 to 9 daily procedures.
  • Its Ukrainian analogue is "Prostam", which is cheaper than more than 2 times.
  • The popular device "Ereton", made in Russia, which has a therapeutic effect on the prostate with a constant magnetic field, pulsed electric current and low-frequency vibration. All of the above effects can be used both together and separately. The course of treatment with the device is 12 daily sessions, the duration of which gradually increases from 5 to 12 minutes. It is recommended to repeat the courses with an interval of at least 1.5 months, although the curative effect persists for six months.
  • Magnetic-vacuum Apollo device. The first versions of it were developed and put into practice during the time of the Soviet Union. Subsequently, the device was upgraded. It performs physiotherapeutic effects on the prostate through the urethra, which must be placed in the orifice orifice. Therapeutic factors are: negative pressure, increasing blood flow to tissues, pulsed magnetic field and infrared radiation. The duration of the procedure is about 20 minutes, during which the impact is carried out by several programs. The course of treatment should be discussed with the attending physician.

There are other types of apparatus for massage prostate, many of which are manufactured abroad and have a higher cost. But we must say that domestic devices are in no way inferior to the import analogue in the effectiveness of treatment, providing both a mechanical and physiotherapeutic effect.

By the way, many doctors agree on the idea that prostate massage without physiotherapy does not have a visible therapeutic effect. Moreover, abroad, physicians have long ago abandoned massage procedures in the treatment of diseases of the male sexual sphere, replacing them with the influence of physical forces. They believe that physiotherapy is much more effective and safer in treating prostatitis and other pathologies of the prostate gland.

Apparatus for massage prostate can be used in both home and outpatient (or stationary) conditions. But choosing a device for home many patients tend to portable vibrators, used rectally and consisting of a block and a special nozzle, which is inserted into the rectum. Such devices are more affordable and convenient enough. You can use them both with an assistant (for example, with your wife) and yourself.

Massage of the prostate with a vibrator, of course, is not as effective and pleasant as a rectal massage performed by the finger method of a loved one. But at the same time it is a good substitute for the procedure conducted by a doctor, to which most men are extremely negative, preferring to suffer pain and discomfort further.

There is another type of massager - straps. These are the so-called falloimmitters, which are attached to the pelvis of the partner and are used for both prostate massage and sexual games. True, doctors question the effectiveness and safety of using such devices, given that they do not exert an all-encompassing effect on the prostate, massaging it only along the groove, and it is difficult to control the intensity of massage movements. In addition, taking a great interest in older games, partners often forget about the fact that rectal massage has serious contraindications.

Hydromassage. This procedure is suitable for those who categorically do not want to carry out massage in hospital conditions and are extremely negative about the traditional types of prostate massage described above. Hydromassage is two consecutive enemas. The first of them is cleansing, the second is a massage one.

First we do a cleansing enema. In the previously cleaned anus, we inject 200 ml of boiled water at a temperature of about 37 ° C and wait until the urge to defecate. We emptied the intestines, washed with soap anus and perineum, after which we inject about 800 ml of boiled water into the rectum (with a prostatitis it is better to take a decoction of chamomile, which has an anti-inflammatory effect).

Desires for defecation will appear even earlier than the first time, however, a man will need to restrain them for a quarter of an hour, trying not to sit or lie, but to walk, move. The overflowed intestine will press on the prostate, thereby realizing a peculiar mass. And the movement will help to ensure that the pressure is not constant, but pulsating.

Despite the apparent simplicity, this method has its drawbacks. Firstly, this is not the most pleasant experience during the procedure, when you have to keep your desires to the limit. Sometimes it's even painful. Secondly, for several such daily routines, the intestinal microflora can be significantly disturbed, because the enemas wash out the beneficial bacteria from it.

As for the effectiveness of the whirlpool, this is a softer and more gentle procedure that is more suitable for prevention than for stasis.

External massage. It's about the usual for many massage procedures, which is designed to improve blood circulation and lymph flow in the organs of the small pelvis. By itself, external or indirect massage for prostate diseases is not considered an effective medical procedure. In this case, it is prescribed in parallel with the rectal forms of massage and urethral massage as a method that stabilizes the condition and functioning of the entire reproductive system of the man as a whole through the improvement of tissue nutrition and respiration.

As an aid to impotence and infertility, indirect prostate massage can be used as an independent method.

Massage the prostate to increase potency. Now we will briefly touch on the topic of Thai massage, which interests many men, and its impact on prostate health. It has already been mentioned above that the problem of maintaining male power through prostate massage is actively mentioned in connection with the countries of the East, including China, India, Taiwan, Tibet, Thailand, etc. Subsequently, a system has been formed that allows, by affecting individual parts of the body, to improve the condition and work different human organs.

Thai massage, which originates in Thailand, is a special technique of acupressure. General Thai massage means close contact with the patient when various parts of the hands (thumbs, wrists, palms, elbows, forearms), feet, knees and special devices are used to influence sensitive points. Royal Thai massage is a procedure in which the body of the massage therapist and the patient are at a distance of 1 foot, and the effect is carried out only by the thumbs and occasionally by the outer side of the wrist.

And the general and  royal massage  is the impact on the biologically active points located along the lines of vital energy, and since different points are responsible for the condition of different organs, performing massage according to a certain scheme, it is possible to achieve improvement of the prostate, stomach and other important organs of the human body.

The impact on biologically active points for improving masculine health is a combination of therapeutic and erotic massage. For example, in order to increase the sexual desire (libido), you need to press your thumb with the thumb for 1.5 seconds farther from the wrist bone, repeating the procedure 10 times in a row.

But the point that increases the potency, is located in the center of the heel. The impact on it is carried out on the same principle, but somewhat more strongly.

With the apparent simplicity of the impact, improper execution may harm the health of a man, so Thai massage should be performed by a specialist. By combining Thai massage with prostate massage, which can be performed alone or with the help of a partner, you can significantly increase the male power and keep it for many years. To strengthen and prolong the erection to these techniques, you can add a massage of the pubic bone (palms imposed on the pubic region, you need to do a semi-circular motion counter-clockwise 36 times) and other methods to stimulate sexual arousal. It is believed that if a massage of the prostate is combined with blowjob and similar techniques to achieve the highest pleasure, then an orgasm in a man can reach incredible heights.

A similar effect on the male body is also the Japanese massage, which is mastered by specially trained girls - geisha. In fact, we are talking about an erotic massage, designed not only to increase sexual arousal, but also to monitor men's health.

This kind of massage is based on the admiration of the partner's body, otherwise the impact will not have the desired results. The massage begins with an effect on the biologically active points of the back, after all, this organ undergoes the highest loads during the day, therefore, first of all it requires relaxation. Further, a relaxing massage is performed for the neck, arms and legs, paying special attention to the biologically active points.

When a man is completely relaxed and ready to enjoy, the geisha begin to massage the erogenous zones and genitals. Japanese massage  geisha at the request of the client includes and massage the prostate, which promotes increased potency.

In theory, for a loving woman, nothing is worth repeating the erotic massage of Japanese geishas for his man. These peculiar sexual games bring great satisfaction to both partners, and with their regular practice contribute to the maintenance of male power and health.

Prophylactic massage of the prostate, which can become an element of sexual games, is not necessarily conducted daily. With irregular sex and a sedentary lifestyle to preserve the activity of the prostate, it is sufficient to resort to it 1-2 times a week. If a man has a regular sex life and moderate or high physical activity, then you do not have to worry about your health, and prostate massage can be practiced simply to enhance the pleasure of sexual intimacy.

Contraindications to the procedure

In many countries abroad, doctors refused to conduct a massage for the prostate, considering this treatment procedure not only ineffective, but also unsafe. Scientists conducted even special studies that did not confirm that such an effect has a therapeutic effect.

But in contrast to their results there is a lot of evidence of the beneficial effects of prostate massage on men's health, so our doctors do not rush to give it up. Another thing is that the procedure does have serious contraindications, and men are not always in a hurry to share their misfortune with the doctor and undergo a complete examination, practicing home massage, which in some situations can cause serious harm.

In what cases is prostate massage contraindicated:

  • In any acute pathology of the male reproductive system or exacerbation of chronic, when increased blood circulation will contribute to the spread of infection throughout the body. It should be understood that acute conditions are always provoked by the penetration of pathogenic microflora or activation of the opportunistic pathogen, which in the inactive state was present in the body, but did not manifest itself.
  • With any systemic infectious diseases (for the same reason, because the circulatory system we have common to all organs).
  • At an elevated body temperature (firstly, it can be a reaction to the introduction of an infection into the body, and secondly, the activation of blood circulation will promote a further rise in the thermometer column).
  • In prostate cancer (massage enhances not only blood circulation, but also stimulates the outflow of lymph from the affected organ, and along with it can circulate and cancer cells, forming metastases).
  • With adenoma of the prostate, if the tumor has already reached a decent size. In the initial stage of the pathology, the massage will improve the trophism of the tissues and promote the resorption of the tumor, but later the process may have the opposite effect (and there is even some risk of tumor degeneration into malignant).
  • In acute violation of urination. Massage involves stimulation of the prostate and removal of bacterial components from it, which after the procedure must be removed with urine. If this does not happen, there is a high risk of bacterial inflammation in other organs of the genitourinary system.
  • With hemorrhoids, cracks in the anus, inflammation of the rectum and some other serious diseases of the intestine, only direct prostate massage (finger, equipment, hydromassage) is prohibited.
  • In the presence of stones in the prostate, when stimulation of the secretion of the prostatic secretion can be accompanied by extremely painful and traumatic expulsion of stones.

Representatives of the stronger sex tend to withhold their illnesses, especially those that reflect their self-esteem as a man and a lover. But massage of the prostate without taking into account the pathologies included in the list of contraindications, can not be considered a therapeutic and prophylactic procedure, since such manipulations will only aggravate the patient's condition.

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Consequences after the procedure

To perform prostate massage alone at home or with the help of a partner is possible under any man. And if this is preventive manipulation, which is carried out in the absence of pathologies listed in the contraindications to the massage, and chronic inflammatory diseases of the prostate, then they usually do not bring harm. The main thing is not to overdo it, then massage will be accompanied only by pleasant sensations and strengthen potency.

The maximum of pleasure erotic (he also prophylactic) massage brings when it is performed by a beloved woman, and there is nothing shameful if a partner helps her husband or lover not only to achieve a strong orgasm, but also to improve the functioning of the reproductive system of the man as a whole.

But if it is a question of prostatitis or any other disease accompanied by a painful increase in the size of the body, active therapeutic massage of the prostate will be accompanied by discomfort and pain. Let's try to figure out what really should be the sensations when and after the massage of the prostate.

If all contraindications are taken into account, the strength and intensity of the effect on the organ are correctly calculated, the patient is psychologically tuned to the procedure, it should not cause any discomfort. External massage is usually accompanied by only pleasant sensations, which is evidence of its correct conduct.

But with direct massage, things do not always go smoothly. Most often, the fault of the muscles of the small pelvis becomes the fault of unpleasant sensations during the insertion of the finger or the attachment of the apparatus into the anus. To avoid this, patients are advised to relax, which is not the result of all because of fear or dislike of the procedure.

During the therapeutic massage of the prostate, pain can be associated with the inept actions of the person performing the massage (an inexperienced massage therapist, the sexual partner or the patient himself), too much pressing force on the inflamed organ, with concomitant diseases (for example, cystitis or colitis). Pain at the time of the procedure is an indication that it is being performed incorrectly or some pathologies are not taken into account. At occurrence of such sensations massage should be stopped and if necessary to pass additional researches.

To minimize the discomfort during the procedure, the intensity of exposure is recommended to increase gradually from procedure to procedure. Before inserting a finger or a vibrator nozzle into the anal opening, a relaxing massage of the anus and perineum should be done to relieve the tension of the muscles of the sphincter of the rectum.

Complaints about what hurts the prostate after a massage, happen quite often. And this is not surprising, because there was a mechanical effect on the inflamed organ, which subsequently causes pain that must pass for several hours, after which the man will become much easier.

In addition to pain, other symptoms may appear, such as burning in the urethra, problems with urination and potency. All such symptoms should be within 3-4 hours, but if they are observed even the next day, specialist consultation is necessary, since this situation may indicate the development of complications (for example, about exacerbation of prostatitis).

Allocations for prostate massage should not frighten a man, because there is a stimulation of the body responsible for ejaculation. It is not surprising that manipulation will be accompanied by the release of sperm. On the contrary, this testifies to the effectiveness of the fight against stagnant phenomena.

But there is one small nuance. If the selection is translucent with a white tinge, then everything is fine. But the appearance of droplets of liquid yellow or greenish color is evidence of a purulent process, provoked by a bacterial infection. In this case, you must always consult a doctor who will conduct appropriate analyzes of secreted secret and will prescribe an effective course of antibiotic therapy.

Complications after the massage are usually indicated if the contraindications to the procedure were not taken into account. Experienced doctor in these cases does not even undertake to work, but the patients themselves, practicing home massage, do not often think about the consequences.

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How to replace prostate massage?

Most episodes of the development of diseases for which treatment is applied massage of the prostate are associated with congestion in the pelvic region, provoked by low motor activity of the patient. It turns out that if you begin to move more actively and stabilize your sex life, stasis can be gradually eliminated.

It is clear that applying prostate massage, you can achieve the desired much faster. Another thing is that not everyone is ready for the procedure of "violence", which involves penetration into the anus. Direct massage, of course, can be replaced indirectly, but the effectiveness of treatment with this will be lower and the effect will come later.

If you massage the perineal region, which is practiced even by geisha, you can enhance the effect with the help of improvised means (for example, a ball for tennis). The ball is placed on a non-solid seat and sit on top of it, making a rocking motion with the body. Alternatively, you can simply pump the ball along the perineum from the anus to the scrotum, adjusting the pressure force with your hands.

This massage is well combined with active movements throughout the day. It can be running, brisk walking, cycling or a stationary bike. What is it for? To stimulate blood circulation in a small pelvis, to eliminate stagnation of blood in the veins, to improve metabolic processes in the tissues of organs.

But since we use the movement not for prophylactic, but for therapeutic purposes, it is very important to make sure that walking is fast and long (about 3 kilometers per approach). Doing on a stationary bike or riding a bicycle also needs at least 1 hour a day.

Now let's look at the exercises that replace prostate massage:

  • In the standing position, he tries to draw the anus inward, alternating the tension and relaxation of the muscles alternately. You can supplement the exercise with the tension of the muscles of the buttocks. We perform retractions at least 20 times.
  • The "scissors" exercise also works well, consisting in alternately crossing the legs raised above the surface. Lying on the back, it is often performed by women to strengthen the pelvic muscles, and men will have to be helpful in stimulating the prostate. And the weak sex it is recommended to perform both in the supine position on the back, and lying on the stomach, starting from 5-8 times and bringing up to 20 times per approach.
  • Lying on your back you can perform one more useful exercise - the "bike". Repeat it 20 or more times can any self-respecting man.
  • One of the easiest exercises to improve the functioning of the prostate is considered to be ordinary walking on the stairs. Who it turns out, you can walk, stepping through one or more steps. This is a universal exercise that will not only raise the tone of the prostate and eliminate stagnation, but will also promote the health of other organs and systems of the body, increase physical endurance, i.e. Make a man stronger in all respects.

The above exercises are great for both prevention and treatment of the prostate. But in the latter case, it is still worth consulting with a doctor who will help to make a safe and effective complex of exercise therapy for a particular disease.

Reviews about prostate massage

Prostate massage is an effective and effective procedure that improves the results of medical treatment, quickly eliminates the symptoms of stagnation and inflammation, can be used both for the treatment of male diseases and for their prevention. Doctors resort to such manipulations quite often, but there are not so many reviews from patients about the results of procedures on the Internet.

The reason for this state of affairs is the reluctance of men to talk about such delicate problems and ways to solve them. Few are ready to share with the whole world that he started having problems with erection or tortured prostatitis. More often than not, the caring wife is forced to turn to the doctor, which, by the way, is much more willing to share the results of treatment.

The few men who left their opinion about the massage of the prostate, did it in a medical institution and were satisfied with the quick solution of men's problems, in connection with which the massage was appointed. But the information about the massage, conducted independently at home, is a rarity (unless about such you tell?), And not the fact that they are believable.

Women are actively sharing the benefits of prostate massage to their lover, helping to restore sexual activity and relieve pain and discomfort when urinating. And especially carefully savor the theme of erotic massage, combining prostate massage and penile stimulation. To describe the sensations of men they do not even have enough words, although the men themselves share such details except with friends for beer.

In general, negative feedback about prostate massage is an exception to the rules and is associated with unprofessional implementation of the procedure, which caused the appearance of extremely unpleasant and painful sensations. Nobody is in a hurry to tell about their mistakes, therefore censures usually go towards the doctor.

Prostate massage is a therapeutic and prophylactic method, the attitude to which can be different. Opinions fluctuate from the extremely negative because of the rejection of the very thought of rectal access to the organ and unpleasant sensations after the procedure to the rapturous, associated with the quick possibility of solving men's problems. It should be understood that without the patient's desire the doctor can not insist on the procedure, and the man has the right to decide whether he needs it or not, to confine himself to medicamental treatment or to strengthen his physiotherapy and massage procedures, and if desired, continue using the experience to maintain his male health.

It is important to know!

Since ancient times, plant extracts have been used in the treatment of urinary disorders in patients with prostate adenoma (prostate). Now, herbal preparations are most popular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain and Japan. Read more..

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