Laser epilation of the legs: how much is enough, how many procedures are needed

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Laser epilation of the legs is a method of epilation, which consists in removing the hair on the legs with a laser. This procedure in rare cases involves a minimum number of side effects, and also has a lasting effect.

It is possible both laser hair removal of the foot completely, and hair removal from the individual parts of the leg, thigh, knees, toes and back of the foot.

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Indications for the procedure

As such, no evidence for this procedure exists. Usually this type of hair removal is carried out by people who want to get rid of unwanted hair in the leg zone for a long time. However, it should be borne in mind that in 2-3 months the procedure should be repeated several times to complete the full course.

Laser epilation of the feet will be effective for people who often grow hair on their legs.

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Before laser hair removal, follow certain instructions:

  • 14 days before hair removal, you can not visit the solarium and sunbathe;
  • for 14 days should stop taking antibiotics tetracycline group or not start them;
  • for 14 days you can not pull out hair from the epilation area;
  • for a few days should stop using for rubbing the skin of the legs of substances containing alcohol;
  • if earlier the hair on the legs was removed by other methods, the hairline should be grown; the hair length for laser hair removal should be at least 3 mm, which will ensure the maximum absence of pain and effect.


Technique of the laser epilation of legs

The technique of laser epilation of the feet consists in the action of an intense light pulse, which the laser emits. The pulse destroys the hair bulb, without affecting the skin. Thus, the structure of the hair is destroyed in a minimal amount of time. The procedure of laser hair removal allows you to remove hair from the surfaces of the body with a large area, such as back, abdomen, legs.

For anesthesia, the laser is equipped with a special device that cools the skin. This also helps to avoid the appearance of pigmentation and overheating of the skin.

How many procedures are needed?

The amount of removed hair depends on the thickness of the skin in the place where the removal is performed. So, in places with a thin layer of skin, the first procedure removes more hair. On average, the first hair removal in this way can save 15-40% of hair.

The number of procedures is chosen depending on the individual characteristics of the patient. These include the type of hair and skin. In general, appoint 4-8 visits.

After the first removal of the hair, an interval of 4-6 weeks should be maintained before the second session. Each subsequent procedure should take place after a longer period of time. The waiting time increases by at least 14 days. Thus before the 3 session should be kept 6-8 weeks, before 4 8-10 weeks and so on.

How long does laser hair removal last?

After this procedure, ingrown hairs will disappear and the structure of the hair follicle will change, but it is impossible to get rid of hair permanently. Approximately once a year or more, supportive procedures should be used to keep unwanted hair growth in this part of the body.

Contraindications to the procedure

Among the contraindications there are such factors:

  • gestation period;
  • lactation;
  • Diseases of the skin;
  • diabetes;
  • cancer;
  • cases where the hair has the shape of a gun, too light or gray;
  • reception tetracycline antibiotics.


Consequences after the procedure

After carrying out laser hair removal, there are positive effects, such as:

  • getting rid of ingrown hairs;
  • the disappearance of most of the hair;
  • skin rejuvenation;
  • The skin becomes smoother.


Complications after the procedure

However, in addition to positive possible complications after the procedure, such as:

  • pigmentation (lightening or darkening);
  • Sometimes the legs are cut after laser hair removal;
  • possible burns after laser exposure to skin;
  • there is often irritation after laser hair removal on the legs;
  • painful sensations;
  • in some cases, a crust appears on the skin.

Care after the procedure

After laser hair removal is prohibited:

  • sunbathe and visit the solarium for about 14 days;
  • 3 days take a bath with hot water, go to swimming pools and baths;
  • for 3 days to contact with water with the addition of chlorine in the pools and wipe the skin of the legs with substances containing alcohol.

In occasion of, whether it is possible to shave legs or foots after a laser epilation, there are disagreements. Hair between procedures can be removed with a razor, but do not recommend using a depilator, wax strips, and also to perform shugaring.

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Reviews about the procedure

Despite some possible complications, in general, patients are satisfied with the results of laser removal and note that after a full course of procedures the amount of hair on the legs is minimized. Laser epilation of the legs is an effective and efficient procedure.

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