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Franklinization is a method of general or local exposure to a constant electric field of the relevant parameters, carried out with the help of one or two electrodes.

Franklinization uses the electric field voltage: with a total impact of 50 kV, at local - 15-20 kV.

In general, an electrode with a negative potential is located above the patient's head 2-15 cm from its surface, and with the other electrode that is grounded, the patient contacts the surfaces of the feet. One-electrode action is possible with the help of a head electrode with a negative potential.

When exposed locally, an electrode with a negative potential is located above the corresponding area of the patient's body at a distance of 5-7 cm, the other, grounded - on the opposite side of this area is in contact with its surface.

Franklinization has on the body electrodynamic changes in tissues and organs (electrical, polarization, bioelectret effect, occurrence of conductivity currents), as well as the effect of ozone and nitrogen oxides formed as a result of an electric discharge between the electrode and skin.

The main clinical effects of franklinizatsii: sedative (with general effect), local anesthetic, trophic, vasoactive, bactericidal.

The equipment: "AF-3-1", "FA-5-5".

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