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Till now many consider confusion a feature of character and no more. But in reality it is not so or almost always not quite so.

Especially if the person who was obligatory and disciplined in the recent past became distracted.

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With regard to epidemiology, which is associated with the spread of infectious diseases, in some cases causing a pandemic, to confusion it has nothing to do. Although there are theories, the essence of which: the mass confusion over global anomalies of a natural or social nature can grow into a panic. But panic is not a subject for studying medicine.

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Causes of the bewilderment

What makes a person confused - this question can be answered by relying on the medical point of view and on the widespread everyday life. The first one has these reasons in mind:

  • acute schizophrenia;
  • manic-depressive diseases;
  • organic psychosis.

These are diagnoses of severe illnesses that require prolonged treatment followed by rehabilitation. And, unfortunately, not always successful.

But the explanation of confusion, which is almost always resorted to at the domestic level:

  • fear;
  • surprise;
  • lack of understanding of the situation;
  • helplessness with a certain, often first in the life of the situation.

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Risk factors

There are risk factors, the same for different social groups, nationalities, places of residence and time. They can move in the list, but do not leave it. It:

  • loneliness;
  • fears - hunger, war, natural disaster;
  • disease;
  • personal dramas.

There is another factor that has recently appeared in our country: the fear of unemployment. In contrast to schizophrenia, these factors are surmountable. Most often, the concentration of will and logic is not just behavior, but a lifestyle. This is a proven way to defeat confusion.

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The study and analysis of biochemical, physiological mechanisms that trigger the development of pathology has a special term - pathogenesis. With regard to confusion, pathogenesis, in general, is built on the state of the psyche or, if confusion is a synonym for schizophrenia, on the complex of ongoing processes in the brain.

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Symptoms of the bewilderment

Confusion is of two kinds: verbal and non-verbal. Both can not be overlooked: it is difficult to hide the signs of confusion. If it is of a verbal nature, i.e. There is a failure in communication with the help of speech, then it is difficult or even there is no contact between the interlocutors. The one who is confused will be confused, painfully searching for words, demonstrating the absence of a full or partial orientation in time. This state can last from several hours to several days.

Nonverbal signs of confusion

Communication occurs not only with the help of speech, but also with the participation of information that the human body gives. Are there nonverbal signs of confusion, prompt facial expressions, gestures and gait. Complement the movement, called "tactile": hand shake, friendly pat on the shoulder or back, touch and other direct contacts.

Much will tell the look - its direction and duration. In addition, nonverbal signs are visible even in exactly where: how the person is at the table, the distance, on what exactly he is oriented. Several previously unacceptable postures or movements, even without a verbal contact, can characterize that a person is at a loss.

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Panic and spiritual confusion

These terms do not require decoding: their significance has been known for a long time. The key word for "panic confusion" is the word "panic". If we take a literal translation from the Greek "panikon" - "an unconscious horror, it becomes clear that we are talking about a psychological mood, more precisely - a state that provoked external circumstances. They are filled with fear, which covers a huge number of people. Above this fear is the uncontrollability of a dangerous situation, the inability to control it. A typical example is a flood or a "suddenly awakened" volcano.

Mental confusion on its scale is inferior to panic: it is inherent in a particular individual. But to get out of the rut, for a long time and with, at times, tragic consequences, spiritual confusion can. She is able to make a helpless person at the most crucial moment.

Diagnostics of the bewilderment

To determine at what stage confusion, if a person clearly manifests its signs, diagnosis can. Appoints her specialist after the examination and anamnesis. There are several methods that are used depending on the state of a person. The examination is possible both in specialized clinics and in the regional polyclinic. It is important that a professional does this.

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Who to contact?

Treatment of the bewilderment

The most effective means in the fight against confusion is the will and knowledge. We must proceed from the fact that a confused person can easily be deceived and inclined to actions that will not only not decorate him, but will oppress very long, if not always. A confused person is often pitiable and ridiculous, he is simply absurd. Not surprisingly, not all of his entourage will spare him. The question "How to deal with confusion?" Presupposes an answer, which is called the way from the opposite. Knowing the consequences of confusion, we must act in an alternative way to the investigation. Standing on the only true platform: knowledge and will.

The prevention of confusion plays an important role. It is built on the upbringing of the child: without violence, with constant readiness to acquaint him with the world around him, to elevate the dignity of the child and to encourage his knowledge and skills.

Exception: mental disorder or schizophrenia and other organic psychoses. Here the forecast can be less comforting. But not 100 percent negative. Such a forecast is made by specialists, taking into account the diagnosis, the prescribed course of treatment and the subsequent rehabilitation.

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