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Colds - it catches up at any time of the year, day and, of course, at a very unsuitable moment. Even the most insignificant draft can cause the disease. Not scary, curable, but unpleasant. If you have any symptoms, do not "rush headlong" to run to the pharmacy for pills or medicine. You can do with home ingredients. The main thing is to know the recipes for colds.

Ginger recipe for colds

Relatively recently entered into the everyday life of the Slavic people - ginger - a faithful "companion" in the fight against colds. With constant use, the risk of getting sick is reduced to a minimum. Root crop has a specific taste, not everyone can "like" for daily use. However, simple recipes for ginger for colds are a godsend. The simplest is ginger tea, naturally, without tea leaves. Thinly sliced pieces fall asleep in a teapot or a cup, in an amount of 10-15 pieces. Pour boiling water and let it brew for about ten minutes. If desired, to strengthen the healing effect, you can add lemon peel and a little honey. Healing properties can increase with the addition of spices: cinnamon, cloves, black pepper.

To prevent and improve the tone of the body, you can add herbs to the ginger drink. For one liter of boiling water, add 3 spoons of ginger powder, 4 tablespoons of honey and lemon juice. Strain and add mint. Take the drink must be hot. In the cold season, ginger ointment will warm your body. Dry ginger diluted to a mushy state and rubbed into the skin. You can also put pieces of dry ginger in socks or shoes. To enhance immunity, it is recommended to take ginger tincture. Two small root vegetables to peel and grate, pour alcohol. Give the drink to insist until a yellow tinge is formed, strain and drink on a teaspoon after eating.

Alternative recipes for colds

There is nothing easier than home treatment. You do not need to spend money financially, all the ingredients are at hand, and you can come up with cold prescriptions. The first in the "queue to fight" with the disease are onions and garlic. Absolutely everyone has them in the kitchen. And it is not necessary to eat them, you can simply cut and arrange them in the rooms. Thus, enriching the space with phytoncides, which kill microbes.

One of the most useful recipes is cranberry juice with honey, prepared in a special way. The berries must be crushed, the pulp obtained should be poured into boiling water, after having pressed the juice into a separate container. Boil for about ten minutes, cool to 50 degrees, add the remaining juice, honey to taste. This results in a natural ascorbic cocktail.

To remove one of the common cold symptoms - pain in the throat - rinse with a decoction of herbs: chamomile, plantain, calendula. An aqueous solution of eucalyptus, freshly squeezed beet juice, saline soda - easy to prepare recipes for colds.

Drinking plenty of warm drinks is a well-known alternative recipe. With the addition of raspberry or currant jam, which are rich in vitamin C. The main thing in the fight is the frequency of intake. For a faster effect, any action to combat the disease is recommended every 30 minutes.

Recipe mulled wine from colds

The heading is both nice and useful. Mulled wine is a common drink, which in Europe is taken not only as a low-alcohol cocktail, but also a good anti-cold remedy. The main ingredient in its composition - red wine - itself has antimicrobial properties. Mulled wine is used exclusively hot, so its preventive qualities are enhanced. It restores strength, warms, tones up. Virtually all recipes of mulled wine from colds are added to fruits containing vitamin C.

It is interesting that it is not necessary to buy expensive wine for a good anti-cindy mulled wine, even on the contrary. The usual wine in tetrapacks is suitable, one condition - the wine should be necessarily red. Below you will find several recipes for this drink.

For one liter of wine add three tablespoons of sugar, a cinnamon stick, an orange, a little nutmeg and a dry clove, about ten pieces. In boiling 100 ml of water add spices, infuse the mixture for 10-15 minutes. Strain and add to wine, cut orange slices, cover with sugar and allow to stand for a couple of minutes.

In this recipe, in addition to orange and spices, you can add a half of sour apple and 4-5 peas of black pepper. Also, sugar can be replaced with honey. The taste will be completely different, but the useful properties will only intensify.

The next recipe will require red sweet wine. In 150 ml of wine add juice of half a lemon, 5 cloves and a little bit of cinnamon. The resulting mixture should be placed on a fire and heated, constantly stirring. Drink hot, but in small sips.

Recipe for colds with vodka

Vodka is a product that can also be treated for colds, but only in the early stages. The most common recipe for colds is still vodka with pepper. A very simple preparation - 50 grams of vodka take one third of a teaspoon of ground pepper. Pepper can be any (black, white, red), the main thing is to sharp. The resulting "burning mixture" is well blended and drunk in one gulp. In a few minutes, a snack or drink a drink is not recommended. It is important to remember that increasing the dosage of pepper is not recommended, and also take the remedy for people who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

In the queue, recipes for colds with a warming effect. In 30 grams of vodka, add half a teaspoon of radish juice or mustard. Stir well and take before going to bed. Then wrap yourself in a blanket or a warm blanket. As a result, the body releases heat, body temperature rises, which contributes to the death of bacteria. Harmful toxins are removed with sweat and the next day the person feels much better.

Vodka is also used for external use, as rubbing for the body silt or compresses. For sore throats, it is recommended to mix vodka with water (1: 2), wet a small towel or rag and put it on your throat. Over this, apply a layer of cotton wool, wrap the throat with a bandage and leave it overnight.

Recipes for colds with honey

The first medicinal product that comes to mind with a cold? Of course honey. The variety of options for its use is unlimited. You can use it in raw form, in the form of additives in various broths, infusions, teas, even you can use with vodka. By the way, very good and effective way at the first manifestations of cold. Mix vodka and honey in a 1: 1 ratio, add a lemon slice, a little cumin and ginger to taste. Heat the solution, but do not allow boiling. Drink the prepared mixture in one gulp. It's good to take cover and sweat.

The following recipe for a cold, which is known from childhood - milk with honey. Milk warm in a saucepan, any volume. Pour into a cup, add a dessert spoon of honey, a piece of butter and baking soda. The latter ingredient is added at will, but for colds doctors advise a plentiful alkaline drink. Must take warm, so as not to burn your throat. Then everything is according to the old scheme: a warm blanket or blanket, it's good to sweat.

And finally, the recipe for the drink, which must be used not only for colds, but also for everyday life. Tea with honey. It can be taken daily, with any tea, added to water or simply to a snack. Especially good with the addition of lemon. Honey removes the inflammatory process, and the lemon gives tone to the body.

Home recipes for colds

There are many homemade cold prescriptions known since the time of our great-grandfathers, which were passed on from generation to generation. To breathe over cooked potatoes, covered with a towel, dig in the nose with carrot juice, rinse throat with soda and iodine and many other recipes well settled in their heads. Time does not stand still and recipes change. So, there was a recipe for hot drinking on a beer basis. Mix two yolks with two tablespoons of sugar until foaming. Light beer (0.5 liters) is heated to 50 degrees. Finely grate lemon zest, mix with cinnamon and cloves. Mix all ingredients and put on fire. Warm up for five minutes, drink a glass for the night, put on socks and go to bed.

Option of "onion soup" is possible. Finely chopped onions, pour boiling water, cover with a plate and leave for 7 minutes. You need to drink immediately and quickly. It will not be too tasty, but very useful.

A good help for colds is radish. It is necessary to squeeze out the juice and mix with honey in a ratio of one to two. Take one spoon three times a day. Especially good at coughing. Or, cut the radish with sugar, leave in a closed container until the syrup is formed. You can take every hour on a tablespoon.

With the appearance of a common cold the simplest way - washing the nose with saline solution, you can use steam inhalation of herbs, essential oils.

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