Burning in the nipples

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Burning in the nipples is a rather unpleasant sensation that any woman can face. In addition to this symptom, any unpleasant, aching pain in the chest area should alert you, because this may be the first sign of the development of a dangerous pathology of the mammary glands. In any case, having felt this symptom, it is necessary to ask for advice and professional help to a specialist mammologist. It is important to note that burning in the nipples is a symptom that is directly related to the onset of the occurrence of any physiological or pathological changes with the mammary gland.


Causes of the burning in the nipples

As a rule, burning in the nipples is an integral part of the lactation process, feeding the baby and the entire period of pregnancy.

In the case of fertilization, it is worth noting that the hormonal alteration of the body helps to increase the level of prolactin, which in turn increases the breast, which results in active growth of the nipple tissues from which painful sensations arise in the nipple area.

Separate attention deserves the problem of the occurrence of cracks in the nipples of women breastfeeding. To get rid of painful sensations, use pharmacy products, including oils and ointments. If you are concerned about burning in the nipples, but you are not pregnant and do not breastfeed, pay attention to a number of factors that can cause pain. It can be a poor-quality, unsuitable bra, hygiene products that have irritating ingredients, improper care, and neglect of personal hygiene rules.

Knowing the cause of this or that disease, an experienced doctor will be able to diagnose correctly and prescribe an effective course of treatment.

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Symptoms of the burning in the nipples

Pregnancy, lactation and lactation are the main, and most importantly, the most "safe" causes of burning in the nipples. Nevertheless, there are a number of other situations in which this symptom is considered a signal for anxiety and an immediate call to a doctor. For example, it can indicate the presence of fibrocystic mastopathy. Symptoms of this pathology are any painful seals in the chest, clear discharge from the nipples. In order to avoid mastopathy, it is necessary to regularly inspect the breast and monitor the condition of the nipples at home, using a mirror.

Burning in the nipples - a frequent concomitant symptom of the disease of the breast, which all women are afraid of without exception. It's about mastitis. In this case, the infection can penetrate and begin intensive development through a crack in the nipple. Among the main signs of mastitis is a sharp reddening of the nipple, burning pain, fever, swelling of the breast in the nipple. To postpone the visit to the doctor is not necessary, because mastitis is a disease, the methods of treatment of mastitis is the use of antibacterial drugs, and if necessary, surgical intervention.

This feature can also occur in the case of the development of a disease such as psoriasis. In this case, a woman not only feels a sharp pain in the chest area, but also can notice the appearance of red spots of irregular shape.

The nipple region can also affect a skin condition such as eczema. Do not forget about candidiasis, which in some cases is able to localize in the nipple.

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First signs

Many women who want to have a baby, carefully monitor the state of their body and, noticing any changes, new feelings, etc., can independently determine whether the conception was held. In most cases it is burning in the nipples, a slight pain in the area of the mammary glands, their enlargement and swelling indicate that the woman will soon become a mother. In some cases, it is the first signs of the occurrence of breast diseases. Therefore, if you are not pregnant, do not breastfeed, you should not start menstrual, and unpleasant sensations in the chest do not give rest, it makes sense to see a doctor. After all, pain in the nipples is a sure sign of the appearance of pathologies and diseases requiring urgent medical care. This includes mastitis, fibrocystic mastopathy and even breast cancer.

Carefully inspect the chest and nipple area in front of the mirror and remember that timely detection of the problem will reduce the risk of pathology at times. Fissures in the nipples should also be given due attention, and this problem can be solved with the help of pharmacy products, oils and ointments that are available in every pharmacy and sold without a prescription.

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Burning in the nipples during pregnancy

Women and hormones can not exist separately, which is why the state of health and mood of the average woman directly depends on the hormonal background. One of the first signs of the onset of pregnancy is chest pain, as well as burning in the nipples. Why is this happening? Breasts and nipples begin to change intensively under the influence of hormones. Chest under the influence of chorionic gonadotropin increases, nipples darken.

Most doctors unanimously repeat that pain in the chest and burning in the nipples during pregnancy are normal and should not cause the future mother no fear. To ease the severity of this symptom, it is sufficient to choose the most comfortable underwear, and, if necessary, use breast pads. If you notice that after the second trimester pain in the chest and nipples increase, be sure to consult your obstetrician-gynecologist.


Where does it hurt?


Burning in the nipple

It is important to remember that if you suddenly feel a sharp or aching pain in any part of your chest.

Burning in the nipple, be it a periodic or regular painful sensation, should be the reason for visiting a qualified specialist, because the health of the breast should always remain in the foreground.

There are several causative factors of the symptom in question, among them the period of pregnancy, lactation, breastfeeding and the phase of the menstrual cycle. In these cases, this feature should not cause suspicion and is the norm. If you feel that the nature of the pain has acquired sharper features, be sure to show your doctor.

Burning in the nipples can be caused by cracks, wrong choice of underwear, hygiene products, deodorants, and creams for the treatment of cracks. Unpleasant sensations in the area of the nipple can also testify to mastopathy, breast cancer of the breast and other rare diseases.

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Pain and burning in the nipples

Every woman must pay enough attention to the health of the mammary glands in order to avoid any problems with the breasts and nipples in the future. Pain and burning in the nipples are the norm only in a couple of cases. This applies to the period of pregnancy, lactation and lactation. In other cases, including the monthly cycle, pains in the nipple region that regularly cause discomfort require attention from the doctors. After all, in this situation there is a high level of risk of the occurrence of such diseases as mastitis, breast cancer of the breast (Paget's disease), etc.

Concerning the latter, it is important to note that among the main symptoms of Paget's disease, burning and pain in the nipple are highlighted.

Burning and tingling in the nipples

Women and hormones can be called synonyms without a drop of conscience, and hormones in most cases determine the woman's state of health, including mood and attitude to today. When it comes to the health status of the mammary glands, no woman should be negligent to this issue, because ignoring the body's signals can cause rapid development of various diseases and pathological conditions of the mammary glands.

Burning in the nipples is the result of a malfunction of the hormonal system of a woman, and in some cases indicates a serious illness. Pay attention, if you have any discharge, because in such a situation the cause of soreness of the nipples can be as a thyroid gland or blockage of the milk ducts. Among mammary gland diseases, mastopathy, cyst, mastitis, adenoma, cancer is extremely unpleasant and dangerous. Having experienced these symptoms, be sure to see a doctor who, if necessary, will either send you to an ultrasound scan or a mammogram. It is important to note that after 35 years each woman is obliged to do mammography at least once a year.

Complications and consequences

Among the most dangerous diseases that cause burning sensation in the nipples are mastitis and breast cancer. Speaking about the latter, it is necessary to stop the attention to a number of symptoms indicative of the presence or likelihood of cancer, observing which the woman is obliged not to delay visiting a mammologist.

  • Seals in the chest are often the first precursors of a malignant growth in the mammary gland.
  • Burning in the nipple is accompanied by secretions of a transparent, yellow-green and even bloody color.
  • There are cases when there is a sharp change in the shape of the nipple, its retraction.
  • Note that any change in the state of the nipple and its shape, the appearance of itching and tingling may be the first signs of the development of Paget's disease (nipple cancer).

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One of the main complications of burning in the nipples is mastitis and nipple cancer. Speaking of mastitis as an infection of breast tissue, it is worth noting that this disease is accompanied by extremely unpleasant symptoms, such as fever, general weakness and malaise. Local symptoms of the pathology include redness, swelling of the nipple and discharge from it.

One of the complications of mastitis in the case of neglected forms or improper treatment is the formation of an abscess in the tissues of the breast - a cavity filled with pus. This complication is treated exclusively surgically. Therefore, if you feel pain and tightness in your chest, general malaise and weakness, and your body temperature is bordered at 39 ° C, do not hesitate to contact your doctor.

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Diagnostics of the burning in the nipples

Diagnosis consists in carrying out a complex of mandatory and additional diagnostic procedures, on the speed with which the outcome of treatment directly depends. Thus, in the first place it is necessary to seek advice from a professional mammologist, or a mammalogist, an oncologist who will examine and assess the condition of the mammary glands.

In case the fears are confirmed the woman will be directed to ultrasound of the breast, mammography, MRI. Also, a cytologic examination of the smear and a biopsy of the mammary gland will be performed without fail.

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In addition to a number of procedures that support the confirmation or refutation of the presence of breast pathology associated with burning in the nipples, there are several mandatory tests that provide an opportunity to identify and study the characteristics of a particular disease. For further analysis, the doctor must take blood and tissue from the affected area.

A blood test allows you to study tumor markers, and tissue testing is performed specifically to detect breast cancer.

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Instrumental diagnostics

Instrumental diagnostics involves conducting a series of surveys by means of special apparatuses. It consists in carrying out:

  • digital mammography;
  • ultrasound examination of the breast;
  • magnetic resonance imaging;
  • thermography, etc.

The most important method of early instrumental diagnosis of pathological changes in the mammary glands is mammography. With its help, doctors determine the presence of cancer, the size of the tumor, the nature of its spread. No less important method is ultrasound of the mammary glands. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) can reveal the presence of cancer at the earliest stages of its appearance and development.

What do need to examine?

Differential diagnosis

In addition to the instrumental, wide application, differential diagnosis of breast diseases is known, the main symptoms of which are burning in the nipples and other feelings of discomfort in the chest. This method is characterized by the possibility of installing the only correct diagnosis, which allows specialists to prescribe an adequate course of treatment as soon as possible.

In the course of differential diagnosis, the patient excludes those diseases that are not suitable for certain symptoms and factors, as a result of which a hundred percent accurate diagnosis is established.

Treatment of the burning in the nipples

Burning in the nipples due to cracks, can be treated with various herbs and pharmaceuticals. When it comes to more serious diseases, such as mastitis or Paget's disease, it makes sense to talk about medical treatment and even surgical intervention. In the case of Paget's disease, only surgical intervention in the form of surgery is practiced. During this process, the surgeon removes the chest and the shell under the pectoral muscles. As an additional treatment, as a rule, radiotherapy is used. Treatment of mastitis at the initial stage involves the use of drug therapy. When it comes to acute purulent mastitis, it makes sense to talk about surgical intervention, the essence of which is to remove abscesses with thick pus.

In any case, do not put the diagnosis yourself and resort to self-treatment, because an adequate course of treatment can be assigned only by a specialist in this field.


According to many doctors and women who once faced the problem of nipple cracks, the most effective remedies are healing creams, among which Bepanten, Solcoseril ointment, and Purelan or Lansino cream are of special attention.

Do not forget about natural remedies, such as marigold extract, sea buckthorn oil, etc. Deep painful cracks "glue" Solcoseryl. In cases of mastitis, antibiotics or antiseptics are used, and when purulent sacks appear they resort exclusively to surgical intervention.

Alternative nipple burning treatment

One of the methods of alternative treatment of mastitis is the application of grated carrots, fresh cabbage leaves, mother-and-stepmother, burdock to the affected area of the breast.

It is effective to use rice starch, which must be combined with water and stirred until a creamy consistency is obtained. Applying to the bandage and applied to the sick place, the therapeutic "porridge" promotes resorption of the hardening within 3 hours after application.

The potato starch, which in combination with sunflower oil is also capable of wonders healing a sick chest, also has excellent healing characteristics.

Florists can use their hobbies as a way of alternative treatment of burning in the nipples. In this case, a bulb of narcissus is useful, which must be cleaned and crushed. Then connect it with rice porridge and apply the resulting "medicine" to the affected chest.

With cracks on the nipples, you can prepare St. John's wort oil. To do this, dry St. John's wort, which can be purchased at the pharmacy, you need to pour sunflower oil, which is in the kitchen of every mistress. The jar with the contents is covered with gauze and put in a container with cold water, which in turn is put on the fire. As soon as the water boils, it's time to detect half an hour, then cool the herring oil and apply to the cracks on the nipples. No less effective method of alternative treatment of the symptom considered is sea buckthorn oil, as well as ordinary finely grated table beet.

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Herbal Treatment

Remember, before you do self-medication, consult a doctor.

Good medicinal qualities in cases of manifestation of postpartum mastitis are sage. Many women know about the properties of sage as a way to reduce milk production, so to prepare herbal medicine pour a glass of boiling water dessert spoon of dried sage. Drink the drink in hot form instead of tea until the symptoms of mastitis disappear completely.


In the case of mastopathy, a homeopathic doctor can recommend taking Mastodinone or Mastopol. The first drug can be taken as a drop (30 drops 1.5-2 months), and in the form of tablets (1 tablet 2 rubles a day). Mastopol helps to reduce the swelling and soreness of the mammary glands. As a rule, homeopathy is an additional method of treatment and is not considered as the main way to get rid of breast diseases, including from burning in the nipples.


In order to avoid problems with the breast in the future, and burning in the nipples is forgotten as a terrible dream, it is very important to properly monitor yourself and the condition of the mammary glands.

As preventive measures associated with cracks in the nipples, you need to choose the right clothes, make "air baths", "harden" the chest with cool water, massage the skin around the nipples, use breast pads, make friends with lanolin-based ointments, which, incidentally, to wash off before the next feeding, which can not be said about Bepantene and other means.

The best way to prevent any diseases accompanied by burning in the nipples is regular examination at the mammal and compliance with personal hygiene rules. Also you can conduct an examination at home by means of palpation. In case of detection of seals, discharge from the nipples, changes in the shape of the breast, consult a specialist.

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The prognosis of this symptom is favorable in most cases. Burning in the nipples is a common symptom of the pathological conditions and diseases of the breast, so it is very important to seek the qualified help of a specialist in a timely manner. With adequate treatment in the future, one can avoid the recurrence of a disease.

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