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Sensory system and skin

Skin of a newborn: structure, disease, proper care

In order to understand which skin conditions for a child are normal and which are pathological, it is very important to know the basic functions and features of the skin structure of the baby.

Mammary glands in newborns

The mammary glands in newborns develop in a special way in utero and after birth, therefore it is very important to distinguish the features of the physiological process and the onset of the development of the disease.

Mammary glands in children

From the sixth week of embryonic development, almost simultaneously with such organs as the heart and lungs, mammary glands begin to form in children.

Nipples of the mammary glands

The chest gland lies on the large thoracic and partly on the anterior cog muscle. Approximately in the middle of the most convex area of the breast is a painted area - the field of the nipple, in the middle of which rises the breast nipple.

Breast quadrants

As is known, the human body consists of different parts of the body. Some of them are described in medicine in the form of quadrants.

Orbit of the eye

Orbit of the eye is a pear-shaped cavity, the exit from which is represented by the optic nerve channel. Its intraorbital portion is longer (25 mm) than the distance from the posterior pole of the eye to the optic nerve channel (18 mm).

Examination of eye movements

The study of eye movements includes assessment of eye movement control and assessment of saccades.

Eye movements

The normal position of the eyeballs is the parallelism of the visual axes when fixing a distant object or crossing them while fixing a nearby object.

Binocular vision

Binocular vision, that is, seeing with two eyes, when an object is perceived as a single image, is possible only with the clear and friendly movements of the eyeballs.


Choroida (from Latin chorioidea) - the actual choroid, the posterior part of the vascular tract of the eye, located from the dentate line to the optic nerve.


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