Treatment of burns with greens

Greenish is called a 1% or 2% aqueous or alcoholic solution. Zelenko is a disinfectant that helps to eliminate the infection, and besides it sterilizes the treated area of the skin. Like other antiseptic medicines, it has irritating properties, so it can cause irritation of the skin or even its burn. Below you will find information on how to treat the burn with greens.

Is it possible to smear a burn with greens?

During the treatment of burns, the green must be used very carefully - to lubricate only the edges of the wound formed on the skin, without affecting the burned area. But the best way in this case for disinfection of the wound is a special spray or gel. You can not use zelenku and to treat burns of 2 degrees of severity, in which the integrity of tissues is disturbed.

If you burned your skin with green, do not try to lubricate the damaged area with fat or potassium permanganate, because these drugs can only aggravate the skin condition, which will make it more difficult to diagnose the depth of the burn.

How to treat a burn with a green?

If you used a greenie to process the wound, and burned it, you should not worry about it. Such damage quickly passes (if you do not lubricate this place with a green one) - after 2-3 days. Treat the burn with greens can be with the help of special anti-burn agents - such aerosols as Levian, Vinizol, Oxycyclozole or Panthenol. They effectively cope with superficial burns, and you can buy them over-the-counter in any pharmacy.

Treatment of burns with greens caught in the eye, you should begin with a wash with a weak manganese solution or tannin solution (3%). If these medicines are not available, you can use cold tea or water (flowing) to wash the burned eye. After this, it is absolutely necessary to consult the oculist for further treatment.

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Burn is an open skin lesion caused by external factors. Burns can occur on any part of the skin, including the leg.

If the severity of the burn is assessed by the area of the affected skin, the burn of the penis should be attributed to minor burn injuries, since together with the perineum occupies only 1% of the body surface.

The latest research relating Treatment of burns with greens

Specialists from the Department of Surgical Research of the US Army Institute intend to use the technology to create new tissues for use in the treatment of patients with damage to the skin (extensive burns).

How to treat the burn on the skin?
Getting a burn is quite simple - an inverted cup with hot tea, a hot plate on the stove, a sizzling oil in a frying pan easily lead to a breach of the integrity of the skin. Burns on the skin can only be treated after a thorough examination.  

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