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Suggestologist - a doctor engaged in the use of memory and suggestion in the treatment of many diseases.

Who is a suggestor?

Suggestologist - a doctor who uses suggestion for the treatment of diseases. Suggestion is the supply of information perceived without critical evaluation. By suggesting to a person, thoughts and feelings are enforced that contribute to recovery. The difference between explanation and suggestion is that the explanation always involves logical comprehension, and suggestion works by inculcating a mental state.

The work of a doctor-suggestologist is based on knowledge of the hidden potential of the central nervous system. The human body is really a unique mechanism. Older generations, our grandparents can still remember a wonderful hypnotist from then Leningrad, P.I. Bulya, who in the 60s of the last century during his lectures conducted treatment of neuroses, enuresis, stomach ulcers and other diseases. He believed that the first condition for curing cancer patients is their maintenance in the hospital in complete isolation from each other. Why? Yes, because they will "convince" each other of the incurability of their illness, creating a negative field around them. And the world really knows cases when people went to uninhabited places, lived in seclusion and were cured of cancer completely.

When should I contact a suggestor?

Modern scientists claim that man is an analog of the universe. The process of knowing yourself is very complicated. Without understanding yourself and spiritual growth, life can not be established. This can help the suggestor. He can help a person with addictions from alcoholism, tobacco, games, as well as a number of diseases caused by psychosomatic: neurodermatitis, arthritis, obesity and some others. That is, the suggestor should be addressed to people who need to improve their personality. Hypnotic suggestion helps to realize the reserve of physical and mental endurance inherent in the inspired image.

Suggestologist lays simple things in the patient's subconscious: that youth and health are subject to it, that the blood becomes cleaner, all organs work correctly. You will only have to imagine that positive changes in your body have already occurred. And your body will launch a revival program.

What tests should I take when I apply to a suggestor?

The leading method of diagnosis, which uses a suggestor, is a conversation. But nevertheless, in some diseases, the results of an encephalogram, an allergic test, rheumatic tests for confirmation of a diagnosis may be necessary.

What diagnostic methods does the suggestologist use?

Suggestologist does not use traditional methods of diagnosis, and that's why. Because it is in traditional medicine you need X-ray, ECG, gynecological examination, MRI, etc. The suggestor uses the survey. Suggestologist treats not so much a specific disease as corrects the deformed energy processes that caused the disease. As though the physiologists did not try to explain, for example, the conflict between pollen and the immune system in asthma, the suggestor does not give much.

What diseases are treated by a suggestologist?

Suggestologist can help with neurodermatitis, allergies, arthritis, obesity, some types of paralysis. Suggestologist can provide assistance both individually and to whole families in order to consolidate their faith in the recovery of a loved one.

Advices of a specialist doctor

Any ailment is a neurotic habit formed by unconscious fidelity to habitual errors. After the release of the psyche from pathogenic beliefs, the patient learns the skills of psychic self-regulation.

Suggestologist can help you cope with a variety of somatic ailments, you just need to tune in to a productive and friendly interaction with him. He will teach you to instruct your thoughts to restore balance in the body. The thought acts according to the task given to it at the behest of the will. Of course, infectious diseases and poisonings can not be cured by suggestion.

The approach to treatment is different in the West and East. If the West uses an aggressive influence, murmuring, the East seeks inner contact. Suggestion in the West is very noticeable externally; East, on the contrary, teaches us not to look directly into the eyes, the inspirer does not look at the recipient.

Plots of water and medicines can also help. In ancient times, healers could even "wind" a stunted heart. Cancer can also, if not treated, then send for a long time to a state of remission by means of suggestion. Diseases of the liver and kidneys can also be cured by a suggestor.

There are imaginary patients, or hypochondriacs, inspiring themselves with a disease. Man is so arranged that it easily succumbs to both self-suggestion and suggestion from the outside. For suggestion, no such special "gift" is needed. For example, you want to smoke or drink. How can you help yourself with autosuggestion? Choose a quiet place and focus on what your will wants. Create a clear image of yourself free from bad habits.

By self-expression, you can successfully cope with diseases of the cardiovascular system, drug addiction, obesity. The method perfectly suits healthy people to strengthen the body and combat the effects of stress, depression, melancholy. This technique is good because you do not need to make an effort, "step over" yourself, overcome any prohibitions, adhere to a diet. Man's desires always first give birth to the subconscious. It is worth changing the installation in the subconscious - and everything in your head will change, and the desire will change. They will not be destructive, as before, but creative. The main thing is to maximally just formulate the desired and repeat it, say, 20 times in the morning and 20 times in the evening. The subconscious mind perceives all settings literally and launches a program for their implementation.

Suggestologist can help cure many ailments.

It is important to know!

Currently, mental health is one of the most serious problems facing all countries, since at any given period of life such problems arise at least for every fourth person. Read more..

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