Snoring in a dream in men: causes, treatment

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One of the most unpleasant problems that cause inconvenience to not only the person himself, but his surroundings is snoring. 

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Snoring in men is very common. The prevalence of habitual snoring is about 29.5% in men, compared with 8.9 in women. [4]Moreover, with age, this figure increases, according to studies, 45% of men and 30% of women over 65 snore.[5], [6]

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Causes of the snoring in men

Violation of the normal tone of the upper respiratory tract, the development of atony, congenital pathology of the nasal passages, in particular, their narrowness, curvature, increase, neoplasms. Also, the cause may be an increase in the tonsils, upper palate. Also, the cause may be a shift or violation of the size of the lower or upper jaw, impaired mobility.[10]

There are anatomical and functional causes that contribute to the development of strong snoring in men. This occurs after surgery, with violations of the anatomical integrity of the respiratory tract. Significantly increases the risk of nasal congestion, with inflammatory, infectious, colds. At the same time, the airways narrow, or an obstruction or contraction occurs directly in them. Also, the risk increases with curvature, tumors.

Risk factors

People with sinusitis and sinusitis also fall. Sometimes there are congenital factors that predispose. Significantly increases the risk and with excessive weight, obesity, puffiness. Due to the development of puffiness, snoring occurs quite often during pregnancy and kidney disease. Excessive alcohol intake (one-time, or regular, systematic), [11]sometimes just a lack of sleep and banal fatigue can lead to snoring. 

Risk factors are the use of sedatives, as well as taking tranquilizers, and [12]smoking. [13]The risk increases in old and old age due to atony and degradation of laryngeal cells.


Normally, the partial pressure of oxygen decreases, and the air pressure decreases. With breath, the air passes freely. If the tone is reduced excessively, dangling tissue is also absorbed. The process is accompanied by intense sound formation, which is carried out due to the oscillatory movements of the walls. With a strong pathology, the cheeks and tongue are also involved in the process.[14]

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Symptoms of the snoring in men

The presence of oscillatory movements, in which there is sound. The sound, as a rule, is a long, unpleasant sound. Sometimes there are sudden sobs, gasping for air, a feeling of lack of oxygen, "sticking together" of the respiratory tract.

The first signs are usually sound coming from the larynx during sleep. At the same time, the surrounding people often inform about this, because in the early stages of the pathology a person does not feel and does not hear his own snoring, does not wake up from him, does not feel discomfort.

According to statistics, snoring prevails in men. So, out of men, every 10 people snore, whereas among women only one in 30 people snores. That is, it can be argued that the frequency of occurrence of snoring among women is three times lower than among men. In addition, every tenth snoring man is subjected to apnea.

Psychosomatics of snoring in men

Exposed men with a strong character, strong-willed, little emotional, prudent. In everyday life, everything is under control, they are always punctual, responsible, disciplined. As a rule, a large load at work, irregular working hours. They are often exposed to chronic fatigue, constant stress. [18]  They sleep, as a rule, little, but firmly enough, deeply. Muscles are very relaxed, hence the problem.

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Complications and consequences

When snoring there is a risk of complete closure of the respiratory tract due to their blocking and clamping with soft tissues. One of the most dangerous complications is sleep apnea, or respiratory arrest. This leads to the development of oxygen starvation. There is a lack of oxygen in the vital organs, which significantly increases the risk of heart attack, stroke, atherosclerosis, arterial hypertension. [23], [24], [25], [26]  Also an unpleasant consequence is a violation of night sleep, the lack of proper rest, both for the person who is prone to snoring, and the people around him.

Snoring in men with breath

In addition, the snoring person significantly reduces the quality of life, the quality of night sleep, develops a feeling of lack of sleep, chronic fatigue. This is due to the fact that even if a person does not wake up, his body is still subjected to micro-awakenings. Such nightly awakenings occur many times during the night. This leads to the fact that a person does not get enough sleep, he quickly develops fatigue, he becomes aggressive, irritable. A concomitant factor is the constant drowsiness that accompanies a person, attention concentration, ability to think, remember is significantly reduced.


Snoring at a young age in men

The danger of apnea is that they occur up to 500 times a night. Average duration is 10-20 seconds. At this time, breathing is delayed, which leads to oxygen deficiency. The brain, nervous and hormonal systems are particularly susceptible to hypoxic processes. Also, there is a violation of the normal functioning of the nervous system, the development of muscle spasms.

A characteristic feature is that a person constantly wakes up during snoring, even if he does not realize this and does not remember. The fact is that during snoring, there is an excessive relaxation of the muscles, the level of oxygen in the blood decreases to a critical one, and the level of arterial pressure also drops.

The brain automatically sends signals to the sympathetic parts of the nervous system, it is activated, the body wakes up. The sympathetic divisions act on the awakening body, as a result of which the arterial pressure rises, the pulse quickens. Such differences in pressure and pulse also negatively affect the state of the vessels, the heart, reducing their tone and leading to the development of dystonic states. It also leads to a sharp increase in the risk of developing heart attacks, diseases of the lungs, bronchi. Increased risk of stroke.

In a person suffering from constant snoring, the reaction rate and concentration of attention is significantly reduced. This leads to an increase in the number of industrial accidents, accidents and car accidents. A characteristic feature is the reduction of potency, which occurs as a result of constant lack of sleep and weakness of the body.

Diagnostics of the snoring in men

There is no special doctor who deals directly with the treatment of snoring. Usually the ENT can determine the cause and make the correct diagnosis, select a treatment. He does this by inspecting the throat, nasopharynx, pharynx, carefully examining the condition of the nasal septum. It is also necessary to conduct an inspection of the ears. This is due to the fact that the nasopharynx and the ears are interconnected into a single system through the Eustachian tube.

But if the ENT pathologies are not revealed, you need to look in a different direction. In this case, it is better to visit the therapist, tell him all the complaints, focus on your subjective feelings and assumptions. Here an important role is acquired by collecting the history not only of the disease, but also of the patient’s life. It is important to conduct a conversation, a survey and record the information received. Here the reason may be hiding, as well as on the basis of complaints and subjective feelings, you can get an approximate picture of the pathology and plan the further course of the examinations.[28], [29]

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The most general picture of what is happening in the body can be obtained using clinical tests, such as blood, urine, feces. They will show what process takes place in the body, their approximate orientation. Will show whether there are deviations from the norm. If so, in what direction, how pronounced, what is their severity. To obtain more accurate data, you can conduct a biochemical blood test, a detailed immunogram.

If any pathology is suspected, specific additional tests are prescribed, depending on the intended diagnosis. For example, virological research, microflora analysis, dysbacteriosis analysis, microbiological and bacteriological culture, analysis of latent infections may be required. You may also need rheumatic tests, allergy tests, the definition of tumor markers, cytological examination.

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Instrumental diagnostics

As the main instrumental methods used polysomnographic study, which allows us to estimate the severity of sleep apnea, their severity, the degree of progression. The essence of this study is that in a person who is in a state of sleep, heart rate, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate and heart rate are measured.

Also, an electroencephalogram method is used, the essence of which is to assess the structure of sleep, the functional activity of the brain. An otolaryngologist with the help of special equipment conducts rhinoscopy (examination of the nose, nasal sinuses). Ears are also examined (otoscopy). Laryngoscopy is almost always performed - examination of the nasopharynx, pharynx.

Methods such as x-ray, fluorogram, computed and magnetic resonance imaging, active rhinopneummomanometry, spirometry, and other methods may be required. [34]

Differential diagnosis

The basis of differential diagnosis is the need to clearly differentiate the cause that provoked the development of snoring. Only by defining the cause of the pathology correctly can it be eliminated, respectively, the pathology itself will disappear. It is usually not necessary to differentiate snoring from other diseases, since its symptoms are rather specific. Laboratory and instrumental methods are used for this, as well as clinical, functional tests.

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Who to contact?

Treatment of the snoring in men

Etiological treatment is considered optimal. There are cases in which additional consultation of an immunologist, an allergist is required. Allergy is accompanied by an excessive release of immunoglobulin E, histamine, which in a certain way alter the composition, structure, function of the mucous membranes of the nasopharynx, pharynx, and respiratory tract. The composition of surfactant (part of the alveoli and bronchi) may also change. Allergies can cause swelling of the tissues, which leads to snoring. Thus, eliminating allergies, you can get rid of snoring. An immunologist's consultation is prescribed due to the fact that allergy is a “disease of the immune system”, that is, increased sensitization, excessive sensitivity to foreign agents (allergens), in response to which the allergic reaction develops.

Also often the cause of snoring is inflammation in the nasopharynx, pharynx, airways, fluid accumulation, congestion, colds, excessive accumulation of mucus. All this can be cured by an otolaryngologist, pulmonologist. Perhaps, consultation of the phthisiologist will be required. If a person has enlarged tonsils, sinusitis, adenoids, they can also cause snoring. They can be removed by contacting a surgeon for help.

Sometimes it happens that snoring is a consequence of a nervous reaction, overwork, stress. In that case consultation of the neurologist, the neuropathologist, the psychiatrist can be required. If you suspect the development of malignant tumors, which block the entrance to the respiratory tract, and cause snoring, you should consult a surgeon, an oncologist.

Sometimes consultation of a dentist, orthopedic dentist is necessary, since snoring can be provoked by diseases of the teeth, an abnormal structure of the jaw, a violation of the structure of the jaw, gums, improper growth of the teeth. Often, wisdom teeth that grow up in a person between 20 and 25 years old transform the jaw and change the dental formula, resulting in snoring.

When violations of the normal functioning of the kidneys, liver, urinary system, and sometimes the digestive system, snoring may also develop. In particular, kidney edema, obesity, can be a very real cause of snoring. Obese, overweight people also often snore. This also includes patients with impaired metabolism, atherosclerosis, diabetes, hormonal disorders. In this case, it is worth to consult an endocrinologist. Perhaps you will need hormone therapy, which will allow you to normalize the state of the body, eliminate snoring.

What doctor treats snoring in men?

There is no specific doctor who would treat snoring. But such a complaint should be addressed first of all to the otolaryngologist (ENT). He will conduct an inspection, and if necessary, will appoint additional expert advice. Usually, treatment is prescribed by the ENT, since in most cases the cause is precisely the pathology of the nasopharynx, pharynx or sinuses.

Often, an additional consultation of an allergist and an immunologist is prescribed, since the cause of the pathology is an allergic reaction, edema. Consultation with a urologist, nephrologist, also, oddly enough, may be required, since snoring is often the result of renal edema and impaired renal and urinary tract function. You may even need to consult a cardiologist, if there is a suspicion of damage to the heart and blood vessels, which can also lead to the development of edema, decrease the tone of the larynx.

They may be referred to a pulmonologist, a phthisiologist if lung or bronchial diseases are suspected. With injuries of the nose, head, you may need a traumatologist. For diseases of the teeth, changing the structure of the jaw, you need to turn to a dentist, orthodontist, because the pathology of the dental system can also cause snoring. It is often necessary to consult a surgeon, especially if there are tumors, polyps, adenoids in the nasal cavity, larynx.

Sometimes, with nervous reactions, stress, fatigue, you should contact a neurologist, a neuropathologist, a psychotherapist, a psychiatrist. You can contact the therapist, and he will refer to the right specialist.

What to do?

It is better not to self-medicate. But it is also impossible to ignore this problem, since it can have quite serious consequences. It is necessary to consult a doctor, get diagnosed. It is best to contact the ENT, the therapist. If necessary, an additional examination will be scheduled, consultations of other specialists. Then the necessary treatment will be prescribed. It is necessary to strictly follow all recommendations. [37], [38]

Effective remedies for snoring in men

There are various drugs that are said to make breathing easier at night, for example, by acting on the muscles of the respiratory tract. Since it has not yet been proven that no medicine helps to reduce snoring in sleep, it is currently not used as part of the main treatment. But these drugs can be used to treat certain conditions that can cause snoring in a dream or aggravate an existing apnea.[39]

From snoring can be used menthol candy. Well suited cough lozenges from well-known manufacturers. They help to normalize the state of the mucous membranes, eliminate swelling, hyperemia, and also allow you to bring to the tone of the wall of the respiratory tract. Take a pill at night, before bedtime. If snoring appeared at night, and you woke up from it - you can take another pill. They should be rassasyvat, not chew. It is important not to fall asleep with a pill in your mouth, and not to choke.

Also, snoring can be applied Corvalol - about 15-20 drops before bedtime. This tool dilates blood vessels, increases tone, increases heart rate. Accordingly, snoring is reduced.

You can take acetylsalicylic acid, because it dilutes the secret, normalizes the condition of the mucous membrane. The only precaution is that the drug should not be taken by people who are prone to bleeding, as this drug thins the blood. It is recommended for a tablet 2 times a day.

If the cause of snoring is allergic swelling, you can take suprastin. It is recommended to undergo a course of treatment - 1 tablet (150 mg) once a day for 5-7 days. It should be borne in mind that the drug causes drowsiness, reduces concentration. Therefore, caution should be taken to people whose work requires a high concentration of attention. You also need to be careful driving a car. In the early days, the condition may worsen, and snoring will intensify. But it will soon pass, do not stop treatment. This is due to a side effect - drowsiness and lethargy, which occurs while taking the drug. This leads to additional relaxation of the already relaxed airways. But after the end of the course of treatment, the condition returns to normal. The swelling is removed and the snoring goes away. 


It is recommended to take vitamins in the following daily concentrations:

  • Vitamin B 2-3 mg
  • Vitamin D - 1000 mg
  • Vitamin PP - 60 mg
  • Vitamin A - 240 mg
  • Vitamin E - 45 mg
  • Vitamin C - 1000 mg. [40]


May require inhalation, thermal procedures, some electrical procedures, KUV - warming the mouth cavity with the ultraviolet spectrum. Also use a variety of techniques to combat snoring. You can also use special tools, for example, the nipples of snoring, special nasodilators. [41], [42]  With frequent and prolonged respiratory arrest, an oxygen mask is used. Well fills the lack of oxygen in the lungs oxygen cocktail.



It is used in severe conditions, which is accompanied by frequent apnea, risk of suffocation and respiratory failure. Also resort to surgical methods in the event that other methods do not have the desired effect. Operations are also carried out according to indications, for example, in the presence of polyps, tumors, adenoids, and other pathologies. Septoplasty (correction of the nasal septum), laser surgery to remove polyps and tumors may also be required. With enlarged and inflamed tonsils, tonsillectomy may be required. Specific surgeries performed on the pharynx and soft palate are quite effective: uvulotomy, uvulalapatoplasty. Traditional surgical methods are also used, for example, laser surgery, radiosurgery.[44], [45], [46], [47]

Treatment for snoring at home in men

The treatment at home should be based on various measures aimed at improving the tone of the larynx. To do this, eliminate vitamin deficiency and lack of minerals in the body, normalize metabolic processes. Consider the basic systems that can help with this. So. The first important drugs containing iron. Iron is represented in the blood in red blood cells - red blood cells. They are used to maintain tonic processes and prevent anemia, hypoxia, hypercapnia (a consequence of apnea). To improve the absorption should be combined with vitamin C. Also important are preparations containing potassium and magnesium, vitamin D, [48]A, C.

Gymnastics for snoring in men

Against snoring is recommended to perform various breathing exercises. 

The essence of the technique is the need to consistently breathe through all the respiratory channels. So, first you need to sit down straight, folding your legs in a lotus, or crossing them in front of you. We begin to breathe evenly, making even inhalation and exhalation. The duration of inhalation should be equal to the duration of exhalation. We start breathing from 3 seconds, gradually increase to 6, then - to 9 seconds. We perform this for 3 minutes.

Then go to the second exercise - close the right nostril. Inhale the left nostril, then hold the breath, then exhale (also through the left nostril). Each exercise is performed for 3 minutes.

Then go to the next exercise - close the left nostril. We inhale, hold our breath, exhale also through the left nostril.

The next exercise is to inhale through the right nostril, then hold the breath, and exhale through the opposite side (left). The second part of this exercise is similar, only changing the nostrils. Inhalation is done through the left nostril, after a delay we exhale through the right side.

Then breathing is done through both nostrils. So, breathing is done through both nostrils. On the exhale, we imagine that the air passes through the central channel (passes through the entire spine, and goes outside).

After completing the whole complex, we close our eyes, lower our hands to our knees. We relax, try to feel all the changes in the body. We listen to the sensations.[49]

Alternative remedies for snoring in men

  • Recipe number 1.

Well-proven relaxing baths before bedtime, which will help relieve tension from stressful areas, to restore the tone to relaxed areas. Add broths to the bath. Rapeseed oil or any other fatty base is taken as the basis for the preparation of decoction for medicinal baths. Heats up to a warm state. It is better to use a water bath. In the resulting oil pour in 2 ml of concentrated extracts of the following plant components: calendula, wormwood. Also add 40 pieces of cloves food. In the bath add at the rate of 2 tablespoons of the mixture per 300 liters (full bath).

  • Recipe number 2.

Take any body cream. It is better to take a natural cream, without the addition of impurities, flavors, dyes. Even a baby cream will do. It is added to a tablespoon of water or alcohol infusions of onion peel, decoction of parsley leaves, napar from the medicinal rue, oregano, Chernobylnik. You can add 1 ml of water infusion tops of hemp. All this is mixed until smooth, used for massage and rubbing. You can also lubricate this area of the maxillary sinuses, nasal septum with this cream.

  • Recipe number 3.

For the general strengthening of the body apply balsam. It is prepared on the basis of brandy. To prepare take 2 tablespoons of broth baskets flowering sunflower, finely chopped hay and hay dust, onion peel. Pour brandy, insist at least a day. Drink 10 grams per day.

Herbal medicine

A decoction of rose petals tones well, is used for various inflammatory and infectious diseases, atony. Increases not only the tone, but also the overall resistance of the organism. A tablespoon of petals poured a glass of boiling water, bring to a boil. Insist an hour, then filter and drink half a glass 2-3 times a day.

Decoction of marigold (calendula) is used as a decongestant, anti-inflammatory agent. To prepare for a glass of boiling water take 2-3 tablespoons of marigold. I drink 50 grams per day.

Siberian elder flower infusion is used to tone muscles. To prepare 3-4 tablespoons of flowers pour 500 ml of vodka or pure alcohol, then insist day, drink a tablespoon three times a day.


Used to maintain the necessary muscle tone, to prevent the narrowing of the walls of the respiratory tract. It is used in various pathologies, both accompanied by pain and painless. It also quite effectively eliminates the effects of congestion, scars, and post-operative conditions. It is necessary to apply carefully with observance of precautionary measures. The main measure is to consult a doctor, follow his recommendations, and avoid self-treatment. This will optimize treatment, avoid complications and side effects. It must be remembered that the main side effects when taking homeopathy are worsening of the condition, as well as dizziness, headache, rapid heartbeat, feeling hot, increased sweating and salivation. Also significantly increases the load on the kidneys, heart, liver.

  • Recipe number 1.

For the preparation of ointment applied to the nasal septum, the area of the lips, nasolabial triangle, as a basis take lard, melt it in a water bath, or on low heat until dissolved, with constant stirring.

In the resulting mass is added 2 tablespoons of anise, blueberry, sage. All this is mixed, until a homogeneous consistency. Take off the fire, give the opportunity to freeze. Apply a thin layer, rubbed until completely absorbed. Store in the refrigerator (on the bottom shelf).

  • Recipe number 2.

As a basis for making the cream take about 100 grams of butter. All this is melted before the formation of liquid oil. A mixture of the following plant components is prepared in advance in a refractory container: sage, camomile flowers, a love spell herb, a plantain leaf (approximately 2 tablespoons of each herb per 130 ml of oil). The oil is heated over low heat (not boiling). As soon as the oil has warmed up quite strongly, but has not yet boiled, removes it from the fire, and pour in the previously prepared herbs. Stir, cover with a lid on top, insist in a dark place for 24 hours (at room temperature). After that, the oil is ready for use.

  • Recipe number 3.

Camphor oil is taken as a base. Stir. In the mixture add 2 drops of the following essential oils: oil of violet flowers, sundews, aloe leaf syrup, a decoction of willow bark. Mix thoroughly, use during massage.[50]

  • Recipe number 4.

Also, with a decrease in muscle tone, it is recommended to inhale with a decoction of eucapyptum leaves [51], peppermint, thyme grass, pine buds, and elecampane roots in a ratio of 1: 1: 2: 3: 1. To conduct inhalation decoction is poured into the pelvis. Heated to such a state that steam was coming, but did not burn. The temperature should be comfortable. Then bend over the basin, cover with a towel on top, inhale the steam. The duration of the procedure is no more than 10-15 minutes.[52]


It is important to eat right, to include in the diet the necessary amount of vitamins, minerals, regularly undergo preventive examinations, if necessary - be treated promptly. In addition, with a tendency to congenital, genetically determined disorders of the tone, it is important to use physiotherapeutic methods, special gymnastics, massage. It is undesirable to sleep on your back, while sleeping, try to take a side pose.[53]

trusted-source [54]


Only a doctor can make an accurate prognosis, since it is important to know the cause of the pathology. Snoring in men can be eliminated only if its cause has been resolved. If the pathology could not be cured, it causes discomfort both to the person himself and his surroundings. Serious consequences, including lethal, are rarely observed. But it can be dangerous to sleep apnea (stop breathing).

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