Prevention and prognosis of severe back pain

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Last reviewed: 11.04.2020

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Since this is not about a specific disease, but about a characteristic symptom of various pathologies of the spine and internal organs, it is possible to make any predictions only in connection with certain diseases. Choosing the right regimen helps alleviate the painful symptom.

But you need to understand that anesthesia does not solve the problem that causes pain. To achieve a lasting effect, we need a comprehensive approach to the treatment of the underlying disease, and not just one of its symptoms. Even if the pains go away earlier, doctors recommend that you complete the prescribed treatment until the end, which helps prevent the recurrence of torment.


The worst prognosis is, of course, for pains caused by malignant tumor processes, because severe pain in this case occurs already in the last stages of cancer, when the percentage of survival is low. It is possible to cope with other diseases or at least noticeably slow down their development, preserving the ability to work as long as possible. But again, this is possible only with an integrated approach to treatment, proper nutrition, an active lifestyle.

Back pain is considered to be a fairly common symptom that can occur at any age. Most often, they are caused by excessive loads on the spine, which changes its shape and structure, which is reflected in medical diagnoses. Factors provoking the emergence of pain are considered a sedentary lifestyle, nutrition, depleted in vitamins and minerals, susceptibility to stress, walking, sitting, standing, lifting weights. Even the wrong body position during sleep can cause back pain that does not allow you to relax and enjoy life normally.

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What can be done to avoid such a fate that negatively affects the quality of human life? Consider the basic measures of prevention of spinal and lumbar pain:

  • We are taught to follow the posture while sitting at school. And it is no coincidence, because the health of the spine is at stake. You should not bend over the table forward or lean back, it does not relieve the spine of the Veda, but on the contrary increases the already increased load on it.

To relieve back fatigue and the pain associated with it, small movements with hands and squeezing that can be done every 15-20 minutes without getting up from the chair help. But after an hour of sedentary work, it is recommended to do a good workout for the whole body standing on your feet.

  • It is very important to monitor your posture not only while sitting, but also when walking or standing. With proper posture, the spine remains even and the load on the vertebrae is distributed evenly. Let's try to stand with your back to the wall, leaning to it with shoulder blades and buttocks and keeping your head straight. This is what should be a good posture, which you need to remember and try to maintain.

If for some reason a person has to stand for a long time, you need to find an opportunity to transfer the load on both sides of the body, changing the supporting leg, relieve the spine, leaning on something with your hand or back for a while, do some warm-up exercises that allow your back to relax.

  • You need to be careful about how we lift and carry weights. Usually we bend down and lift the load from the floor. This is absolutely not recommended. It is more correct to approach the object lying on the floor, squat, take a load with arms bent at the elbows and stand up, straightening your legs, but not bending your back. So the entire load will fall on the legs, and the spine will not suffer.

If you need to move the load somewhere, it is better to divide it into 2 equal parts by weight and carry it in two hands. If this is not possible, it is necessary to change hands as often as possible.

  • Now as for the night rest. It turns out that for the health of the back it is very important how we sleep and get out of bed. The fact that you need to sleep on a fairly hard mattress, which prevents the backbend, many people know. However, as well as the fact that the thickness of the pillow must match the width of the shoulder. But about the fact that complete relaxation of the spine is possible only lying on its side, not everyone knows. However, doctors recommend an embryo posture for sleep, which ensures proper rest and sleep for at least 6 hours.

Getting out of bed is also necessary according to the rules. After waking up, it is recommended to stretch yourself 2-3 times well in bed, then lower your legs to the floor and only then lift your back, resting your hands on the bed. This should be done slowly, and not to get out of bed as if on fire.

  • Hypodynamia is considered the greatest enemy of the spine, and moderate physical activity is his best friend. Therefore, do not neglect morning exercises, warm-ups for the back during the day and evening jogging. Sedentary mental work must be alternated with physical labor. The main thing is not to overstrain, not to lift the load more than the age norm, not to make sudden movements. Many problems with the spine help to avoid amateur sports, gym visits, regular outdoor activities.
  • It is necessary to pay attention to the diet. The lack of magnesium and vitamins in the body In the most negative impact on the nervous system (hence the neurological symptoms), and a deficiency of calcium and phosphorus will affect the condition of the bones, which will become less durable, prone to fractures and degenerative changes. Vegetables and fruits bestowed on us by nature are valuable sources of vitamins and trace elements necessary for the body, so they must be on the menu in sufficient quantity. And dairy and dairy products - this is an opportunity to fill the level of calcium in the body. So they, too, should not be neglected.
  • Since back pain can be caused by various diseases that do not always concern the spine, you need to look after your health as a whole, and not just the sensations in your back. With the appearance of various suspicious symptoms in the chest, abdomen, back, back, do not need to wait until they become more pronounced. The sooner the disease is detected, the less damage it will have to inflict on the body, the easier it will be to treat and the less likelihood of severe back pain.

Even observing preventive measures, it is not always possible to avoid the appearance of a painful symptom. But it is very important to understand that the correct and timely  diagnosis and treatment of severe back pain  can make it more effective. But the results of self-diagnosis and the use of drugs and prescriptions that are not relevant to the existing pathology often result in frustration and lost time.

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