Ointment from eggs from psoriasis: myth or real help

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Psoriasis is also a scaly lichen, one of those diseases that have been known to man since ancient times, but still do not have a sufficient explanation for its occurrence and effective treatment, which makes it possible to forget about the disease forever. But this pathology brings not only physical discomfort in the form of itching and a feeling of tightness of the skin, but also considerable psychological suffering, by which you can not just pass. That is why pharmacology and alternative medicine have developed a variety of medicines that can make life easier for people with such a stubborn and unaesthetic illness. And ointment from eggs from psoriasis among them stands on a separate place, after all it is considered that eggs are the worst enemy of scaly lichen.

There are several options for this ointment. Some of them are more popular, others are less. The effectiveness of some is not in doubt, and around the other there are always disputes, reaching the pages of the Internet before mutual insults. Nevertheless, if such ointments have helped even one or two people to find a few years of a calm, happy life, they have a right to exist. Even if a person has had to go through pain and tears, but this can not be compared with the despair and despair that he had previously not been able to cope with the disease, feeling himself an outcast among others. 

Options for ointments for psoriasis

Ointment from eggs from psoriasis can be prepared from some yolks, proteins or using the whole egg and other useful supplements, which are "scared" by scaly lichen.

  • Ointment of yolks, or rather egg oil, is one of the most popular safe and painless means. True, its preparation requires a lot of raw materials, a certain amount of time and patience. The raw materials for egg yolk are the yolks of hard-boiled fresh domestic eggs, for which 100 g of therapeutic ointment should be taken exactly 20 pieces. And yet it is cheaper than the popular pharmacy from psoriasis.

Ready yolks need as much as possible to stretch a spoon, bringing to a puree state. Then put the resulting gruel on a clean frying pan without oil and grease and fry for a long time, not being lazy while constantly stirring the yolk mass. After about 40-50 minutes, you can notice the appearance of an oily liquid secreted by the yolks. This is a signal to the fact that the process of roasting is over. Further, the yolk mass together with the liquid contents is poured into the cheesecloth and the oil is poured into a separate clean, better glass or ceramic container.

The butter from the yolks is ready. Use it at least 2 times a day, applying to skin areas covered with peeling crust (psoriasis "plaques"). The effectiveness of the ointment is confirmed by numerous reviews.

  • Ointment of yolks, camphor oil, tar and alcohol is not so pleasant to use (it has an unpleasant aroma and burns a little), but it is simple in preparation. It is necessary alternately to mix 3 fresh yolks with a teaspoon of oil, 150 g of tar and the same amount of pure alcohol, all the while carefully mixing the ingredients until uniform.

Store the ointment in a dark place or use a container of dark glass. Apply the product to the skin with a cotton swab. During the day after the application of the ointment, it is undesirable to wet the affected areas. Ideally, wash the skin better than the day after 3 and, drying it, repeat the treatment "session." Procedures need to be carried out until the state improves significantly, which in unopened cases comes in 2-3 weeks.

  • Protein ointment for psoriasis is less popular and is used in combination with basic methods of therapy. To prepare such an ointment, you need 0.5 protein of a raw egg (about 12-14 g), a teaspoon of honey, 10-15 g of a solidol ointment or even the most solidol, 4-5 g of a fat baby cream and 2 g of dried celandine powder . All components must be thoroughly mixed and used ointment in the morning and in the evening every day for 7 days. Then give the skin a rest for a week and repeat the procedure again.

And, finally, the recipes of the sensational and controversial ointment from eggs and vinegar. It is recipes, because there are several such:

  • Egg and acetic essence of psoriasis. In this case, we need a whole chicken egg with a shell, washed under running water. It must be carefully lowered into a glass with acetic essence. Essence needs to be taken so much that it only covers the egg in the glass. We leave this "beauty" alone for a few days and wait until the shell is completely dissolved. Then we take out the egg, rub it, removing the inner film, and thoroughly mix the egg mass with the vinegar, in which the egg was stored all this time. The medicine for psoriasis is ready.

This remedy is quite aggressive and causes a burning sensation that you just need to endure. To smear it it is necessary only on the places stricken with scaly soil, avoiding areas with healthy skin. You should start with a small amount of ointment and individual lesions (you can smear them alternately), and when the skin gets used a little, the volume of used ointment can be increased.

Some authors of articles on psoriasis recommend using pork or any other fat instead of vegetable oil, but there is no mention of how the composition of fats affects the effectiveness of the drug.

  • Egg and apple cider vinegar. This and the previous recipes are generally similar. Only in this case, the vinegar essence is replaced with apple cider vinegar, the effect of which is slightly softer, and the efficiency is even higher. Vinegar can be used as a store (only real, not flavored), and home-made. Apply the product on the skin can be a thicker layer. In unopened cases, the remission of the disease comes already from the first days of use of the remedy and lasts usually 3-5 years.
  • Eggs and acetic acid. Two fresh eggs must be thoroughly beaten with 1 tbsp. L. Any vegetable oil. In this mixture, add a little less than 2 tsp. Acetic acid and shaken.

Keep the medicine in complete darkness in a tightly closed container.

Use daily before bedtime.

  • Yolks and apple cider vinegar. This recipe is in a sense an analog of variant c, but instead of whole eggs only yolks in the amount of 2 are taken in it, and the role of acetic acid is played by apple cider vinegar. Yes, and the author of the recipe advises taking sunflower unrefined. Prepare the product on the same principle: whisk fresh yolks with butter and add the vinegar. Prepared in this way, the drug for 4 hours put in the refrigerator on the lower shelf, after which it can safely be used 2 times a day, applying to the affected surface of the skin. Burning will be palpable, but bearable.

As you can see, the options for using eggs from psoriasis are enough to choose one among them, which is suitable for you. This, of course, will be a trial and error method, but it will help to choose a truly effective ointment from eggs from psoriasis. After all, the effectiveness of eggs in the fight against scaly lichen is confirmed by the responses of many doctors who consider this tool worthy of support for basic therapy. With regard to the use of ointments from eggs as the sole means of treatment, then, according to the same doctors, this method is unlikely to have a quick and lasting positive effect.

People's opinion about the treatment of psoriasis with ointments from eggs

The patients' comments about the use and effectiveness of various ointments from eggs are distinguished by a huge variety of phrases and emotions. At forums dedicated to the treatment of psoriasis, ardent skeptics, without being shy in expressions, simply "troll" those who advocate the protection of ointment from eggs from psoriasis, even the latter give examples from their own lives or the lives of relatives and friends.

The most disagreement is caused by ointments from eggs, described in the previous paragraph under numbers 4a and 4c. And the first is called ointment not from psoriasis, but from rheumatism, known since ancient times. The presence of concentrated vinegar in both recipes causes a sea of negative emotions.

Participants taking on the role of the leader at the forum, motivate their negative attitude by the fact that the vinegar remedy causes severe burning even in the affected, keratinized areas, not to mention the consequences of possible getting it on healthy skin. It remains unclear how this effective remedy in the treatment of rheumatism is applied to the skin without causing a burn, if in the treatment of psoriasis, according to online skeptics, it can "burn" the same skin!

Other forum participants and simple readers of psoriasis sites respond about ointment from psoriasis from eggs and vinegar as a whole positively, citing real examples when this ointment provided a lasting remission of an almost incurable disease for several years. Someone tells about his personal experience, the other cites, as an example, the cases of healing known to him. And you start to wonder, they can not all lie, and why? So, it makes sense to check the recipes from eggs on yourself, if there is a chance, at least temporarily, to defeat the disease. It is not necessary to start with the aggressive means of alternative medicine. You can stock up on patience and prepare for start egg oil or protein ointment.

Ointment from eggs from psoriasis - this is a real chance to give yourself weeks of happiness and peace, if you really cope with the disease and forget about it forever is not possible. People are grateful to such recipes of alternative medicine and say that in a state of despair and "hopelessness" they are ready to endure any pain in order to receive these several years of "leave" from exhausting illness that affects not only the body, but also the soul, overwhelming physically and emotionally.

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