Massage of mammary glands

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A beautiful breast is the pride of a woman. But not all the representatives of the beautiful field think about her health until the moment when the woman herself, or one of her close people, will not face the pathological problem affecting the bust. Massage of the mammary glands is one of the items in the prevention of the health and youth of this body. Many people positively respond about massage of the spine, lower and upper extremities, but underestimate similar techniques, with reference to the mammary gland. And in vain.

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Indications for mammary massage

Massage is a powerful "weapon" in the fight against many problems. But it is precisely this power of its impact on the organism that introduces some limitations on its application. Therefore, it is necessary to know the indications for its conduct and those diagnoses, in the formulation of which its application is unacceptable. It should be remembered that these restrictions can be both permanent and temporary (after the source of pathology has been removed, this procedure can be resolved).

To pathologies, in which breast massage is allowed, include:

  • Mastopathy.
  • Mastitis.
  • Fibrous - cystic mastopathy.
  • Prevention of many diseases. In some pathologies, these measures are one of the methods of therapeutic therapy.
  • Correction of the shape of the breast. Increase in its size.

One more advantage of the massaging that can be done is the fact that it can be regarded as a diagnostic exercise in some way. After all, during the procedure, palpation occurs, which makes it possible to reveal the newly emerged neoplasms in the form of separate nodes - seals.

Who to contact?

Can I massage my breasts?

It turns out very many, asking the question, whether it is possible to do massage of mammary glands? Even do not guess the strength of its impact and the results that can be achieved with the proper professional application of these techniques.

And he, it turns out, can do a lot:

  • Razirayuschie and kneading movements lead to an improvement in blood flow, and from here there is an improvement in the blood supply to the area under study.
  • Increases overall tone.
  • A similar improvement is observed with lymphatic drainage.
  • There is a cleansing of the pores of the skin.
  • Allows to rid the derma from dead skin.
  • It allows to improve the function of secrets of sebaceous and sweat glands.
  • Improves the appearance of the bust.

Therefore, massaging the bust is not only possible, but it is also necessary to do it, and it is desirable that this procedure be regular.


How to do breast massage?

But any business requires skills. Not having them you can not only not get the expected efficiency, but also lead to a negative result. Therefore, it is advisable to seek help from a professional masseur, or, if the condition of the breast allows, carry out this procedure yourself. But before you start to implement the plan yourself, you need to ask yourself how to do breast massage?

To find the answer to it, you can seek advice from the same masseur, or get acquainted in detail with the technique and sequence of movements on articles and videos in social networks. But here again it should be noted that any medical event held at home should be agreed and authorized by the attending physician.

Massage of the mammary glands includes a number of stages. Primary stroking, then begin to knead the site, after which smoothly move to intermittent vibrations, commensurable with puncturing. All the difference between these procedures on the chest and other parts of the body is that the skin of the bust is very thin and delicate, which requires accurate and soft contact.

At the same time, the choice of certain techniques and techniques depends on the task that the masseur faces:

  • Increase the size of the bust.
  • Stagnant phenomena in the mammary gland.
  • Insufficient secretory activity of the breast.
  • Prevention of diseases.
  • Supporting the shape of the chest in tone.
  • Solving other goals.

In order to properly do the procedure, you need to have an idea of the structure of the female breast, the location of its muscles, blood vessels, breast and other components.

A little about the structure of the organ under consideration. The skin on this site is thin enough, easily shifted and equipped with a sufficiently large number of sebaceous glands. The upper region is represented by large pectoral muscles, and deeper, below them, are small ones. The lateral part is covered by anterior jagged muscles. From below - an oblique muscle begins under the breast. The mammary gland preserves fatty tissue. There are also lymphatic and blood vessels, milky sinuses.

Technique of mammary massage

To get the maximum effect from the procedure, you need the correct technique of mammary massage with all its nuances.

Depending on the purpose of this exercise, it can be held in a sitting position, lying on its side or on its back. It is desirable to use a special cream. If you do not have one, you can get by with baby cream.

  • It is necessary to prepare the area for more active massaging. The surface is first stroked with a flat palm, or with circular motions of both hands. Movements are made from below upwards, from the nipple to the large thoracic and to the beak-brachial muscle. At the same time, it is necessary to make sure that the palm slides along the dermis, without greatly shifting it.
  • During the procedure, it is necessary to avoid touching the nipple, except for special purposes (if its sinking is diagnosed and so on).
  • Then one by one selectively produces massages of separate muscle groups: diaphragm, anterior dentate, external intercostal muscles and large pectoral muscles.

The procedure itself is divided into five methods: stroking, grinding, kneading, effleurage and vibration. One without the others gives a positive result, but the greatest effect can be achieved only by combining them into a combined procedure. Now it remains, briefly get acquainted with each technique separately.

Stroking - smooth, without pressing, sliding movements that work through all zones. Usually the palms go in a circular motion clockwise.

Rubbing is carried out by phalanx pads (or palms) with sufficiently active circular and zigzag movements.

Kneading is carried out slowly, smoothly sliding the pads of the fingers over the surface. In this case, compression and pressing of the tissues takes place. It is only necessary to remember, by carrying out this procedure, that movements should be cautious, and the applied efforts are strictly dosed. The fingers should slide smoothly over the surface, preventing injury to the surface. Beating - this technique is a series of light, soft and jerky strokes. This technique can be carried out with both the palm rests and phalanx pads. Mostly the blows are often applied, but in turn: then fingers one, then fingers of the other hand. Vibration is produced by springy, frequent, abrupt fecalizations. At the same time, it is allowed to use, as the ribs of the palm, palms, and pads of fingers. Move from the areola to the base of the chest.

At the end of the procedure, follow the thumb and forefinger of one hand to intercept the breast at its base, and the other to squeeze the nipple (nipple), then the second hand to make circular stroking movements.

The final point of the procedure will be stroking.

The movements of the hands should be in the direction of the arrangement of the muscle fibers.

Modern medical clinics offer their patients not only a classic massage. To activate the work of the breast, you can practice and technique of point massaging. The main thing is to correctly determine the necessary acupuncture points, which are located in the region of the shoulder girdle, the interscapular zone and in the region of the thyroid gland.

Massage of mammary glands during feeding

Joy of motherhood. The birth of a little man and the first putting it to his chest. It is a miracle of nature, which you never cease to marvel. At this time, the breast of a nursing mother is capable of increasing by two to three sizes, because the baby needs a lot of milk.

But at the same time there are some changes that are not very pleasant for the skin. Stretch marks appear on the epidermis. After all, due to the fact that the volume of the bust increases, the skin cover has to stretch. As breastfeeding stops, the breast begins to decrease in size, but stretch marks (striae) remain on its surface. They diverge from the nipple to the periphery with pink stripes of thinned skin. And if you do nothing with this, stria, changing the shade to white, remain for life.

Therefore massage of mammary glands during feeding is a necessity that will allow a woman to avoid a lot of troubles connected with health and aesthetic appearance of female pride. In fact, in addition to the prevention of stretch marks, lactation is activated. Just as stagnant phenomena are prevented, which subsequently can provoke the development of lactostasis (low milk flow in the milky ways and their stagnation) and other pathological changes in the breast. For example, mastopathy.

Against this background, there is an improvement in blood circulation, and, consequently, nutrition of tissues. Massage is like charging for muscles. Its regular exercise strengthens the ligaments and muscles, forming the shape of the breast and making it more taut, rather than saggy.

How to properly massage the mammary glands during lactation, and what recommendations should be adhered to?

  • We start the procedure from the periphery of the upper chest. First it's stroking.
  • Then, by elastic pressing of the fingers along the spiral, massage begins point by point, gradually moving to the nipple.
  • The duration of each section is several seconds.
  • Again move to stroking.
  • Then you need to work the nipple and nipple mugs, holding them with your thumb and forefinger.
  • After, slightly tilting the torso, shake the chest. This simple process will allow milk to pass through the ducts easier to exit the nipple.
  • To finish the procedure, preferably a warm shower, alternately directing the scattered stream of water on one chest, then the other.

Massage of mammary glands with lactostasis

Lactostasis is, perhaps, not a disease per se, but a deviation from the normal flow of mother's milk in the milk ducts, in which a blockage of one or several channels occurs, which provokes the appearance of stagnant processes. It should be noted that this deviation can occur only during lactation.

In the process of blockage, the milk falls into a trap and can not come out, which leads to the appearance of seals. Begins to feel and pain. If you do not take adequate measures in this situation, you may develop complications.

It is often enough against the background of developing lactostasis that the body's temperature indicators increase, a woman begins to feel discomfort in the chest, there is general weakness and fast fatigue of the body.

This condition frightens the young mother. But the problem is solved. And this can help massage of the mammary glands with lactostasis, which is considered the main method of cupping the problem.

But it is worth noting that these manipulations should take place with the adherence to all rules and recommendations. You should also remember about safety.

  • Massaging should be aimed at relaxing the compaction sites, which will help safely remove stagnant fluid from their duct. In fact, this is a decantation. That is, massaging movements are necessarily from the periphery to the nipple. This is the only way to get stagnant milk out.
  • The manipulation of hands should consist only of rubbing and stroking. Harder manipulation is prohibited. Beforehand, before the procedure, it is necessary to try to sit down, calm down and relax emotionally, which will relax and muscle tissue.
  • If the touch brings unbearable pain to the young mother, it is permissible to transfer the procedure to the spirit. Water jets should be warm (no more than 37 degrees) and scattered.

It is worthwhile to warn nursing mothers that if the pain is felt locally in one place, and the densification does not move when palpation, and this pattern is observed for more than two days, it is necessary to immediately seek advice from your doctor. This is due to the fact that prolonged stagnation of milk - this is a direct road to the development of mastitis.

Massage with fibroadenoma of the mammary gland

When diagnosing this disease, you need to reconsider a number of your habits, and perhaps even slightly correct the daily routine. In this case, massage with fibroadenoma of the breast is allowed, but it is advisable to consult with a specialist beforehand and to take a short course on mastering the principles and techniques of massaging.

Only with the permission of the doctor, and having mastered the technique of impact on the chest, you can proceed to the medical and preventive procedure.

Massage for breast cancer

It all depends on the condition of the tumor and the period in which the patient is. And those activities that are permissible to apply in this period are decided only by the attending physician oncologist - mammologist.

In this case, massage with breast cancer is in principle permissible, but only in the case of remission of the disease and provided that it is carried out by a specialist.

You can massage the breasts and yourself (with the permission of the treating doctor), but only correctly, taking into account all the recommendations.

Massage after removal of the breast

After any surgical intervention, the patient is waiting for a recovery period, which is represented by a complex of rehabilitation measures.

After mastectomy, the patient is stiff in the movements of the shoulder and arm on the side of the operation, the outflow of lymph is worsening. At the same time she has headaches and spinal pains, she starts to stoop. To speed up the recovery, the doctor prescribes the patient special exercises and massage. It is these measures that make it possible to accelerate the moment of full recovery.

Lymphatic drainage massage of mammary glands

Massage of the breast is a complex of measures aimed at strengthening and restoring the body, as well as other systems and structures of the breast. The essence of these techniques is to activate blood circulation, microcirculation and normal lymph flow, improve cell nutrition and develop a connective support system, which invariably leads to the normal functioning of all body systems (and a particular area in particular), healthy skin and the beautiful state of the structure and shape of the breast.

Lymphatic drainage massage of the mammary glands allows the lymph to pass unhindered through the lymph flow, not allowing it to stagnate, which is very important for a woman's health.

Because lymph protects and cleanses the body. It allows you to remove all "garbage" (toxins, the result of decomposition, processing of drugs and food), while conducting disinfection of the body. It is thanks to lymph that our breasts are protected from invasive flora and other negative internal and external influences.

Lymphatic drainage in the tissues of the breast and surrounding glandular cells with developing edema makes it possible to clean the vessels and lymphatic ducts, which allows to normalize the process of transportation of harmful substances to the place of their utilization. Such manipulations make it possible to balance the work of all systems and organs, making them more harmonious.

Such massaging, in the absence of any contraindications, should be done daily (if it is impossible to withstand this regime, at least one - two times a week). Only in this case it is possible to talk about health, preventive measures, preventing the development of many diseases. This is the only way to count on the continued preservation of the forms of your beautiful breasts.

A beautiful lush bust is the pride of any woman, but that does not mean that she will always be that. If you do not take care of your breasts, with time (with age or due to pathological changes in the body), it loses its elasticity, stretch marks appear, stiffness, and possibly neoplasms both benign and malignant. In a number of cases, the only way to get rid of the problem may be surgical intervention. To prevent such a development of events, it is worthwhile to master the massage of the mammary glands, properly conducted technique, which will activate the blood flow and the normal course of the lymph, allowing the cells to fully nourish the cells necessary for their normal life, removing harmful substances, toxins and degradation products to the disposal site. Moreover, it is an excellent simulator of the muscular - connective tissues, supporting them in a tone that allows to keep a beautiful shape of the breast, and the skin to make it elastic and healthy. The main thing is not to engage in self-medication, listen to the advice of a specialist.

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