How to treat the burn on the skin?

06 August 2012, 09:18

Getting a burn is quite simple - an inverted cup with hot tea, a hot plate on the stove, a sizzling oil in a frying pan easily lead to a breach of the integrity of the skin. Burns on the skin can only be treated after a thorough examination.

Before taking any measure, it is worth to assess the degree of burn, there are only four. The first is the weakest, it is characterized by reddening, swelling and soreness of the affected area of the skin. The second degree occurs when the bladder forms on the burn site with the liquid inside. Third, the burned tissues die, which can be seen from the presence of a gray or black scab. The deepest - the fourth degree, it affects the deep layers, including muscles and bones.

If you find signs of third or fourth degree, do not take any action! This can be dangerous to your health and lead to a deterioration. Call an ambulance and wait for a specialist who will take care of your burn. Qualified help in such cases is the only chance to save the burned place and prevent it from penetrating into it an infection dangerous to life.

The first or second degree of burn may well be cured by yourself when the damaged surface is properly treated. When forming a bubble, do not pierce it at all - you can bring the infection and worsen the condition. Do not use vegetable oil - it delays heat and prevents the skin from getting rid of its excess, worsening the condition of the burn.

After receiving a burn with any hot liquid and not noticing signs of the third or fourth degree, immediately lower the burned area under cold water. It is not necessary to direct a stream of water from the tap (this can cause pain), you can simply dip your hand into a container of liquid and hold it there for ten minutes.

The treatment aims to reduce the negative effects of burns and alleviate the burning sensation and pain. With this task will cope with any tool containing panthenol. It is able to accelerate the regeneration of tissues, reduce the burning force and quickly heal the burn. It will not be superfluous to keep a spray at home, which includes panthenol, - with its help you can handle the damaged surface yourself, without causing even greater pain.

There are many alternative means to combat the effects of burns. Rub the raw potatoes on a grater, wrap in gauze and attach to the burned place for half an hour. Or brew tea, squeeze the tea leaves and attach to the burn.

If the degree of burn is second, you will have to put on a bandage - it will not allow the infection to penetrate into the tissue, even if the bubble bursts. The gauze bandage should be sterile. If the bladder is large and does not break for a long time, consult a doctor.

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