Extraction of teeth under anesthesia

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Removing the teeth under anesthesia helps to avoid pain during this procedure. The extraction of the teeth can be carried out under both local and general anesthesia.

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Extraction of teeth under general anesthesia

The extraction of teeth under general anesthesia is accompanied by a complete disconnection of consciousness. Anesthesia is used only by specially equipped dental clinics. Anesthesia can give serious complications, so if you just want to feel nothing, think carefully. Anesthesia is not recommended for the treatment of caries - there certainly can be treated with local anesthesia. The exception is when the patient is allergic to all local anesthetics, which is very rare. Pregnant women also can not be given general anesthesia, as well as patients with cardiovascular pathology.

In addition, the tube through which the patient distracts, clutters the oral cavity.

But if you need to remove several teeth, it is general anesthesia that can save you time and reduce stress levels. If you need to remove a lot of teeth at once - removing the teeth under general anesthesia for you.

General anesthesia is suitable for patients with intellectual disabilities and organic brain lesions.

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Extraction of teeth under local anesthesia

Removal of teeth under local anesthesia is necessary in such cases: 

  1. Cyst of tooth. 
  2. Wrong wisdom tooth arrangement. 
  3. Tumor of the jaw. 
  4. Forthcoming orthodontic treatment (usually remove the 4th and 8th teeth).

Anesthetic with a local osteoporosis is injected into the gum near the tooth.

Extraction of teeth under local anesthesia. Contraindications. 

  1. Allergy. 
  2. Renal failure. 
  3. Heart diseases.

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Wisdom tooth extraction under anesthesia

Removing the wisdom tooth under anesthesia will save you from fear. If you need to remove four wisdom teeth at once, you can choose general anesthesia. Removal of a wisdom tooth under anesthesia is shown in complex cases, for example, when it lies in the jaw horizontally or not cut, and it must be extracted from the jaw in parts.

You need to follow such rules if you decide to remove the tooth under general anesthesia: 

  1. 24 hours prior to removal, alcohol should be discarded. 
  2. The clinic needs to come hungry, do not eat anything 4 hours before surgery and do not drink. 
  3. After removing the tooth under anesthesia, you need to go to bed. 
  4. You need to come to the clinic with a person who will take you home after the operation. Of course, in an hour you can walk down the street, but your attention will be scattered. On this day you can not drive.

Before the operation, each patient is made an electrocardiogram, the pressure is measured.

After general anesthesia, consciousness returns to you smoothly and slowly, for half an hour. The feeling of fatigue remains until the end of the day, so you will not be able to go to work on that day. Some clinics use not mask anesthesia, but sedation, or hypnotics. During sedation, consciousness is clouded, but persists. When you wake up, you do not remember anything - no pain and crackling of the extracted tooth.


The prices for the removal of teeth under anesthesia may differ in different clinics. The average price for removing one tooth under anesthesia in an adult in Kiev is 1500 UAH.

Sedation (incomplete disconnection of consciousness) during the extraction of teeth in Kiev is done in the clinic Dakhno and "Avanto" and the Central Dental Clinic of the Ministry of Defense. The price for sedation is 1000-1200 UAH.



Patients who are afraid of dentists and the kind of instruments for dental treatment often wish to cure them under general anesthesia. Depending on the anamnesis and the results of the cardiogram, the anesthetist chooses the method of anesthesia. Usually this is sedation or complete mask anesthesia. According to the patients, the return to consciousness can occur in different ways - someone in half an hour already feels fine and is able to get home himself, someone has a fog before his eyes and a strong fatigue all day.

But doctors themselves usually rarely rejoice. Because when they get a patient with a phobia, who wants to cure or remove 5 teeth at a time, it does not work out quite well. Everything has to be done quickly - more than 3 hours of anesthesia is not given, and even the tube in the mouth interferes with the work. The decision, of course, is yours.

Removal of teeth under anesthesia is, of course, an extreme measure, but sometimes the patient's peace of mind is more expensive, anesthesia can also be used for allergies to local anesthetics and certain concomitant diseases.

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