Diabetes treatment in Israel

Why is diabetes so popular in Israel? In recent years, Israeli specialists have been able to achieve great success in this field of medicine.

The most experienced and qualified endocrinologists of the world work in the clinics and medical centers of Israel. Here we develop the most effective methods of diagnostics, diet therapy, physiological and medicinal treatment, and also exercise constant control over the dynamics of endocrine pathology.

Methods of treatment of diabetes mellitus in Israel

First of all, a patient who is on treatment of diabetes in the Israeli clinic undergoes a specially developed program of examinations. Such a program includes some mandatory items:

  • examination of the patient;
  • taking A1C analysis (glycated hemoglobin);
  • the determination of the amount of sugar in the blood (the analysis is taken in a random time interval, in the morning on an empty stomach and after the use of glucose syrup).

After receiving all the test results, the doctor decides on the forthcoming treatment of a particular patient.

Methods of treating diabetes in Israel are selected individually. Endocrinologists use a complex of measures, cooperating simultaneously with surgeons, nutritionists and other specialists in medicine.

Here, too, can carry out operations that relieve patients of excess kilograms, which to a large extent helps to lead to a normal blood sugar.

Many patients manage to maintain their condition through special diet and exercise, but numerous tests suggest that the timely administration of medication will greatly facilitate the course of the disease. The choice of the most suitable drugs depends on the patient's condition, the presence of concomitant pathologies and many other issues.

The specialist can prescribe diabetes treatment:

  • drugs that will reduce the production of glucose in the body;
  • drugs that activate the production of insulin pancreas;
  • drugs that interfere with the effects of enzymatic substances designed to break down carbohydrates and increase the sensitivity of tissues to insulin;
  • complex preparations that reduce craving for food, increase glucose resistance, activate insulin production and facilitate tissue susceptibility.

If the patient is over 35 years old and has any degree of obesity, specialists can refer the patient to a corrective operation to get rid of excess kilograms.

It can be:

  • operation to install an adjustable ring, which pulls the stomach and thereby reduces the amount of food consumed;
  • operation to install a special balloon, which reduces by its presence the volume of the stomach, gradually breaking down and painlessly removed from the body;
  • operation for gastric closure.

In addition, special individual blood sugar control programs, changes in diet, physical exercises are developed for patients.

Clinics in Israel for the treatment of diabetes

  • Herzliya Medical Center is the main and leading private medical center in Israel, serving the UN and many embassy and consular institutions. The clinic annually serves about 8000 foreign patients, monitored by more than 400 qualified specialists;
  • Tel Aviv Medical Center (Ichilov Clinic) is a medical center popular with Russian-speaking clients. Here they carry out diagnostics and treatment, and also develop new and new methods of successful therapeutic procedures. A huge staff makes it possible, if necessary, to conduct an extended consultation, thanks to which treatment is also available for the most difficult and severe diagnoses.
  • Wolfson Hospital - an interesting addition to the treatment of diabetes is coaching, when a so-called personal trainer is assigned to each patient. The coach (coach) is constantly with the patient, controlling all his actions (eating, snacking, physical exercise, taking drugs, controlling sugar levels, etc.). Under such vigilant control, the improvement of the state comes quickly enough;
  • Clinic "Shiba" - consists of more than 150 medical departments, among which there is a department of endocrinology. The clinic serves almost one and a half million patients annually, including foreigners. For visitors, the so-called "family chamber" is allocated, in which during the treatment of the patient his relatives can live.
  • Clinic LevIsrael - deals with the treatment of type I and type II diabetes. Patients are given the opportunity to fully diagnose and prescribe adequate treatment for individual programs, which can significantly reduce the frequency and dosage of insulin injections.

Reviews about the treatment of diabetes in Israel

Lena: My mom was diagnosed with a diagnosis on a medical examination. They prescribed insulin, my mother felt bad enough, although she adhered to a strict diet, where almost everything was banned. When we were offered a trip to the Israeli clinic, we initially doubted, but my mother's health continued to deteriorate. We went to Israel. What to say? Now my mother has stopped injecting insulin and pills. Diet doctors painted in such a way that you can eat and not feel deprived in the diet. I am happy that my mother has visibly recovered, and feels much better.

Daria: One of my relatives died of diabetes almost a year after the diagnosis. Therefore, when the domestic doctor has also diagnosed me "type 2 diabetes", I decided that I will do everything possible to restore my health. It's good that my former classmate now lives in Israel. I phoned her, I was invited to the medical center, met, placed in the ward. What to say, service and treatment in Israel is the highest level in my understanding. In a word, they painted all my actions, perhaps for the rest of my life. I became well, I began to feel much better. And now I know for sure how to maintain my state and sugar level in order to enjoy life and not worry about my diabetes being diagnosed.

Sveta: They say that doctors are the same everywhere ... I, too, thought so, until I was in Israel in a private clinic. There seems to be no such person who does not care about your condition and health. Thanks to all the specialists of the clinic that gave me hope for recovery and made my life complete, despite diabetes!

Cost of diabetes treatment in Israel

Of course, the cost of diabetes treatment in Israel is an individual matter. Usually the price is determined after the results of the tests and full-time consultation with the treating specialist.

On average, the cost of a full complex of examinations in diabetes mellitus can range from $ 2000. Further prices for treatment are strictly individual.

Inspection and consultation by a specialist - from $ 400.

For example, if you decide to promptly intervene to repair the stomach, you should expect about $ 30,000-35,000.

In order to determine approximately the cost of a particular type of treatment in Israel, it is recommended to send a request to the clinic that interested you by enclosing copies of your medical documents (if possible). In any of the medical centers, you will necessarily and unhesitatingly make up a preliminary scheme for diagnosing the treatment for which you will be guided.

Applying for help to the leading Israeli clinic, you will receive a unique and effective set of diagnostic and treatment procedures. The treatment of diabetes in Israel is perhaps the best opportunity to correct the shaky health and allow the disease to be controlled in the future.

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