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Consultation of a gynecologist

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 01.06.2018

Consultation of a gynecologist is needed by many women, regardless of their age and health status. It is believed that regular gynecological examinations are a guarantee of women's health, but there are situations when a doctor's help is needed and unscheduled. The profession of a gynecologist is essentially aimed at preserving the health and reproductive functions of the fair half of humanity. The consultation of a gynecologist helps not only to treat an already developed disease, but also to prevent possible pathologies, as it is known that early, timely diagnosis is almost a complete guarantee of successful treatment. Moreover, there are diseases that can be avoided altogether if the woman does not postpone the visit to the doctor.

However, the statistics say that many ladies do not rush to see a doctor, justifying these actions with the lack of time, which really takes place in our fast rhythm of life, in addition, most gynecological diseases occur asymptomatically in the early stages, with virtually no apparent clinical manifestations. Modern medicine has found a way out of these situations with the help of new services, including gynecologist's consultation by phone or online consultation of a gynecologist, free of charge, quick and convenient for identifying the main problems and drawing up a plan for further action. These services are becoming more popular because they are able to give the right direction, answer many questions, and all this happens anonymously.

In what cases can the online consultation of the gynecologist 2607 be necessary? 

  • You have a question or an urgent problem related to the genitourinary system, and for some reason you can not leave the workplace for several hours. 
  • You bring up a small child, he is with you in the house and leave him with no one. 
  • You are outside your hometown or even a country where there is no way to decide on treatment. 
  • You need the coordinates of a specialist, a laboratory, which you do not have in your city. 
  • You need to first ascertain the sequence of actions before examining the gynecologist, passing the tests, passing the examination. 
  • You have anxiety symptoms associated with gynecology, and you do not know what to do, where to go.

In order to fully and fully benefit from such a service as a free online consultation of a gynecologist or a gynecologist's advice on the phone, you need to prepare and know the algorithm of action so as not to lose the precious resource - time, your own and the doctor.

Recommendations for using the resource online consultation of a gynecologist for free 

Before asking a question, use the following procedure: 

  • Introduce yourself, name your name. Since the gynecologist's consultation is anonymous, your name is enough. If you wish, you can give your full name. 
  • Designate your age - this is an indispensable condition, since the age-specific features of the female body affect the state of her health. 
  • If possible, identify the territory, city, location, where you are. It will be easier for the doctor (counselor) to determine and give you precise information about the location of the clinic, laboratory or pharmacy that you may need. 
  • Describe a specific problem with the date of the last monthly cycle, the presence or absence of surgery, the duration of pregnancy and other related diseases.

To make it easier for you to write a description of the problem, specify the query, examine the following rules and recommendations: 

  • If the site has a forum, and your situation is not acute, carefully review the previous questions and answers to them, it is possible that on the form you will find the information you are interested in. Take care of your time and the time resource of the doctor. As a rule, there is a link on the form called "frequently asked questions". 
  • If you want to ask a few questions as a separate topic, number them and write them in time sequence. 

Pay attention, as a rule, the online consultation of a gynecologist is not free for discussion of issues that contradict the existing legislation and medical ethics. These topics include:

  • Abortion, abortion outside gynecological clinics and medical institutions (that is, at home).
  • Virtual appointment of contraceptives and hormone replacement therapy.
  • Consultation of underage women by remote method is contrary to the law. For this, there is a full-time gynecologist.
  • Most conditions of pregnant women also require full-time consultation, examination and conversation.
  • Questions on infertility can be solved in absentia form only partially, full-time consultation is required. 

Recommendations for describing questions on specific topics that can be answered by a free gynecologist consultation 187:

  • Violation of the menstrual cycle, delay. Be sure to tell the doctor the age, the delay period, the presence of regular sex life, whether there are independent studies (pregnancy tests) or tests, ultrasound results. 
  • Questions concerning cervical disease. Inform age, available data - colposcopy, cytology. Inform the doctor about possible treatment - cauterization, when it was performed, in what way - cryodestruction, laser or chemical method. 
  • TORCH infections, urogenital problems. Again - the age, the presence or absence of pregnancy, when describing the analyzes, indicate the specific units of measurement, since different laboratories have their own parameters of values. 
  • If you are disturbed by atypical discharge, indicate the age, the date of the last menstrual cycle, the date of the last sexual intercourse, describe the nature of the discharge - consistency, color, odor, quantity, multiplicity 
  • Questions that concern the condition after abortion. Age, term of interrupted pregnancy, the date of termination of pregnancy and the method used to perform the abortion. 
  • Infertility. As a rule, free online consultation of a gynecologist can give only partial information on this issue, since both visual examination and examination are required. However, the recommendations and advice on the use of possible methods of fertilization, unknown to you, will be provided by a gynecologist. You need to specify the age, the period during which you can not become pregnant, the date of the last menstrual cycle, its characteristics, the ways that you used earlier to conceive a child. 
  • Questions about contraception. You will be provided with general information, recommendations, however hormonal contraceptives, as well as other medications, are not remotely assigned.

Consultation of a gynecologist is free of charge, and is quickly provided in the telephone. The algorithm of actions is almost identical to the one you use when you contact a doctor on-line. Consultation of a gynecologist on the phone suggests a closer contact, but remember that for the time of communication there is a restriction, as a rule, it should last no more than five, maximum ten minutes. The rules of communication in the phone mode are simple: 

  • Say hello and introduce yourself. 
  • Inform age and name the subject of the request.

You can select a topic from the list above or view the following list:

  • Abortion, complications.
  • Postpartum period, complications.
  • Infertility, treatment options
  • Pain in the lower abdomen, in the internal genitalia.
  • Pain when urinating.
  • STDs are sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Menopause.
  • Variants of contraception.
  • Violations of the menstrual cycle.
  • Candidiasis (thrush).
  • Prevention of gynecological diseases.
  • Results of laboratory studies.
  • Diseases of the cervix, erosion.
  • Diseases of the ovaries. 
  • Describe the nature of disturbing symptoms. 
  • Inform about regularity of sexual contacts. 
  • Inform the doctor about what research and tests you have already completed. 
  • If there is a card and the results of the tests, clearly dictate their data.

Online consultation of the gynecologist 2607, as well as the free consultation of the gynecologist 187 does not presuppose answers to the following requests: 

  • Give the scheme for taking medication. 
  • Choose a contraceptive for me. 
  • To me have written out a medicine, prompt cheaper preparation. 
  • Whether the doctor has correctly appointed or nominated treatment to me. 
  • How to cure a sexual partner. 
  • Tell us what is an STD or a TORCH infection. This information you can get yourself. 
  • How to disrupt unwanted pregnancy.

In all other cases, when you really need the help of a doctor, a professional advice in the sense of the direction of further actions, you can take advantage of a convenient, high-quality service - gynecologist's consultation on the phone or online gynecologist's advice, for free, fairly quickly and really effectively.

It is important to know!

A gynecologist-endocrinologist is a female doctor who treats various hormonal disorders in the body. Let's take a closer look at who is a gynecologist-endocrinologist, what the doctor is doing, and in what cases should he be treated. Read more..

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