Cities of the Dead Sea

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All sanatoria, clinics and hotels are located in a specific natural zone and do not want to spend medical and recreational activities somewhere in the desert. Therefore, there is a desire to learn more about those cities of the dead sea, which will have to go through recovery.

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Cities on the shore of the dead sea in Israel

The Israeli town on the Dead Sea coast of Ein Bokek (Ein Bokek) can be called a huge resort and health center. Its territory, very often, is covered by a large number of large and small hotels, hotels, spa centers, sanatoriums. The infrastructure of Ein Bokek is completely subordinated to the reception, accommodation, treatment, maintenance and entertainment of holidaymakers. Almost all cities of the dead sea, in their activities, are aimed at international tourism and medicine, which are the main income item of this small state.

Each clinic of the city has its own specialization, in the complex they treat almost the entire range of diseases. But wellness therapy is not all that the town of Ein Bokek has, which has all the attributes of the resort center. This is a multiple embankments, beaches, as a municipal status, where anyone can come, and private areas, where customers rest their hotels.

There is a wide network of catering: restaurants of various levels, cafes, bars, evening clubs. Here the tourist not only can improve his health, but also fully rest. Lovers of silence and exotic are ready to meet small private hotels in the park zone of the city. Unusual fascinating landscapes and turquoise of the Dead Sea are perfect conditions for relaxation.

Local attractions include:

  • The Qumran National Park is a settlement of the Hellenistic period, ancient scrolls. Feeling of a full return to two thousand years ago.
  • The Ein Gedi Reserve is a tropical oasis among the desert, represented by a special landscape, animal and vegetable world.
  • Mount Sodom is a unique natural phenomenon. It almost entirely consists of salt.
  • The fortress of Masada is a landmark for the Israelis. Multiple myths and legends envelop this structure.

Ein Bokek is the only, in our understanding, Israeli city on the shore of the dead sea.

Arad - a small town, located on the mountain ranges of the Judean Desert, near the Dead Sea. The modern settlement was formed in close proximity to the ancient settlement of Arad mentioned in the Bible. Every year thousands of people come to the hotels and clinics of this town, who want to get better and rest on the shores of this unique lake.

The ancient city of Ein - Gedi over many centuries of its existence has been completely destroyed several times and passed from one source to another. Now this territory belongs to Israel and next to the ancient ruins there is a prosperous kibbutz (a voluntary community of people who organized a settlement on the principle of joint ownership of property, voluntary labor - "the principles of communism in one community"). The population fruitfully grows dates and flowers, is engaged in poultry farming. The community has established the production of mineral water and the production of cosmetic products based on the products of the Dead Sea - the world-famous brand "Ahava".

A small settlement on the southern tip of the Dead Sea - Neve Zohar. It is located not far from the resort beaches of Ein Bokek. This settlement is not on hearing. It is named after the name drying out during a hot period, the stream Zohar ("shining"). After the evaporation of water, multiple conglomerates of the crystallized salt glistening in the sun remain on the bottom of the bed. On the territory of the village there are also ruins of Roman-Byzantine constructions, multiple cave burials of that period.

Neve Zohar is represented by 30 families and is considered the lowest, in comparison with the level of the World Ocean, a human settlement on Earth. The village of Neve Zohar is located below the coast of the Dead Sea.

Cities on the shore of the dead sea in Jordan

Has a city on the shores of the dead sea and Jordan.

El-Karak is a fairly large settlement of this country. Is its administrative center. The city is located in the west of Jordan at some distance from the coast of Salt Lake and the Israeli border. The settlement was originally formed around a powerful fortress of the Crusaders, which is now partially destroyed. The main income in the city budget is brought by tourists visiting the fortress, passing through the ancient city of Petra. This is the aim of the whole economy of El-Karak.

Almost the whole basin of the Salt Lake of Saudi Arabia is covered by a desert, therefore, when traveling along the coast, the cities of the dead sea are not often found. But, going to the treatment in this unique place, do not despair about the meager excursion program. Believe me, if you wish, you will have something to see.


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