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Valeologist is a specialist who studies valeology. Valeology is a science that studies and knows the human body, a healthy lifestyle and reserves of human health. Valeology is a fount of knowledge about the human body.

The main task of valeology is to take an integrated approach to the study of human health.

The essence of valeology lies in such concepts as:

  • Personal hygiene.
  • Hardening of the body.
  • Rehabilitation of the body.
  • Resortology.
  • Psychology.
  • Massage therapy.
  • Improve and restore health.
  • Correct and balanced nutrition.
  • Physical Culture and sport.
  • Cosmetic procedures and body care.

Valeology deals with the study of all these concepts. Valeologist - a specialist who knows the human body, its features and capabilities, knows how to uncover the hidden potential and unused resources of the human body.

Who is a valeologist?

A doctor who is engaged in the prevention of diseases, strengthening of human health, drawing up a plan for a balanced diet and forming the foundations of a healthy lifestyle - that's what a valeologist is.

As a science, discipline or even teaching, valeology is very young. The beginning of its development will be attributed to the end of the 20th century. In Latin, valeology means something else - to be healthy, and a valeologist is a person who helps to be healthy. That is, it is a specialist, a scientist who leads and promotes the doctrine of a healthy lifestyle and helps to reveal the latent potential of the organism.

Valeologist studies mental health, reserves of physical abilities of the body, as well as various methods, methods and technologies that help to preserve and strengthen human health.

Valeologist solves such problems of human health as:

  • Methods for evaluating the effectiveness of health improvement measures.
  • Diagnosis of health. 
  • Practical, philosophical and theoretical problems and issues that concern human health. 
  • Health and lifestyle, their interrelationship and opportunities. 
  • Activity and its impact on human health, and the body as a whole. 
  • Strategies and methods for the development of human health. 
  • Dependence of health on the demographic state of the population.
  • Educating the population about the problems of valeology.

With confidence, you can say that the valeologist is a doctor who knows psychology and understands in detail the problems of the human body.

When should I contact a valeologist?

The valeologist should be treated when your state of health, that is, the state of the body starts to bother you, but there are no obvious signs of any disease.

Note that some diseases, and especially cancer, at the beginning of development do not manifest themselves. They do not make themselves felt for a long time, but the person still feels some anxiety and does not find this reason. If you know this, then you should contact the valeologist.

Valeologist will appoint a course of rehabilitation, that is, treatment of the body. But before that you will have to undergo real research and pass tests to make sure that there is no disease, and the whole problem is only in your "sick" condition.

If you have the following symptoms, then you should consult a valeologist:

  • Insomnia or restless sleep, nightmares. 
  • Disrupted metabolism, slow metabolism. 
  • Seasonal depression. 
  • Loss of consciousness and unconscious fainting.

Valeologist - a competent specialist who will help cope with the diseases, the cure of which will give you joy in life, will give strength and confidence. So, do not hesitate to seek help from the valeologist.

What tests should I take when I contact a valeologist?

When contacting a valeologist, it is necessary to pass certain tests, this will allow a detailed diagnosis of the organism and identify the presence of the disease.

So, if you are going to a valeologist, you need to pass such tests:

  • General analysis of blood and urine. 
  • A blood test for hepatitis and hormones. 
  • For patients older than 30 years - a biochemical blood test. 
  • It is necessary to hand over smears - it will allow to reveal infectious diseases. 
  • Analysis of nails and hair. 
  • For men who are older than 45 years - tests for prostate antigen.

A more detailed list of necessary tests that you need to hand over to you will be obtained when you contact a valeologist.

What diagnostic methods does the valeologist use?

In his work, the valeologist uses various methods of diagnosing diseases that make it possible to create a complete picture of the state of the human body and health.

In his work, the valeologist uses such methods of diagnosing diseases:

  • Diagnosis by the method of R. Voll with the help of electropuncture. 
  • The electrocardiogram is the biopotential of the heart, it is a curve written on paper. 
  • Chest X-ray (fluorography). 
  • Diagnosis at the cellular level - check the cellular metabolism. 
  • Ultrasound examinations: abdominal cavity, sternum, head, mammary glands.

The diagnostic methods used by the valeologist make it possible to conduct a comprehensive study of the organism for the presence of various diseases that have become or can lead to poor health.

What does a valeologist do?

A valeologist is a doctor who deals with the possibilities of the human body. He has a medical education, which makes him a competent specialist who has permission to help with nutrition, physical activity, hardening and much more.

The valeologist deals with the following tasks:

  1. Has the right to give recommendations and practical advice on improving the body. 
  2. Assist in the treatment of mental illness, the treatment of decline in power and seasonal depression. 
  3. Can prescribe treatment from other professionals who practice non-traditional methods of medicine. 
  4. Make a meal plan for a certain season to improve the functioning of the body. 
  5. He is engaged in treatment of depression, helps to restore and raise the immune system. 
  6. Promotes healthy body for healthy offspring.

Valeologist deals with issues of nutrition and health, does everything in order to raise the mood, create harmony between self-esteem and the state of the body.

What diseases are treated by a valeologist?

Traditional medicine relieves the body of various diseases by treating them, and valeology uses other methods of treatment.

Diseases treated by the valeologist, more precisely the basis for the treatment of any disease is the creation of a special state of the organism, when the factors causing the disease simply do not arise. The purpose of valeology in the treatment of diseases is the cognition and formation of a mechanism for identifying problems with the body and deviations from the norm. All this allows the valeologist to prevent the development of the disease even before its appearance.

Valeologist is a specialist who shapes, develops and preserves human health.

Valeologist treats diseases and solves problems of the body:

  • Mental health problems.
  • Complete diagnosis of the body. 
  • Making an effective plan for improving the body. 
  • The solution of theoretical issues of health, both physical and mental. 
  • Treatment of seasonal diseases and conducting preventive measures. 
  • Informing the population about valeology and its possibilities.

Valeologist treats diseases that are associated with mental state, self-esteem and self-knowledge, helps uncover hidden potential and believe in oneself.

Advices of a valeologist

Valeologist, like any other doctor has advice that will help solve problems with the body and the general bad condition. Let's look at some advice from a valeologist.

  1. A healthy, strong sleep is a pledge of mental health and well-being.
  • Each person has an individual need for the amount of sleep. In toddlers, newborn babies - it's 20 or more hours a day, babies and one-year-olds - 16-18 hours a day, in children older than 12 hours. Teenagers - about 9 hours, but adults do not sleep more than 6-8 hours a day.
  • People who sleep less than 7 hours a day are prone to seize various diseases, as the body is weakened, and the immune system does not work. While healthy people with full sleep, can boast of resistance to various viral infections.
  • If you increase your daily sleep rate by at least an hour, you will notice how your well-being improved. According to some studies, the secret of long-livers hides in a sound sleep. So, in the process of growing up and aging, a person should increase his sleep rate, so that the body can fully rest.
  • People who suffer from insomnia, have a disorientation, have a lower level of mental activity and mental activity. An organism that did not have a full sleep for 5 days, slowly dies. Two weeks without sleep - a death sentence for any person, it does not matter how healthy and hardy you are. 
  • In a dream nails and hair grow, health is restored, both physical and mental, the body completely rests, in addition, in a dream we grow thin.
  1. A healthy diet is the guarantee of a beautiful figure and good health.
  • Eat healthy foods, eat as little as possible fried, fatty, salty and spicy.
  • Do not forget about the body's water balance. The daily norm of a person in water is 2 liters.
  • Try a split meal: eat 5-6 times a day, but in small portions. So you will not feel hungry and overeat.
  • A healthy diet will accelerate metabolism, that is, metabolism, the result is good health, no problems with overweight.
  1. Physical activity - do not refrain from jogging or walking on foot before going to bed. Let it become the prerogative of sleeping at the TV.
  2. Learn to relax and relax - it's necessary to restore the body.

Be healthy and remember that a valeologist doctor will cope not only with physical, but mental illnesses, help you understand the difficult situation and find the best ways to solve health problems.

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