Vaccination certificate for a child and an adult

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Preventive vaccinations must be carried out from the very birth of the child. They will help to form immunity, protect against many dangerous infectious and fatal diseases. Information about which vaccinations are carried out is always subject to strict control. Previously, this information was recorded in a person's medical record, and was kept in a polyclinic. But today, in modern conditions, I need a global change in approaches. Increasingly, this information is required in various areas of our lives and activities. The person has less free time, there is practically no possibility to consult doctors at every need, to search for necessary information. In addition, with the increased mobility of citizens, personal appeal for such information sometimes becomes simply impossible. It is these reasons that led to the need for change. Today, the concept of vaccination certificate has become firmly established in practice  .

Attention is drawn to the fact that both the documents, both the medical certificate and the certificate, are characterized by the same legal force. Both vaccination cards filled in form 063 / y and vaccination certificates filled in form 156 / у-93 act as vaccination cards. In fact, the documents represent a vaccine history. Here information about vaccines, timing and characteristics of the vaccinations, which were injected by a person during his life, is recorded. There are certificates for a child, there is an adult. The first vaccination is made to a newborn child in the hospital. They are vaccinated against tuberculosis and viral hepatitis, which are recorded accordingly. Thus, having discharged the child, the hospital immediately issues a certificate of vaccination, and duplicates the information in the clinic where the child will be observed.

There is a vaccination room where a vaccination map will be established. It contains the necessary information about the vaccinations received. Until the child begins to go to preschool, or school, the information is stored in the clinic. During registration, a card must be issued, on which further records are made already in educational institutions. The form of the certificate is 030 / y, it is kept in the medical unit by the nurse and the doctor who work in the educational institution. The information is duplicated, it can be found both in the medical center of the kindergarten and in the polyclinic.

After the child reaches the corresponding age, all information is transferred to the adolescent office, then to the adult polyclinic. If we talk about the documents that are kept by a person at home - before such an opportunity was not. But in recent years, thanks to the appearance of such a new registration form as a vaccination certificate, information about vaccinations can be stored in the hands of a person. This has a number of advantages, and greatly facilitates the situation, especially with employment, relocation, as there is no need to visit polyclinics, archives, and request data.

Do I need a vaccination certificate?

The necessity and importance of this document is not in doubt, since it contains all the basic data concerning preventive vaccination, can be stored even at home in humans. They must be recorded, because without them no further admission or employment is possible. This is mandatory documentation.

The implementation of vaccinations should be carefully monitored. This is due to the fact that an inoculated vaccine can not lead to the development of a dangerous, even fatal disease. At the same time, an erroneous double incubation of a person from the same infection has serious negative consequences for the immune system, including dysfunction, the development of an autoimmune disease, and even the development of the infectious disease against which a person was vaccinated.

The vaccination certificate is issued by the inoculum of the medical institution, which the child visited for the first time, and where vaccinations were made. Can be at home with a person, and contains all the data, even received in the hospital. Among the adult part of the population, such certificates are especially in demand, as they are very convenient to use. The need is conditioned by the fact that today there are many specialties and positions that require that a person be completely healthy and vaccinated. Registration of the vaccination certificate is a mandatory requirement for employment in many companies. With a certificate, employment is greatly facilitated.

Also, the availability of a certificate significantly facilitates the processing of all further documents related to health, including medical books, spa cards, certificates for sports, medical examinations.

One of the biggest advantages of a certificate is that the information in it is reliable and subject to control. The right to enter information belongs only to employees in the field of health. The information is recorded and confirmed by a triangular seal that belongs to the institution. This makes it possible to be absolutely sure which vaccinations were made and which ones were not.

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Where can I get a vaccination certificate?

It is given by the inoculum of the polyclinic. The institution that did the first inoculation should be given the right. Often issued in the maternity hospital, when the mother and the baby are discharged. It already spelled out the first vaccination, the list includes hepatitis and BCG.

Vaccination certificate with vaccinations

It is presented in two parts. The first is general information, passport data. The second part is presented with medical information on how the person was vaccinated, what diseases of the infectious etiology he suffered. Also, there is information about what a person was sick for his life, and what is the status of immunity. There are also notes on how the body reacted to this vaccine, whether there were any complications, side effects.

Further information is entered on what additional studies of the immune status have been carried out, and what results have been obtained.

It contains information about which immunoglobulins were introduced, whether the Mantoux reaction was made, and what results were obtained. There are columns in which information on vaccinations, which are made at will, or as necessary, is recorded separately. For example, if a person traveled to tropical countries, he might need a vaccination against tropical infections. Some people prefer to be vaccinated against the flu, especially if they are at risk. Also, many are vaccinated against various viral, rickettsionnye and bacterial infections, especially if their work requires contact with these microorganisms. So, employees of sanitary-epidemiological stations, veterinary supervision, scientific employees, laboratory assistants, constantly working with cultures of microorganisms, infected biological material, are forced to do various inoculations.

Form of vaccination certificate

It is made in the form of 156 / y-93. A personal signature of the doctor must be present, as well as a seal of the medical institution that issued the certificate.

Order on vaccination certificates

As prescribed in the order: it can be issued by the maternity hospital at discharge, by the institution in which the person is observed. Also, the right to issue has medical units and health posts that monitor the state of health.

The record of each in the certificate is made at the time of vaccination, is signed. The order specifies that it is forbidden to make any corrections. The lack of information, or the presence of corrections, entails responsibility. And also the certificate ceases to operate. A person will provide a certificate, formalized in an educational institution, with employment, recruiting for the army. Also, a certificate is required at every visit to a polyclinic, any other medical facility. He is especially important at the time of hospitalization, visiting the emergency room.

If any vaccination has not been carried out, information about this is also recorded with an indication of the cause of its absence, it is written about contraindications. It is stored in a medical institution and the owner for life.

The vaccination certificate 156 in 93

Is formalized in many cases and life situations. So, various sports events and competitions require its availability. It may be required for applicants, especially for work related to the impact of harmful production factors, on food production, public catering establishments. It is a book that reflects basic information that may be required in emergency situations: a blood group, a Rh factor, information about vaccinations, infectious diseases that a person has had. Also, the presence of anti-tuberculosis vaccination, which is performed in the maternity hospital, on 3-4 days of life. The following is information on the Mantoux reaction, which makes it possible to identify resistance to tuberculosis. The reaction occurs when there are pathogens of tuberculosis. Both mandatory and optional vaccinations are fixed. For example, many are made mainly when leaving the state, especially in countries with a tropical and subtropical climate. It is also recommended to vaccinate against Lyme disease when leaving for the northern regions of the United States.

Separately, information is entered whether the person was administered immunoglobulins, serums, whether there was an acute allergic reaction to any vaccinations. Here, too, information is given on serotonergic reactions, on the basis of which it is possible to determine the intensity of immunity, the intolerance of certain drugs.

Among the new vaccinations (if desired), include vaccination against pneumococcus, hemophilia (recommended for children who were born prematurely, are fed on artificial nutrient mixtures, often sick).

Adult vaccination certificate

It makes life much easier, because the time consumed, the paperwork is significantly reduced. Leave it nowhere recommended. If there is a need to leave, you need to make a copy for yourself, and give the original.

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The child's vaccination certificate

It is issued in the maternity home, fixed, accompanied by an outpatient card. It is considered as an attachment to the patient's medical record. Can be started and separately at the place of study of the child (in preschool), if this was not done before. Often issued in the hospital, where immediately information about the first preventive vaccinations made. If there were contraindications to vaccination, this information is also recorded.

It is an analogue of the previously distributed vaccination leaf. You can not make rough corrections to the certificate, because it is automatically considered invalid. He can be kept at home, or in a medical institution. The certificate must be kept for life, which is explained by the increased risk of complications and serious consequences in case of accidental carrying out of the same vaccination.

What if the vaccination certificate is lost?

The certificate can be easily restored. The certificate form is issued by a polyclinic. Or, it is purchased at any point selling printed materials.

How to restore the vaccine certificate?

It is required to collect all the information concerning vaccinations made earlier. To do this, you will have to visit the polyclinic.

Who issues the vaccination certificate?

The institution that implements the vaccine prophylaxis issues an issue. The newborn often   receives the vaccination certificate from the hospital when they are discharged. It is stored at home, can - in a polyclinic (in the statistics department).

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