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Pediatric neonatologist is a children's doctor who supervises the child during the first year of life.

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Who is a neonatology pediatrician?

Pediatric neonatologist is a doctor who creates conditions for the baby to adapt to the world. In the maternity home, the pediatrician-neonatologist first shows her mother how to feed her baby, how to swaddle. Some maternity homes specialize in the pathology of labor, in such maternity homes several pediatric neonatologists, they are able to provide resuscitation assistance to a newborn, if needed.

After birth, all your baby's organs and systems are reconstructed. He experienced tremendous stress when born! The first week is decided whether the child will live. It is up to 7 days most often spontaneous death of newborns.

When should I go to a pediatric neonatologist?

This doctor is in every hospital. During the whole stay of the child there he watches him.

After discharge, it is worth asking for advice on the violation of muscle tone. Normally, the arms and legs of the child should be easy to unbend. Also, you should be concerned about frequent regurgitation.

What tests should I take when I go to a pediatric neonatologist?

  • bilirubin common;
  • bilirubin straight;
  • blood type and Rh factor;
  • general blood analysis;
  • immunoglobulin E;
  • allergic panel Ig G;
  • streptococcus A;
  • streptococcus B;
  • general urine analysis;
  • coprogramme;
  • feces on intestinal dysbiosis;
  • sowing a smear from the throat on staphylococci;
  • allergic panel Ig E;
  • seeding a smear from the nose to the microflora.

Other assays may be prescribed by indications.

What diagnostic methods does the pediatric neonatologist use?

Ultrasound of the hip joints in children, neurosonography in children, echocardiography, visual examination, palpation, thermometry, laboratory tests and other diagnostic methods according to indications.

What does a pediatric neonatologist do?

He advises his mother on the proper bathing and feeding of the child, the selection of the formula, the mode of walking and sleeping. Pediatric neonatologist makes a schedule of vaccination.

What diseases are treated by a neonatal pediatrician?

  • Albuminuria is a characteristic physiological disorder in the work of the kidneys.
  • Physiological jaundice.
  • Difficulty breathing. A newborn often breathes in, but it's hard for him to breathe out. It can last up to 7 days, for premature babies - longer.
  • Toxic erythema - allergic rash of newborns. Most often passes without treatment.
  • Lowering the temperature or fever of newborns - a violation of the heat balance due to imperfect thermoregulation of the baby. At a lower temperature, it should be wrapped up, with a highly recommended enema for newborns with analgin.
  • Stool disorder - immediately after birth, the stool is dense and green. Within 10 days it comes back to normal, becomes mushy, yellowish due to the normalization of the activity of beneficial bacteria of the intestine.

Also after birth, a physiological drop in the body weight of the child occurs on average by 5%.

Advices of pediatric neonatologist

The baby can refuse to take the breast right away. Ask the nurse to help you. For 2-3 days he will eat himself.

The skin in the first days of the child's life is red, dry and wrinkled. Do not be scared! And more often offer the baby a breast and water, but watch, that there was no overfeeding.

Often ventilate the room where the child is. It's good for his lungs.

If you are breastfeeding, review your diet for an excess of animal protein in it. With them, the kidneys of the child can not yet cope well. Drink tea, freshly squeezed juices, compotes.

Do not invite guests into the house immediately, postpone the celebration of such an important event for a week ahead. Unfamiliar people can scare the baby.

Pediatric neonatologist is the first doctor in your child's life. On how you will follow the recommendations that the pediatric neonatologist gives in the maternity home, its development depends.

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