HIV Treatment in Israel

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Of course, there is no panacea for AIDS, but some therapeutic methods allow prolonging the life of patients and raising its level for many years. Modern medicine is able to restore immune defense, despite the changes that occurred in the body due to viral effects. Treatment for HIV in Israel is a special antiretroviral therapy, which provides daily life-long use of certain medications.

Experts all over the world recognize that Israeli clinics at the moment, undoubtedly, are leading in the number of studies, as well as the quality of diagnostic and treatment procedures for HIV infection.

HIV Treatment Methods in Israel

Unfortunately, often the patient turns to the doctor only when the AIDS virus is already beginning to manifest itself. Diagnostics in Israeli clinics is just aimed at determining the presence of the virus at a latent stage, without waiting for the disease to weaken the immune system, and other related pathologies will appear.

Therapeutic appointment doctor in Israel will hold only after a thorough examination of the patient. Preparations are selected individually: including, and accompanying pathologies, which were provoked by a sharp decrease in the body's defenses.

In most cases, specialists prescribe medications in the following categories:

  • nucleosides that inhibit reverse transcriptase (quid, azidothymidine, zeffix, stavudine, vix, etc.);
  • peptidomimetic inhibitor of HIV-1 and HIV-2-aspartyl protease (ritonavir);
  • non-nucleosides that inhibit reverse transcriptase (stocrin, nevirapine, viramune, etc.).

When selecting drugs, the doctor will always try to minimize possible side effects.

Since HIV can affect people at any age, Israeli specialists also take into account the need to extend the life of the patient as much as possible, and even give a chance to become parents. In the clinics special programs are being conducted that help to become pregnant and give birth to a healthy baby to couples in whom there is an AIDS patient. Modern technology can prevent the transition of a viral infection from a future mother to an embryo.

In addition to therapeutic measures aimed at improving the quality of life of the patient, the clinic in Israel practices psychological correction classes. The best psychologists work with patients and their close people, deriving them from depressive states, and also aiming at positive thinking.

Clinics in Israel for HIV treatment

  • The Asaf Ha-Rafe medical center is the educational and research base of the Tel-Aviv University. Not only medical and diagnostic measures are conducted here, but also international studies.
  • Herzliya Medical Center is the leading private hospital in Israel, which treats diseases in all branches of medicine, including HIV infections.
  • LevIsrael clinic network is an extensive medical company that provides all services for the treatment, diagnosis and residence of foreign patients.
  • The Ikhilov Clinic (Suraski Medical Center) is a medical center that includes more than sixty different hospital departments, and a hundred and a hundred dispensaries and more than 1,000 hospital beds. The clinic provides the best diagnostic equipment, as well as its own helicopter service for rapid emergency care.
  • The Shiba Tel-a-Shomer Medical Center - includes a hospital and a rehabilitation center dedicated to the rehabilitation of patients after surgery and long-term therapeutic courses.

The cost of HIV treatment in Israel

The costs of treatment in Israeli clinics usually include the cost of medical consultations, diagnostic procedures, residence, physiotherapy and medical treatment, supervision by the staff. A large share of costs is associated with the purchase of essential medicines. However, all these costs are very difficult to predict, since it is impossible to evaluate treatment without data on the patient's condition.

The easiest way is to contact the clinic directly with you and make a request for the cost of treating a particular disease.

As for the diagnostic procedures, the total assessment of the body can cost $ 1500-2600, the examination and consultation of the doctor - from $ 400 (depending on the doctor's degree: the professor's consultation costs more, from $ 700 and above), hospitalization costs from 500 $ / day.

Reviews about HIV treatment in Israel

On the Internet, you can find quite a few reviews about HIV treatment in Israel. The main theme of the conversation is the expediency of such a trip. Of course, many are interested: is it worth to go, if the disease still can not cure?

Fortunately, most users note a significant improvement in the overall condition upon arrival from Israel. Of course, the prescribed drugs are quite expensive. However, thanks to them, the quality of life significantly improves, chronic diseases recede, and well-being improves.

The difficulty is also noted in the fact that the medicines offered in Israel are to be taken for life, and for this, a lot of financial resources are needed. Of course, you can take and those drugs that we have at home give away for free. But, according to people diagnosed with HIV, such medicines allow only to exist, but not to live a full life.

Therefore, weigh all the pros and cons, and decide for yourself this question yourself, do you need HIV treatment in Israel.

It is important to know!

Direct quantitation of HIV RNA by PCR allows more accurate prediction of the rate of disease development in people infected with HIV, more accurately than CD4 + cell count, and therefore more accurately assess their survival. The high content of virus particles usually correlates with a pronounced impairment of the immune status and a low content of CD4 + cells. Read more..

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