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Expert in narcology

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 01.06.2018

The narcologist is a specialist who helps treat such diseases as drug addiction, alcoholism and others. Let's take a closer look at who is a narcologist, what is included in his duties, what diseases heal and when to seek medical help from a narcologist. And finally, a couple of tips from an expert in narcology, how to always be healthy and observe sobriety in any situation.

Specialty of the narcologist is connected with the treatment of organs that are not thoroughly studied, as well as the processes that occur in them. If we compare the narcologist with a surgeon, whose knowledge is fully based on the widely studied area of the functioning of the body and the structure of the organs, the narcologist works in more difficult conditions. The mistake of a surgeon, therapist and other doctors can be detected after a short time, but the mistake of an expert in narcology is difficult to detect. The work of an expert in narcology is connected with real trials, since the field of his knowledge does not have the necessary amount of data for full-fledged work.

Every narcologist knows that the problem of drug addiction is not only a chemical imbalance in the body. In the first place - this is a mental illness and a narcologist must have the skills of a psychologist to get to the root of the disease.

The narcologist has a great responsibility, since in his hands the future happy and healthy lives of his patients. And it is from the knowledge and skills of the narcologist that the duration and success of therapeutic measures depends.

Who is a narcologist?

The narcologist is the expert who is engaged in diagnostics, treatment and preventive maintenance of tobacco, narcotic and alcoholic dependence.

To ensure that treatment for alcohol and drug dependence was full, it should be conducted in specialized institutions - clinics. But many narcological medical institutions practice going to the house. In this case, the narcologist should know how to conduct an emergency resuscitation and detoxification in order to clean the body of alcohol and drugs. That is, we can say with certainty that the narcologist is a broad-profile specialist who should be ready to provide assistance in any conditions and to any patient.

When should I go to the narcologist?

Each of us at least once in my life, but was at a reception with a narcologist. As the narcologist conducts a survey and, if necessary, gives recommendations for improving health. Let's look at when to refer to the narcologist and the main symptoms of the disease.

Drug dependence:

  • Pale skin.
  • Traces from injections, bruises, cuts.
  • Slow speech and dull red eyes.
  • Poor coordination, extended or vice versa narrowed pupils.

Alcohol dependence :

  • Constant binges.
  • Disrupted neurology and psyche.
  • Hyperemia of the face.
  • Violated concentration and slow speech.

Nicotine addiction :

  • Intoxication of the body with nicotine.
  • Tachycardia and hypertension.
  • Yellow plaque on the teeth and stomatitis.

What tests do you need to pass when you go to an expert in narcology?

When you go to the narcologist, you need to pass a number of tests, but the focus is on visual examination. Let's consider, what analyzes it is necessary to hand over at the reference to the expert in narcology:

  • Narcological screening.
  • EEG.
  • Ultrasound examination of the abdominal cavity organs.
  • ECG.
  • Immunochromatographic analysis.
  • RH-graphic of the chest.

All of the above tests allow the narcologist to diagnose the patient's condition, and choose effective treatment. To date, there are many ways that can cure drug and alcohol addiction, but it is the complex of tests that will help the doctor to rectify the situation.

What methods of diagnostics does the narcologist use?

The narcologist during the work uses various methods of diagnostics which allow to define precisely disease of the patient.

When the patient is examined, the narcologist uses laboratory research methods, visual diagnostics of the patient, and diagnoses the disease with the help of analysis results.

What does the narcologist do?

The first thing a narcologist does is study the impact of narcological, alcoholic and tobacco drugs on the human body. Also, the competence of the narcologist includes conducting studies of the effect of harmful substances on the functioning and vital functions of all body systems.

The narcologist develops methods of diagnosing the disease, effective treatment and prevention. The narcologist carries out not only treatment of patients, but also supervises process of convalescence, selecting the most effective methods of disposal of harmful dependences.

What kind of diseases does the narcologist treat?

Since the narcologist is engaged in the treatment of addiction, let's look at what kind of illness the narcologist treats.

Advice of a doctor of an expert in narcology

The work of the narcologist is connected with the health of people, both physical and mental. Let's consider the advice of a narcologist who will help maintain health in any situation and avoid dependence on harmful substances.

  • Know the measure

If you drink alcohol, then know the measure. Remember that for each person the dose of alcohol is individual. So, there are three main stages of intoxication. At the first stage, the person feels euphoria and lightness, the second behavior becomes inadequate, and at the last stage the behavior becomes aggressive, accompanied by serious disruption of coordination of movements.

  • Healthy lifestyle

If you care about your health and the health of others, give up nicotine and tobacco products. Since the harmful resins that are part of the cigarettes have a negative effect on the body, slowly affect all organs and cause serious diseases.

  • No to narcotic drugs

Never take drugs. Remember that the easy euphoria and relaxation, which comes at first very quickly develop into an addiction that is very difficult to overcome. Drugs, unlike nicotine and alcohol, ruin life and health very quickly. Drugs destroy the body both internally and externally.

The narcologist is a doctor who treats serious diseases that are directly related to the lack of willpower and psychological problems. The narcologist helps once and for all to cure the most serious dependence and to return a life in a former channel.

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