Antifungal Shoe Treatment

Last reviewed by: Aleksey Portnov , medical expert, on 01.06.2018

With the help of the device for the antifungal treatment of shoes, almost perfect disinfection is performed, complete destruction of spore forms of fungi and bacteria - due to the harmful effect of ultraviolet radiation. In passing, some appliances dry their shoes.

Device for the antifungal treatment of shoes

Popular models of such devices are "Timson" and "Xenlight".

  • Before turning on the device, it must be remembered that ultraviolet rays are harmful to the eyes. The simplest protection against them is ordinary glass.

Disinfection with the "Timson" device requires a long-term exposure: from 6 to 12 hours. The device is placed in both sock, where all this time harmful microorganisms are under the influence of special lamps that radiate a harmful ultraviolet for them. Shoes from such treatment does not deteriorate, and together with pathogenic microorganisms, an unpleasant odor disappears.

The instructions to "Xenelayt" demonstrate a significantly higher antifungal effectiveness: the treatment of each shoe or shoes takes only five minutes. Speed is achieved through gas-discharge bactericidal lamps. It takes several hours to dry. "Xenelayt" is convenient to handle home slippers, sneakers and sneakers, model shoes. The device works on batteries, which is enough for two months, and the entire resource is designed for 5 - 7 years.

Antifungal treatment of shoes and socks

Cured fungal disease on the legs can return, if not to destroy the microorganisms and their spores, hiding in the shoes of the patient. For disinfection, use chemicals or devices that emit ultraviolet rays.

Popular chemicals for antifungal treatment of shoes and socks:

  • Mycostop spray (active ingredient - lactic acid) is intended for the treatment and prevention of fungal lesions on the feet, but is also used for the processing of shoes. The spray is sprayed inside the shoes. The drug is effective against all types of fungi.

  • Miramistin is an odorless antibacterial. For the antifungal treatment of shoes use 0.1% substance. The inner surface must be treated with a swab and dried.

  • Dezavid, killing the causative agents of fungal diseases, also destroys bacteria and odors. The drug does not smell, does not leave any traces, is suitable for shoes made from any material, including leather and suede. Shoes can be processed from the inside with a spray or a tampon. Unlike previous pharmacy products, the disinfect is sold in the departments of household chemicals.
  • Laina is an antifungal fluid that can be purchased at veterinary pharmacies. With this drug, shoes must be treated twice, thoroughly wiping with a wet swab. After a while, these places are wiped with a water-soaked swab and dried. Rubber and similar shoes are immersed in liquid, and then washed with water. With Laine, you can not light shoes, because the liquid will color it blue.

Treatment of the fungus requires patience and regularity. To completely get rid of fungal lesions of feet and nails, you need to start in time and treatment, and disinfection of shoes. This will help protect against the spread of fungus to other parts of the body and protect the rest of the family from an unpleasant disease.

It is important to know!

Fungal pathologies are often found during pregnancy, but is it worth treating them, or is it better to wait for the birth of a child? And if to treat, then, how to do it right, without harming the baby at the same time? And in general, is the fungus dangerous during pregnancy?

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