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Methods of early development of children Every parents want their child to learn to understand, speak, analyze, was fully developed, and was...

The child - from the biological point of view - is the stage of human development from the moment of his birth until the end of the puberty, that is, up to 17-18 years. The child grows and develops in stages: from infancy to adolescence, and each stage has its own characteristics. What do you know about them?

Do you know that in the first year of life the child adds to weight almost 350% of the original mass of his body? And the increase in growth over 12 months - compared with its growth at birth - is more than 45%? And do you know that a five-year-old child breathes twice as often as any adult? And how are such common childhood diseases like measles and chickenpox different? How to increase the immunity of children, and what if your child lags behind in development from their peers? About everything that interests parents, you can find information in the section "Child".

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