They are considered the most difficult age group. Do you know why? Yes, because this transitional age - from the childhood period, teenagers already seem to have come out, and have not yet reached their youth ...

In the period from 11 to 15-16 years in the body there is a restructuring, caused by the onset of puberty. The endocrine system of adolescents is in an unstable state, and all endocrine glands, especially the thyroid gland and pituitary gland, work in a strengthened mode. This ensures the physical and sexual development of the body, but often affects the work of the main organs and the well-being of the adolescent.

Parents should keep in mind that adolescents are extremely prone to emotional instability and depressive conditions that can lead to the development of many chronic diseases.

Aggressive behavior of adolescents

The aggressive behavior of adolescents grows more and more every year and is manifested. At the same time, the young generation itself suffers from it.

Period of puberty

Characteristics of the period of puberty differs in boys and girls, but the basis of this life stage is a single mechanism. Normally, the process of physical and sexual development occurs synchronously.

Correction of aggressive behavior in children

When correcting the aggressive behavior of a child, one must first of all remember one simple thing: aggression is a normal emotion that is inherent in one or another degree to everyone. It is an instinctive form of behavior, without which self-protection and survival are impossible.


Adolescence is a period beginning at about the age of 10 and continuing until the end of the senior school age or until age 21, during which children are exposed to significant physical, intellectual and emotional changes. Helping a child to go through this period is not an easy task for both parents and health professionals.

What is dangerous teenage lack of sleep?

Problems with sleep in adolescents are solved. You only need to get involved in this process, both parents and adolescents themselves.

Teenage alcoholism - how to protect your child?

Alcohol is one of the most common methods of stress relieving for teenagers. Fast, easy and inexpensive - these are the main reasons why teenagers can grab a shot. Adolescent alcoholism ... Studies show that about half of junior and senior schoolchildren drink alcohol every month, and 14% of teens are in a state of intoxication at least once a month. Almost 8% of teenagers who drink alcohol say they can drink five or more alcoholic drinks in a row.

The four most blatant errors parents made in talking with a teenager

Let's find out about the gross mistakes of parents in talking with teenagers.

Do parents know when teenagers lie to them?

Karen Bogenscheder of the University of Wisconsin Madison wrote an article entitled "Do whatever you like, but do not lie to me." She found that although all high school students sometimes lied to their parents, only a third of the parents knew about it. Even more surprising is that many parents knew - or suspected - that adolescents lie in the majority. But not their child, they thought. Do parents know when teenagers lie to them?

How to recognize and stop the teen's emotional hunger?

We do not always eat just to quench hunger. We often eat for comfort, stress relief, or actively absorb something delicious as a reward. Unfortunately, emotional hunger does not solve emotional problems. A teenager often resorts to food as the easiest way to relieve stress. And then, after a few days, he feels worse.

Simple tips for healthy teen nutrition

Teenagers very often sit on a diet, suffer from the shortcomings of this diet ... And still get better or, conversely, are treated later for anorexia. The healthy diet of adolescents is not the deprivation of the foods they love. Healthy eating means to feel great, to accumulate more energy, to stabilize your mood and to be healthy. A teenager can easily expand his range of food choices and learn how to maintain a tasty, healthy diet.


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