Preparing a man for pregnancy

With the undoubtedly dominant role of women in the process of bearing the future child, one should not forget that, as they say, "what you sow, you will reap." In the sense that the responsibility for the health of the offspring - to a large extent - lies with the man. And the point here is not only in male potency, although without it, of course, nothing will happen ...

It's about the ability of a man to produce a viable, that is, a healthy offspring. Preparing a man for pregnancy implies his desire to have healthy children, because such bad habits, like smoking and drinking alcohol, many times increase the risk of the birth of a child with congenital pathologies.

Sperm Bank

The storehouse, which contains frozen sperm in liquid nitrogen, is called the sperm bank.

Vitamins in the planning of pregnancy in men

Vitamins when planning pregnancy in men are a necessary link in the chain of conception of a healthy baby. Success in the conception of a child depends not only on the health of the woman, but also on the man.

What should I do to be a good father?

Perhaps, right after the birth of a child, a man is somewhat unsure of what it means and what his father's role will mean. Most likely, while the spouse cares about the child, the man does not know what he can and should do.

Preparing a man for the birth of a child and childbirth

A man hardly wants to be present at birth. Spouses most likely want to be ready for the birth of the child and for subsequent changes in order to know what to expect. Preparation will help to cope with the situation most effectively ...

Preparing a man for the birth of a child

Spouses may be happy that they need to prepare for the birth of a child. Quite soon the waiting will end, and they will start a new family life ...

How to support a spouse in unpleasant conditions associated with pregnancy?

In the process of developing a pregnancy, a man will find plenty of opportunities to show his wife that he cares about her and about the child. She needs his support. It is quite difficult to go through pregnancy, not having someone close, who is ready to support ...

Pregnancy: what does a man need to change in the style of life?

Smoking or second-hand smoke, the use of alcohol, drugs, including "not forbidden," in particular medicinal plants, can affect the health of a pregnant woman and her child. Excluding them, the man will protect his wife and child ...

Daily gymnastics is useful for future moms and dads

Many medical experts agree that gymnastics during pregnancy is safe and useful for most pregnant women if it is done correctly ...

Man and planning proper nutrition for pregnant women

Now that pregnancy has become a reality, it is time to analyze the situation to find ways to help spouses achieve a happy, healthy pregnancy ...

Pregnancy terms for parents-to-be

In this article we have collected a lot of terms that the spouses may hear during pregnancy. Some of the terms refer to pregnancy, others to various tests ...


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