Nutrition during pregnancy

It is extremely important to take care of the well-thought-out diet of a pregnant woman.

Nutrition during pregnancy plays a crucial role and largely determines the characteristics of the course of the process of carrying the child, because for every mother it is very important that the baby is born healthy and strong.

Proper nutrition will ensure her good health, a burst of vitality, will give vigor and strength. In this critical period, the expectant mother should receive all the necessary vitamins, minerals, trace elements and nutrients, because her body undergoes major hormonal changes and stress.

In this case, the rational choice will be rational nutrition. It should be remembered that the amount of food consumed and the need for specific types of foods will change throughout the pregnancy in accordance with the increase in fetal needs.

Can fresh, salted and pickled cucumbers be fed to a nursing mother?

The grocery set for the nursing mother should be selected so that it replenishes the body with the necessary substances, stimulates lactation and maintains the digestion of the baby as normal.

White tea in pregnancy

White tea belongs to elite varieties. It contains a large number of substances necessary for the body - vitamins, bioflavonoids, polyphenols.

Black tea in pregnancy

Nutrition during pregnancy does not exclude the use of habitual drinks. Value has other factors - such as utility, quality and quantity. Black, green, white, herbal - what tea to choose, so that it is tasty, and beneficial to the body?

Milk with honey during pregnancy: from cough, sore throat, with colds

Honey and milk are two unique products that are recommended for almost any person, especially for colds.

Milk during pregnancy: in the early stages, from cough, heartburn, with colds and swelling, to sleep

Nutrition of pregnant women is paid close attention, for them are special diets, so that the body receives the most useful for life.

Coffee with milk during pregnancy

Responsible women expecting a child are ready to change the diet and their habits, based on the only important criterion: is it useful for the child and their own organism?

Garlic during pregnancy in early and late periods: for colds, for colds

There is no such top-ranking list of products, the most useful for the human body, in which garlic would not be mentioned. In this case, he almost always takes the first lines in it.

Milk with soda during pregnancy

A solution of milk with soda at a gestation of the child is allowed to use to eliminate certain disease states - such as coughing or heartburn.

Blueberry during pregnancy: possible or not

Bilberry is a seasonal berry with a slightly sour taste. In summer, it is stored for future use in order to use dry, frozen, processed berries in the winter. Blueberries are rich in vitamins, microelements, pectins.


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