Pregnancy Calendar

The pregnancy calendar is necessary for a pregnant woman to have a clear idea of what changes occur in the process of intrauterine development of her unborn child.

It is made up for weeks and trimesters, and every new pregnancy week makes adjustments to the development of the fetus. The first 13 weeks of pregnancy are the most dangerous, since any adverse effects on the fetus can lead to congenital pathologies or loss of pregnancy. In the second trimester the fetus continues to grow rapidly, and by the 20th week most women begin to feel its movement.

What happens at 7 week of pregnancy?

The 7th week of pregnancy indicates that the embryo is actively developing inside the female body. Its weight is about 0.8 grams, and the height is about 8-10 millimeters.

Second week of pregnancy

In our article about the second week of pregnancy, we will try to answer in detail these and not only these questions.

Obstetric pregnancy weeks

Let's take a closer look at the features of each week of obstetric pregnancy.

All about the first weeks of pregnancy

In this article we will try to describe in as much detail about the first weeks of pregnancy, possible problems and try to answer all your questions.

Short gestation period

There are days when the female body, in the literal sense, begins to behave defiantly. For some reason, you want to eat herring and, of course, with jam, or suddenly, "pull" on a salted cucumber. And women, experienced life experience, and girls who have no idea about the vicissitudes of fate, know that the shortest period of pregnancy can cause great changes in the female body. Sex and a small gestation period

Pregnancy: 41 weeks

Your child is no longer as comfortable as before, so for his safety, the doctor will advise you to begin the challenge of birth activity, next week.

Pregnancy: 40 weeks

It is difficult to say for sure what your child's weight and height will be, but the average parameters of the newborn are approximately 3.4 kg - weight and 50 cm - height.

Pregnancy: 39 weeks

The child continues to grow fat layer, which helps to control the temperature of the body after birth.

Pregnancy: 38 weeks

Your child has already gained quite a lot of weight, which is now about 3, 1 kg, his height is 50 cm.

Pregnancy: 37 weeks

This week your baby has reached the full term. If the birth activity begins now, then the birth will pass fairly easily and quickly.


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