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This is the age category of children from 3 to 7 years, that is, from early childhood to the beginning of schooling. Preschool period of development of children is the most important from the point of view of physiology and psychology.

At this time, children begin to grow faster, especially the hands and feet, and the annual weight gain on average is two kilograms. The immune system becomes stronger.

During these years of life preschoolers learn a lot of necessary for life skills, acquire and consolidate norms of ethics and social behavior. And the skills and personal qualities are formed in the process of the main activities of the preschooler - the game and creativity.

Tempering of preschool children: principles, means, types, methods

Hardening is one of the oldest methods, but very effective.

Parents and children: how to reach mutual understanding?

Parents and children are often completely different, often there are quarrels in the family, because some do not understand others. How to reach mutual understanding between parents and children?

Sports sections for children - boys - football, girls - gymnastics

Often parents do not know which sport section to give their child to. We will tell you about the two most popular of them - football and rhythmic gymnastics. The first is good for boys, the second - for girls.

How to teach a child to count?

Learning to count children is a real achievement for kids. Many parents wonder how to teach a child to count? In this case, there is a whole system that parents should adhere to in order for the learning process to be quick and joyful.

What child should be able to do at 4 years old?

Your baby is growing. And he is already 4 years old. Have you noticed that your 4 year old baby is becoming more independent and self-confident? If not, we wish you this next year. And what child should be able to do at 4 years old?

What child should be able to do at 3 years old?

Child grows up at this age not as active as before one. And 3 years girls yet gain weight from 13 kg to 16 kg 700 grams. Boys may weigh from 13,7 kg 16 kg 100 grams. If weight of child does not reach these numbers, or it is little more, do not worry.

How to help your child to show his abilities?

Even if your child draws a cat instead of a horse, you can not deprive him of the joy of creativity. In order for a child to show his abilities to the fullest, it is necessary to stimulate him to creativity. In this lesson, the main thing is not the accuracy of the lines and the truthfulness of the image, but the joy of the child from what he does: draws, molds, knits or writes.

10 ways to strengthen relationships with a child after a divorce

If you recently divorced, and the child is offended by you, then he misses the parent, who will now live separately, your communication with the child can become tense. If there is an alienation between you, there are several effective ways to fix it. You can strengthen your relationship with the child like this.

How to behave with a quick-tempered child?

To understand, hot-tempered at you the child or not, you can already when to it 2 - 2,5 years will turn out. At this age, he begins to show his feelings and reactions verbally, that is, words. And then it is very important to tell the child what his reaction is correct, and which will harm him and others. Why is a child hot-tempered and what to do about it?

What if the child lags behind in development?

If the child lags behind in physical and mental development, this can be calculated from his behavior.


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