10 ways to strengthen relationships with a child after a divorce

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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If you recently divorced, and the child is offended by you, then he misses the parent, who will now live separately, your communication with the child can become tense. If there is an alienation between you, there are several effective ways to fix it. You can strengthen your relationship with the child like this.

You can strengthen your relationship with the child like this.


Method number 1.

Invite the child to tell you what he / she thinks about your relationship. This will help the child to release steam if he has accumulated insults. This will show what your child really feels about you, there will be no incompleteness between you. Also, the child will get rid of negative thoughts and feelings.

Method number 2.

Create new ones or support existing family rituals. For example, family dinners. It can also be family slogans, posters, general games, etc., so that your child feels like an integral part of the family. For example, you regularly kiss a child before school. And then every time a child sees someone's kiss, your son or daughter will think about you.

Method number 3.

Take a picture with the child and place these photos around the house so your child can see how much they love and how fun and fun you have with him.

Method number 4.

Make friends with the child's friends and family members. Let your home be a cozy place for people close to the child. It is very important for your child to feel more protected.

Method number 5.

If the child is rude to you or does not want to talk to you, tell him this phrase:

"I love you too much, so I can not allow talking to me so rudely. Let's be friends".

Method number 6.

Help your child maintain close and loving relationships with your family - his grandparents, so that the child feels surrounded by love and care.

Method number 7.

Talk to the child about his goals, interests, plans and dreams. Believe in your child and support his life plans. Invite the child to try new activities and take on new tasks. For example, let him master the art of roller skating or give him a good camera, so that the child is interesting and fun.

Method number 8.

Respect your child with respect, even in the most critical cases, keeping a calm tone and confident actions. Your child will definitely appreciate it.

Method number 9.

Appreciate your child and let him know that you see all the good deeds that he does. Your child will feel comprehensible and recognized - almost like a celebrity.

Method number 10.

Show your love and affection for the child in ways that are most significant to him. Some children need a lot of time and attention, others feel loved, when you cook something delicious for them or play games with them. Learn your child better and show him your love in the ways that are most important for him.

If parents are sensitive with their child, he will feel it and understand. And then the trauma, received after the parents' divorce, will be experienced more easily.

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