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Diseases in Pregnancy

Thrush on early pregnancy: causes, symptoms, is it dangerous

A special fear among women is caused by thrush in the early stages of pregnancy, because this period is very responsible, because not only your own health but also the health of her future baby largely depends on the future mother.

Pink discharge during pregnancy: from light to brown

When a woman becomes aware that she expects the baby, almost everything in her life is changing. She begins to take good care of her health, listening to a minimal change in her health

Nausea in early pregnancy: how to fight and ease?

Pregnancy is a long-awaited and exciting state for many women. In addition to pleasant emotions, expectant mothers are harassed by unusual sensations. First of all, this is nausea in early pregnancy.

Cystitis in early pregnancy: signs, consequences

It has long been no secret that the beautiful half of humanity, because of its physiological characteristics, suffers from inflammation of the bladder much more often than not. 

Why does the fetus die in the early and late stages of pregnancy: the reasons for what to do

This is a very serious pathology, which is dangerous not only for the baby's life, but also for the life of the mother. 

Frequent urge to urinate and pregnancy: causes, symptoms

One of the first symptoms of pregnancy is frequent urination in women and delay in menstruation. This is observed 2-3 weeks after conception.

Diarrhea during pregnancy in the early stages: is it, is it dangerous, what to do?

When considering whether diarrhea in early pregnancy can be a normal symptom, all the attendant factors should be considered and consulted with a specialist

Late gestosis in pregnancy: the more dangerous, the causes, emergency care, prevention

It is accompanied by severe nausea, vomiting, edema intoxication. Sometimes this disease is called late toxicosis. The main period of development of this pathology is the second half of pregnancy. 

Why pulls the lower abdomen at 4 weeks of pregnancy and what should I do?

Pregnancy is undoubtedly one of the most important stages in a woman's life. This is an exciting and beautiful period, which, however, is not without feelings and worries. Any pregnancy is accompanied by a change of feelings.


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