Diseases in Pregnancy

Fetal pyeloectasia of the kidneys

Fetal renal collecting mechanism evaluation may reveal fetal renal pyeloectasia.

Nervous breakdown in pregnancy

A nervous breakdown (or nervous exhaustion) can occur in women during pregnancy due to various factors, and this condition requires special attention and care.

Tightness in the abdomen during pregnancy

An unpleasant symptom that many pregnant women face is heaviness in the abdomen. Let's consider the causes of its appearance, types, methods of treatment and prevention.

Snoring in pregnancy

Although snoring in pregnancy is a temporary problem, it can still cause a lot of discomfort - both to the woman herself and to her immediate environment. What can be done to get rid of snoring, or at least minimize its manifestations?

Intrauterine fetal hypoxia

Pregnancy is both a joy and a constant worry about the condition and development of the future baby. One of the reasons for concern is often the diagnosis of "intrauterine hypoxia": many pregnant women hear about this condition from their doctor, but not all of them have any idea what it means.

External hemorrhoids in pregnancy

The formation of hemorrhoidal nodes around the rectum is called hemorrhoids, and a distinction is made between internal and external hemorrhoids. The latter involves pathological changes in the form of dilation of the veins of the external rectovaginal plexus located around the anus.

Why do legs cramp when pregnant and what to do?

Doctors say: leg cramps in pregnancy appear at any term. Sometimes they do not have a clear cause and are directly related to the "interesting" position, but in some cases may be a sign of a disease that requires immediate intervention of a medical specialist.

Bacteria in urine in pregnancy

The general urinalysis is a standard common test, which begins the diagnosis of pregnant women. This analysis will indicate the presence of malfunctions of the urinary system, will help to assess the state of water-electrolyte balance.

Fetal bradycardia in early and late pregnancy

The standard obstetric determination of the fetus of bradycardia was sustained FHR <110 beats per minute for at least a 10-minute period. 

Constipation during early pregnancy

When analyzing clinical cases, practicing gynecologists note that in many women the earliest sign of pregnancy is not even delayed menstrual cycle, but constipation. 


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