Diseases in Pregnancy

Intrauterine fetal hypoxia

Pregnancy is both joy and constant anxiety for the condition and development of the unborn baby. One of the reasons for concern is often the diagnosis of "intrauterine hypoxia": many pregnant women hear about this condition from a doctor, but not all of them know what it is about.

External hemorrhoids during pregnancy

The formation of hemorrhoids around the rectum is called hemorrhoids, while distinguishing between internal and external. The latter involves pathological changes in the form of vein expansion of the external rectal plexus, located around the anus.

Why cramps legs during pregnancy and what to do?

Doctors say: leg cramps during pregnancy appear at any time. Sometimes they do not have a clear cause and are directly related to an "interesting" situation, but in some cases they can be a sign of a disease that requires immediate intervention by a medical specialist. 

Bacteria in urine during pregnancy

A general urinalysis is a standard, common study from which diagnostics in pregnant women begin. Such an analysis will indicate the presence of problems with the urinary system, will help assess the state of water and electrolyte balance. 

Fetal bradycardia in early and late pregnancy

The standard obstetric determination of the fetus of bradycardia was sustained FHR <110 beats per minute for at least a 10-minute period. 

Constipation during early pregnancy

When analyzing clinical cases, practicing gynecologists note that in many women the earliest sign of pregnancy is not even delayed menstrual cycle, but constipation. 

Consequences and complications of brown secretions during pregnancy

The successful resolution of an ectopic pregnancy and a blistering skid leaves a woman a chance to become a mother in the future, although this will have to wait at least six months for the body to recover. 


Brown discharge during pregnancy after various manipulations

The appearance of brown discharge during pregnancy, which does not accompany other suspicious symptoms, does not have to be associated with physiological processes in the body. 

Brown discharge during pregnancy at different periods

Symptoms of brown discharge during pregnancy in recent times are not so rare. And if we consider that in most cases this symptom indicates a more or less serious pathology, it is important not to overlook the trouble and in time to ask for help.

Brown discharge during pregnancy as a sign of illness

Many of the diseases of the female reproductive system can proceed latently even before pregnancy, but under the influence of hormonal adjustment and weakening against this background of the body's defenses, they acquire a new, active form. 


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