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Often parents do not know which sport section to give their child to. We will tell you about the two most popular of them - football and rhythmic gymnastics. The first is good for boys, the second - for girls.

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Plasticity as a lifestyle

Artistic gymnastics is such kind of sports employment (to be exact, a way of life) which will leave at the child a trace for all life. In the form of beautifully straightened shoulders, light gait and proudly raised chin. Dancers and artistic gymnasts can be seen even in a large crowd - thanks to their beautiful posture and the ability to hold - elegantly and plastically.

Training vestibular apparatus, the ability to dance with different objects (tape, mace, stick), stretching - this is what the child is taught in the first rhythmic gymnastics classes.

Thanks to these skills, the child begins to feel much more confident in any team, he sensitively reacts to beauty in all its manifestations. Not to mention that his muscles, joints and ligaments become flexible, strong and trained, and breathing is even and full. Plus memory training: you know how many exercises in rhythmic gymnastics you need to remember and perform flawlessly?

How much in rhythmic gymnastics is spent for each exercise?

You will be surprised: no more than a minute and a half. And then another exercise follows. The constant change of activities does not bore the child, it trains different muscle groups.

Contraindications for artistic gymnastics

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, in particular, the cervical spine.

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What clothes are needed for rhythmic gymnastics?

Cheshki (ballet shoes), tights - that's all.

When to start?

It is possible already from the age of three. But only with an experienced coach. And still need a certificate from the pediatrician that the child can attend classes.

How much does one lesson cost?

From 50 to 200 UAH. But it's worth it!

Football. Children's school at Dynamo

Today football is the most massive and professional level of the highest paid sport. This is a team game between 22 athletes, divided into 2 teams, which is 2 half-time for 45 minutes. Football is loved so much that it does not stop playing it since antiquity.

The first players were the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks, who used to kick the ball to train the body, the speed of reaction in military battles. But the first football rules in the form in which we know them now, were developed and officially approved in the late 40-ies of the 18th century.

Player boys

At the famous Dynamo Kyiv there is a children's football academy. There they take the most gifted children from all teams, starting from the age of 10. They are candidates for the national team of Ukraine. "From the age of 14 they live, eat and train in the academic group completely free of charge," says Anatoly Kroshchenko, the Honored coach of Ukraine, the famous coach of the Lubanovsky DYFMS Dynamo coach. "This is the district of Nivok or Konchy-Zaspa, where all the conditions for successful development are created for the children." And at first the children attend a football school at the "Dynamo".

How to get to the children's football school at the "Dynamo"?

Pass the selection of a child from a sports school, starting at age 7. "If such selection is completed, the child is registered in a boarding school where they learn to play football professionally," says Anatoly Kroshchenko. Stars of Russian football Vashchuk, Shovkovsky, Shevchenko, Golovko and many other football players - pupils of this school. Now at school at "Dynamo" 1200 boys study.

Testing in football school

From the age of 7 - running at a speed of 20 m, a long jump from the spot, a quick stroke of the ball of five racks, juggling the ball with both feet and directly the football match. If the child showed good results, he is enrolled in a football school with Dynamo. Its branches exist in different cities.

So, sports sections for children bring a lot of benefits. Do not miss the opportunity to develop your child and help him cope with the complexes that sport removes, but at the same time helps to improve health.

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