Parents and children: how to reach mutual understanding?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Parents and children are often completely different, often there are quarrels in the family, because some do not understand others. How to reach mutual understanding between parents and children?

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Science of Happiness

It is impossible to teach children to be happy if their parents are unhappy. Children experience if they see the parents' dislike for each other. They may not talk about it, but with internal conflicts of parents, children react with illness or depression. It is important to recognize these signs in time and establish an atmosphere between parents and children in the family. It is very important for children to understand (feel) that their arrival creates a holiday atmosphere with parents, grandparents. The child does not need to talk about this: he understands this sixth sense.

Important! If in a family conflict between parents and children (hidden or explicit), or between parents, the child can suddenly and permanently become ill and even fall behind in mental and physical development. Insecurity, depression are the next companions of problems in the family. Both parents and children suffer.

Be flexible

If parents assumed the role of unshakable despots who are not capable of changing their beliefs, this can go against the child. Flexibility is a very important feature in the upbringing of children. It is necessary to understand that the beliefs and the world outlook of the child can radically differ from the ideas of adults. And their views on the world.

Therefore it is extremely necessary to accept the ideas and beliefs of your child and allow him to believe in what he believes. This will give the child the opportunity to resist in the most extreme circumstances. And besides, the ability to apologize gives parents the opportunity (paradoxically?) To receive the most important thing from the child - love and respect.


Protect the child's nerves

The child's nervous system grows and develops. If parents and children are in a state of conflict, the child's nervous system may fail. This can affect the gastrointestinal tract (in unfavorable psychological circumstances, the gastric juice in a child may be released more slowly or faster than needed).

Vessels of the brain can also suffer from an unfavorable psychological situation. Therefore, it is important that the family between parents and children had the most sparing relationship. It depends on it, how your child will feel in general.

How to achieve mutual understanding between parents and children - you probably already understood. Just need to listen to your baby, hear what he wants to tell you, and take his needs into account as much as possible. Now it remains to apply this in practice.

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