Recipes of healthy dishes for children

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Fruit and vegetable juices

Freshly squeezed juice

Fresh apple without stains and flaws wash, pour over boiling water, grate on a plastic grater. The resulting mashed potatoes are put in a folded gauze and squeeze the juice with a spoon. Pour it into a glass or a cup and cover with a lid. Sugar slightly moistened with water, cook the syrup and, when it cools down, combine it with the juice.

Blackcurrant juice

Ripe berries wash with boiled water, pour boiling water in a colander, pour into gauze folded twice and press down with a spoon, squeeze out the juice. Sugar moisten with water, boil the syrup (bring to a boil). When the syrup cools, mix it with the juice in a ratio of 1: 2.

Juice from fresh strawberries or raspberries Completely ripe and very fresh berries go through, wash with boiled water, gently mash, so as not to crush the grains, and squeeze the juice through the cheesecloth. Cook the syrup, strain it through the cheesecloth and mix it with an equal amount of juice. Of 100 g of berries, 50 g of juice is obtained.

Juice made from orange or lemon

Squeeze the juice and mix it with the cooked syrup. From 1 orange it turns out 40-50 g of juice, from 1 lemon - 30 g.

Tangerine juice

Tangerine, wash with boiling water, peel, divide into slices, take out the grains and squeeze the juice through the cheesecloth, pressing it with a spoon. From 1 mandarin is obtained 25-30 g of juice.

Grape juice

Grapes pereboret, wash with boiled water, cut, remove bones, smash with a spoon, squeeze juice through the cheesecloth and strain it. Of 100 grams of grapes, 50 g of juice is obtained.

Tomato juice

Ripe, without flaws, wash the tomato, pour with boiling water, cut into four parts, mash and squeeze the juice. It can also be added to other juices.

Juice from the young carrot "Karotel"

Carrots are washed with a brush, scalded with boiling water, grate, squeeze juice through the cheesecloth. You can drink it naturally, sweeten or add to other juices. From 100 g of carrots you get 50 g of juice.

Juice from salad

Lettuce lettuce, cut off the rough parts, several times rinse with boiled water, put on a sieve to water the glass, transfer it to a small plate covered with boiling water and chop with a knife. Squeeze the juice through the cheesecloth. From 100 grams of salad you get 50 g of juice. It can be added to other juices (carrot, cranberry) in a ratio of 1: 9.

Mixed juices

Mix carrot juice with lemon (tomato) and syrup in a ratio of 4: 2: 3. You can mix strawberry juice with carrots, decoction of wild rose - with carrot and cranberry, etc.


Broth of a dogrose


  • Rosehip - 1 teaspoon, water - 1 glass.

Briar rose from the grains and villi, boil with steep boiling water and boil for 10 minutes under the lid. Then let it brew for 3 hours, strain through the cheesecloth. The resulting broth can be given with sugar (it is desirable to acidify with lemon or cranberry juice) or add to juices, kissels, compotes for their vitaminization.

Kissel from dried blueberries


  • Bilberry dried - 1 tbsp. Spoon, water - 1,5 glasses, sugar - 1 tbsp. Spoon, starch - 1 teaspoon.

Blueberries pereboret, wash in a sieve with cold water, pour boiling water and cook for about half an hour until the berries become soft, then throw it back onto a strainer, strain (do not wipe the berries, and pour 2-3 times the strained broth and discard). Part of the broth cool, mix with starch; the rest, adding sugar, bring to a boil, set aside and, stirring, pour in it the diluted starch. Then put it again on the stove and, when the jelly boils, remove it and stir in a porcelain dish.

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Sweet dishes

Apricot puree


  • Apricots - 50 g (or dried apricots - 25 g), water - 1 glass, sugar - 1 tsp.

Apricots or dried apricots wash, pour water and boil until soft. Then wipe through a sieve, mix with sugar and bring to a boil.

Puree from dried fruits


  • Dried fruits - 40 grams, water - 0,5 glasses, sugar - 1 tbsp. Spoon water - 0.5 cup, lemon juice - 0.5 teaspoon.

Dried fruits rinse well, pour cold water. The next day, knock in the same water and wipe hot through a very thick sieve. Cook the syrup, strain it through the cheesecloth, add lemon juice, combine with mashed potatoes and whip with a fork.

Mousse made of biscuit flour with apples


  • Cookies galette - 2 pcs., Water - 0,5 glasses, sugar - 1 tbsp. Spoon, apple - 1 pc. (or dried apricots, or dried apples - 20 g).

Cook the custard in the oven, pound it in a mortar, sift through a sieve, fill with hot syrup and cover with a lid to make the flour swell. Apple peel, grate, mix with the swollen flour and whip with a fork or broom. Instead of apple puree you can cook puree from dried apricots or dry Antonov apples. Dried fruits should be washed well, poured cold water for 3 hours, boiled in it until soft, then wipe.

Broths, broths, soups

Vegetable broth


  • Carrots, rutabaga - 70 g, potatoes - 50 g, peas, beans - 10-12 g, water - 1 l, mushrooms - 3-4 g, butter, salt.

Wash the vegetables thoroughly with a brush, peel, cut into large pieces, pour cold water and cook for 3 hours under the lid, so that the broth remains 250-300 g. Vegetables discard and season with boil and boil again. Add oil before serving to the table. Decoction can be covered with semolina, homemade noodles, cook on its basis borsch, soup, porridge, sauce. For children older than 3 years when cooking, you can add a little dried mushrooms.

Sturdy chicken broth


  • Bones with meat - 200 g, chicken young - 400 grams, white roots - 50 grams, salt.

Meat (from the thigh or chicken's shoulder), free from fat and bones, cut into small pieces, cut the bones, pour cold water. When it boils, remove the foam, put the white sliced roots, salt, let the foam rise again, remove it and lower the meat. Put on a strong fire to quickly boil, then reduce the fire and cook for 1.5-2 hours, until the meat is soft (fork freely enters the flesh). Take the meat and dip it in cold salted water, so it does not darken. Pour the broth through a napkin, put it back on fire, fill it with semolina, noodles, homemade or rice and let it puff for 20 minutes. Children over the age can add crushed chicken meat to the rump, children over 2 years old - serve chicken separately with rice and white sauce . Before boiling the broth from the chicken, you can cut off the breast (sirloin) and cook even the patties.

Cream soup with croutons


  • Potatoes - 2 pcs., Water - 1 glass, leeks - 15 g, semolina - 5 g, milk - 0.25 cups, egg (yolk) - 0.2 pcs., Butter - 0.5 h. Spoon, white bread, salt.

Peel potatoes, cut them, pour water, add the same sliced leeks (both white and green parts) and cook under the lid for half an hour. Hot wipe through a hair strainer, allow to boil again, pour in at once, all the time stirring, semolina, allow to pour for another 10 minutes. Yolk rub with butter, dilute with milk and pour this mixture into the soup, all the time interfering so that the yolk does not boil. Serve to a table with croutons from diced bread and oven-dried rolls.

Cream soup with oatmeal and croutons or green peas


  • Oat groats - 2 tbsp. Spoons, water - 1 glass, milk - 0.5 cups, butter - 1 teaspoon, young green peas - 2 tablespoons. Spoons, egg (yolk) - 0,2 pcs., salt.

Rinse the groats several times with water and cook in the same water on low heat without a lid for 45 minutes. Pour in the milk, bring to a boil, strain, salt and warm again. In the finished soup, put butter, dried cubes of white bread or boiled green peas in salted water, season with yolk, ground with butter.

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Dishes from meat, poultry, fish, eggs

Cutlets from veal or chicken


  • Veal - 100 g, milk - 2 tbsp. Spoon, butter - 1 teaspoon, hardwood, salt.

Meat clear of films and fat, double pass through the meat grinder (the second time - with a slice of stale bread, soaked in milk), add salt, cold milk, butter. Cut the cutlets, fry them in melted butter and put them on the oven for 5-10 minutes.

Pudding from meat, chicken or fish (for children over 10 months old)


  • Fillet - 50 grams, dry roll - 15 g, egg - 0.5 pcs., Butter, ground crusts, salt.

Filet and milk soaked in milk twice through the meat grinder, wipe through a hair strainer, salt, dilute with milk to a thickness of gruel, add the yolk, whipped into a strong foam protein and gently mix. Put the mass in a greased mug, sprinkle with breadcrumbs and cover with an oiled mug of paper. Lower the mug into a saucepan filled with boiling water to half the height of the mug, cover the pan with a lid and put it on the stove for 40-45 minutes. Serve with mashed potatoes, watering with broth.

Liver liver


  • Liver of beef - 200 g, butter - 1 teaspoon, onion - 15 g, wheat flour, salt.

Liver soak in running water to remove blood, remove the film, remove tubules, cut into cubes, salt, sprinkle with flour. In the pan, dissolve the oil, allow it to turn brown, fry the onions, then the liver, quickly turning (not to overcook!), Put it under the lid in the oven (minutes 5), cool, double through the meat grinder, then wipe through the hair sieve. This "hepatic flour" can be added to cereals, mashed potatoes, soups; Grated with butter can be spread on a loaf in the form of pate.

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Dishes from potatoes and vegetables

Mashed potatoes with yolk


  • Potatoes - 2-3 pcs., Milk - 0,5 glasses, oil - 0,5 tsp, yolk - 0,2 pcs.

Wash potatoes and boil them in steam or bake in the oven. Then clean, hot rub through a sieve, pour boiling milk, season with salt and beat well, so that the mashed potatoes are fluffy, white, without lumps. Oil rub with yolk and enter into a mash.

Puree potato on broth


  • Bones beef "sugar" - 150-200 grams, water - 2 cups, herbs and roots - 30 grams, potatoes - 3 pcs., Milk - 0.25 cups, butter - 0.2 teaspoons, salt.

Bones wash, shred smaller, fill with cold water, allow to boil and remove foam when it rises with a hat. Put a "bouquet" of greens and roots (parsley, carrots), salt, let the broth again boil, reduce the heat and cook under the lid for 2.5 hours. After that, strain the broth through a wet napkin, pour it with peeled and sliced potatoes (it should only be covered) and cook under the lid for 25 minutes. Then wipe through a hair strainer (do not let it through the meat grinder!), Pour in boiling milk, whip with a broom or fork, warm to steam and add oil.

Mashed potatoes and spinach mashed potatoes


  • Potatoes - 2 pieces, spinach - 100 grams, sugar - 0.5 teaspoons, milk - 0.5 hundred kana, salt.

Wash potatoes thoroughly with a brush, pour boiling water so that the water only covers the potatoes, and boil under the lid. Spinach, wash, rinse, then transfer to a saucepan, add sugar and stew in its own juice, without adding water. Peel the potatoes, rub through a hot sieve through a strainer (broth, if it is a little, strain through gauze in mashed potatoes), there also wipe the spinach. Dilute the resulting mass with boiling milk, season with salt, put a saucepan on the edge of the plate and broom or fork whip the mash to splendor, not letting it boil. Then put on a plate and add oil. There is only hot. You can not warm up. Puree from spinach can be put in semolina porridge, soup, served as a side dish to the cutlet, omelet. Instead of spinach, you can take a young salad.

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