What should be able to child in 4 years?

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Last reviewed: 19.10.2021

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Your child is actively growing. And now he is 4 years old. Have you noticed that your 4-year-old baby is becoming more independent and self-confident? If not, we wish you this next year. And what should be able to child in 4 years?

Emotional development of children in 4 years

Most of the children of this age are beginning to show their parents and their surroundings more and more autonomy, self-control and becoming more and more creative. They are now playing with their toys longer, trying to try some new actions and something tasty, and when they are upset, they are better able to express their emotions.

Although each child grows and develops at his own pace, your child will be able to go through most of the developmental stages of his age by the age of four. Here are the stages: speech, emotional, motor, social, everyday.

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Language and communication skills

Your curious and inquisitive child can now have a better conversation. In addition, your child’s vocabulary is growing - as his thought processes are activated. Not only is your child at 4 years old able to answer simple questions easily and logically, but he can already express his feelings much better.

Most children at this age love to sing, invent songs and make up words. They are energetic, and sometimes even too noisy.

  • The cognitive skills your child is at 4 years old include the following skills.
  • Speak clearly using more complex sentences
  • It is correct to call at least four colors and three shapes of an object: triangular, square, round
  • Know a few letters and maybe even write your own name (during the period from 4 to 5 years)
  • Better understand the length of time and the order of daily household activities, such as breakfast in the morning, lunch in the afternoon and dinner in the evening
  • Require more attention from parents
  • A child can perform two or three commands given in a row. For example, "Put a book, brush your teeth, and then go to bed."

A child may recognize familiar traffic signs, such as, for example, STOP. If you teach him, the child will remember his phone number and address, as well as his last name, the names of his mother and father.


Child's motor skills at 4 years

Children learn through the game, and it is very good for the development of your four year old baby. At this age, your child must be active, jump, throw a ball, climb the wall, and do it all with ease. Children at this age are so full of energy that they cannot be stopped the whole day.

Your four-year-old child can master the other stages of the movement in the coming year, and these skills include the opportunity.

  • Stand on one leg, however, no more than 9 seconds
  • Tumble and jump
  • Walk and run up and down the stairs without help
  • Going back and forth is pretty easy.
  • Pedal tricycle
  • Draw a triangle, circle, square and other simple shapes.
  • Draw a person or a simple animal, for example, a cat
  • Build a tower of cubes
  • To eat with a fork and spoon
  • Dress and undress, brush your teeth and take care of other personal needs without the special help of adults.


Child 4 years old: social development

At 4 years old, the child is no longer so self-centered. Now he understands that in this world it is not always about him. Therefore, he can understand that you need to give a cup to your mother or shake in the cradle of a younger brother. At this age, children begin to understand the feelings of others and sympathize with them. Your 4-year-old should be aware of the conflict and learn how to manage your emotions. For example, the baby wants him to buy a toy, and his mother has other plans. It is necessary to discuss alternative options with the baby. The main thing is to teach him to find a common language with other people, when they and the baby have different desires.

Social development that your child can achieve at this age:

  • Baby 4 years old likes to play with other children and make friends
  • A child can share toys with other children at least most of the time.
  • Understands the teams of adults and obeys the rules, but the 4-year-old baby will still be demanding and may refuse those games or actions that he does not like
  • Child 4 years more independent
  • A child at 4 years old sometimes confuses a fairy tale or dreams with reality.
  • A kid at 4 years old expresses his anger verbally, not physically (in most cases)


Child development at the age of 4: when is there a cause for concern?

All children grow and develop at their own pace. Do not worry if your child, in your opinion, has not yet reached any heights in development. But as your child grows older, gradual progress in growth and development must be observed. If your child is 4 years old with signs of a possible developmental delay, talk to your doctor.

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Possible signs of delayed development of the child in 4 years:

  • Very afraid, constantly shy, or, on the contrary, often shows aggression
  • Can not be alone or with a nanny, afraid when he is left without parents
  • Easily distracted and unable to concentrate on one task for more than five minutes.
  • Does not want to play with other children
  • He has a limited number of interests.
  • Do not make eye contact or talk with other people.
  • Cannot remember and give your first and last name.
  • Cannot distinguish between fantasy and reality
  • Often seems sad and unhappy, can not express a wide range of emotions
  • Can't build a tower using more than eight cubes.
  • The child has problems when drawing the line with a pencil.
  • Can't eat, sleep or use the bathroom.
  • He can not undress, brush his teeth, wash and wipe his hands without the help of adults.

If your child resists at the age of 4 does not want to do what he could have done before, for example, at 3 years old, be sure to tell the doctor about it. This may be a sign of impaired or delayed development. There are many treatments to help your child overcome these problems.

A child at 4 years old can already very much, this is fidget and mischievous, joy of the whole family. He will develop more and more, you only need to help him in this.

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