Birth of the third child, payments for the third child

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The birth of the third child is a holiday for the whole family. But mom and dad can get confused: at school and even more so in the maternity home mom was not taught to manage with so many children. And if the first and second child took all the attention, how now to cope with all three? And the parents are very often interested in the material side: what are the payments for the third child in Ukraine?

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The birth of the third child is a holiday for the whole family.

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Payments for the third child

The very first question that worries parents is to give the third child no fewer material benefits than the first and second. We need expenses for childbirth - and considerable - a stroller, diaper-loafers, and a full-fledged nutrition of both mother and baby. What are the payments in Ukraine for the third child?

The Law of Ukraine "On the state support of children and children" provides for a third child's allowance according to the amount of the subsistence minimum. This allowance is paid for children up to six years and is calculated starting from the birthday of the baby. The third child is paid 120 subsistence minimums. This amount since January 1, 2012 is 107 160 hryvnia. It is paid to the third and every next child. If a mother has twins, the second child is considered the next child, and she receives benefits for each of them.

One-time help, which is paid to the mother after the birth of the third baby - 8930 UAH. And the rest of the money from 107 160 UAH is paid to the family for 72 months, that is six years. The amount that is obtained as a result of these calculations is 1364.31 UAH per month. So many parents in Ukraine receive state aid for a third child and subsequent children.

How to allocate attention to all three children?

According to the opinion of psychologists and sociologists, biologically parents are programmed for at least two children. One child in the family is not as natural as two or three. But in the education of three children have their own characteristics. Here, parents should be able to reorient completely from themselves as the main "engine" of the family and learn how to distribute the powers.

If in a family with only one child, all attention is to him, then in a large family the attention of the parents is distributed among all three children, and then the parents must learn to give them instructions, make the children their full-fledged helpers, and not just the host.

Senior child

In no case should it be removed from the education of younger brothers and sisters. So the child will be included in the overall family process and he will have his roles there. For example, to shake a brother or sister, give mother water, water the flowers, clean your things. It is very important to understand that it is not possible to remove his responsibilities for help with the child from the child, but you can not overload it too much.

When the older child grows up, he needs to pay individual attention from time to time, which is now occupied by younger children. And the eldest child really misses the psychological role of the baby, pet, a darling, which is almost lost to him. From time to time it must be returned to the psychological niche of childhood - this is a very good therapy that gives the older child a sense of security.

Parents should know that every lesson of an older child should have a time frame so that it does not overload and the occupation does not cause nausea. So, for example, to rock the wheelchair more than 20 minutes in a row for a preschooler is difficult. More than half an hour of playing with a younger brother and sister can be a tedious task if the game does not match the age characteristics of the older child. If the older child is a middle-aged or older student, you can not shift all household chores and care for younger children - he should have his own time.

Second (middle) child

This child turns out to be like a middle one - between the elder, who is considered the most important and who has the most responsibilities, and the younger ones, who now receive the most attention of their parents, because he is the most defenseless for the time being. Therefore, the second (average) child may not receive enough attention from the parents. This gap must necessarily be filled, because children remain children much longer than parents think. They really need their attention and affection. Therefore, the second child should also be given a sense of its importance, significance, value.

He must have his duties in the family, and some of these responsibilities should concern the care of the younger child. Thus, your average person will feel more independent and responsible, and therefore more important for parents and himself.

How to prepare older children for the birth of a third child?

Approximately 3 months before the birth of the third child in the family, it is necessary to prepare for this older children. I need to tell them that now they will have a brother or sister and ask for their help and support. To make it easier for mom and dad to manage children, you need to adjust their daily routine so that older children fall asleep and wake up, bathe and eat around the same time. So Mom can save it.

Two children are also a company. Older children will not feel disjointed and will unite more if they help each other in doing housework and living in the same room. Now the second child automatically moves from the place of "younger", "pet" to the place of the average child. And it will be much easier for him if he is in the same liaison with the eldest.

Both children need to be told that their parents love them. Despite the employment, after the birth of the third child, parents must always observe simple traditions that are VERY IMPORTANT FOR CHILDREN. For example, wish them a good night, kissing the children, walk with them in the park in the evening from 18.00 to 18.30 or on Sunday to swing.

When these traditions are observed, the world of older children does not collapse and they understand that their parents still love them. They will be less capricious, pulling the carpet of attention to themselves, and more to help the father and mother.

The birth of a third child can completely change the family's way of life. But it depends on you, whether it will be a joy for everyone or add trouble.

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