What should a baby be able to do at 2 months?

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A child at 2 months can already quite a lot. In addition, parents by this point are taught to better understand their child. This greatly facilitates the care of him. Now parents need to know what a baby should be able to do at 2 months.

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General information about the skills of the child in 2 months

When a child turns 2 months old, his view changes. He is more focused when a child looks at something or someone. This behavior is different from the visual abilities of the newborn. Immediately after birth, the child’s gaze is distracted, and at 2 months it is already quite meaningful.

A baby at 2 months is already much less awake, after feeding it does not immediately fall asleep, and can walk in a crib.

With harsh sounds and bright light, the child reacts immediately - he cries in response. Parents by that time already know how to distinguish the features of a crying child and understand when he cries because of hunger, when - from cold, and when - from pain.

A child in 2 months likes to hear the voice of mom or dad, he aspires to communicate, but he himself, except for how to cry, cannot communicate his needs. Therefore it is worth talking to the baby as often as possible. When talking, it is desirable to change the timbre of the voice, this supports the interest of the child in the conversation of adults, and gradually he begins to make simple sounds himself. They are called a walk.

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Motor skills of a child at 2 months

Two-month-old children already control their body movements much better. This means that they can hold the head a little more steady, lying on the stomach or keep it upright.

In the second month of life, children continue to demonstrate a strong sucking reflex. The child likes to suck a fist or several fingers of their own. This is one of the best ways for babies to soothe themselves.

At the age of 2 months, your child does not yet have enough coordination to play with toys. But the child can hold the toy for a short time, if he is given it in his hands.

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Baby's sleep in 2 months

At this age, children sleep from 15 to 16 hours a day. But children of two months are usually not ready to sleep all night. This is especially true for babies who wake up at night every three hours to eat.

You can help your child learn to fall asleep on their own. To do this, move the child to bed, when he is still sleepy, but has not yet fallen asleep.

A child in 2 months should be taught to sleep on his back to reduce the risk of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS). You can give him enough time to lie on his stomach when your child is awake and you can control him. To make the baby’s spine develop properly, remove all the excess from the baby’s crib: pillows, blankets, soft toys and rattles.

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Child's vision at 2 months

At two months, children can see objects and people at a distance of up to 45 centimeters. This means that it is better for the child to see the parents when they are quite close, but the mother’s face is best seen by the child during feeding. The child is already able to follow the movements of the mother when she is nearby.

The hearing of the child also improves. A child in 2 months will especially enjoy listening to the sound of my mother's voice.


The second month of the child's life: communication

Communication of the child consists of crying. But you can also hear sounds like gurgling, grunts and even cooing from a child. A child in two months can recognize the face and voice of the mother and respond to them. You can even see on the face of the baby a hint of a smile - he will fully learn to smile later.

One of the most important things you can do at this age is to talk to your child. Yes, 2-month-old babies cannot talk, but they will react to the sound of mom's voice, and this encourages them to begin forming their first words in the coming months.

Tips for parents in the second month of the child's life

The first months of a child’s life are exciting and exciting at the same time for young parents. Do not be afraid to seek advice from a doctor when you need it. Your pediatrician is the best source of information, but family and friends can also help with their experiences.

Parents drive a lot today. As a result, children spend a lot of time in a special chair in car seats. Know that young children should be able to move in different positions during the day to train their muscles.

This will allow them to learn how to crawl and end up walking. Alternate the periods of movement of your child with walks in the stroller, do not forget to take your child in his arms - this is the best therapy for him. Children should not constantly sleep in a stroller or car seat.

Hugs and kisses, as well as talking parents is very important in the first months of your child. Do not forget to also massage the child.

When the baby screams, try a variety of soothing methods. Some children react to quiet, calm music or singing. Others are soothed by the so-called “white” noise (for example, a monotonously working radio). Experiment to find ways that work best for your 2 month old baby.

Parenting and playing with a child in 2 months

  1. Help your child concentrate visual attention on bright toys. Knowing the features of the baby's visual perception, in front of him you can move a bright doll at a distance of 25 cm from the face. Gradually, the child will learn to follow this toy and even smile a little. Drive a toy first vertically, then horizontally. This will allow the child to strengthen the eye muscles. When the child loses interest in the game, stop it.
  2. To develop the hearing of a child, hang rattles over it or toys with a melodious ring.
  3. Nothing that a child can talk to you yet. Sing rhythmic songs to him and read rhythmic children's poems. This will bring up the child's sense of rhythm.
  4. Exercise with your child. You can make him a "bicycle", taking the legs in his palm and twisting them in the air, as if the kid is riding a bicycle.
  5. Bathing and hardening is a very good way to strengthen the immune system of a two-month baby. When dousing and rubbing, the water temperature should first be not lower than 34 degrees, then gradually bring the water temperature to 24 degrees. Degrees decrease during the week, reducing the temperature of the water every day by two degrees.

Now you have learned that a child should be able to in 2 months. And he already knows a lot. He will learn even more if his parents give him enough attention.


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