Development of newborns

Reflex Moro in newborns

What are reflexes and why do they need a newborn baby? When the baby is in utero, the conditions for it there are quite favorable. But when a child is born, he needs to somehow adapt to environmental conditions.

Child's motor activity: patterns of formation

The development of the motor sphere of the child is one of the brightest and most surprising in terms of the richness of the transformations of the phenomena of age development - from the seeming impellent limitations and fetishability of the fetus and the newborn to the highest levels of sports technology, music and art.

Social development of the child

In addition to the processes of growth, development and biological maturation, the child goes through a complex path that can be designated by the term "socialization", or social development of the child.

Early development of children under one year old

Parents are always delighted when they observe how their child develops when they see his first successes. And each of them should understand that the early development of children under one year plays a very important role in the successful formation of the physical and overall growth of the baby.

Height and weight

All people are different and it's not even that they are different in nature and perception of the world, but that there are differences in appearance: different physique, height and weight.

Early Child Development

It is believed that the early development of the child is very important, because, beginning with the first month of life, his impetuous pace improves perception, memory, attention, thinking. By the time the kids go to school, they already know a huge amount of information.

What to do when a child is 11 months old?

If your child is 11 months old, that is almost a year, he already knows, understands and even is capable of some independent actions. In addition, the child begins to communicate with the adult world, albeit not yet clearly, with the help of gestures and facial expressions, however briefly and sufficiently concretely.

Child 9 months old

A child of 9 months is a kid who aspires to independence. He becomes a real fidget, regardless of what he does, crawls, moves around the perimeter of the bed, or plays.

Child 1 month: development and care

A child of 1 month is a long-awaited little miracle, which, besides joys, brings a lot of troubles and worries to newly-made parents. Mom is worried about literally everything - whether she is feeding the baby correctly, whether it is developing normally, whether enough milk and sleep for the child, what the regime should be and so on.

What to do when a child is 5 months old?

If your child is 5 months old, his development continues, and already in a multifaceted manner, and not only in the physiological field. The first sound combinations, active communication with parents through facial expressions and gestures, short ten-minute independent games, a well-developed grasping reflex, the ability to scatter rattles and the desire to break the book you like - that's far from a complete list of skills and abilities that a five-month-old kid gets.


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