To the child two days: about what to mum it is not necessary to experience

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Last reviewed: 01.06.2018

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Many mothers worry that something may happen to their baby all the time. In the first week of development - the so-called early neonatal period - the child adapts to the surrounding world. During this period they receive vaccinations, restore the color of the skin, face, are taught to drink mother's milk. When a child has two days, do not expect him to dramatically increase the weight and behavior of a one-year-old baby. How does the baby develop on the second day after birth?

Inoculations from diseases

Mummies should not worry about the health of the baby, because in the hospital he is vaccinated immediately after birth. On the first day (within 12 hours after birth), the baby receives an inoculation from type B hepatitis. If the service is of high quality in the maternity hospital, then the child may be given an ultrasound scan of the brain on the second day after birth to avoid possible deviations in development.

During the first two days after the birth of the child, all kinds of doctors will examine: a pediatrician, a surgeon, an orthopedist, a neuropathologist, an ENT. They will tell Mom about all the abnormalities, if any. But most often the baby is healthy, and the task of the mother is to eat fully and not to worry, so that she does not have breast milk. Otherwise than feed the crumbs?

To the child 2 days: appearance

In the first two days the baby gets a normal skin color, which we are used to seeing in healthy babies. When a child is born, his face can be wrinkled, red, and in general it may seem to his mother not as beautiful as she used to see kids in the pictures. But during the first two days the color of the child's skin is restored, and his eating habits and sleep patterns are also established. On these metamorphoses - the transformation of a small wrinkled little man into a fluffy baby with a delicate pink skin - it may take a week, or even two.

In the meantime, the baby's vessels are dilated, which gives a rush of blood to the skin and its unnatural bright red color. On the skin, diaper rash and irritation occur very quickly, the skin can peel off.

Physiological features of the child on the second day after birth

The first day after birth, a child can not add, but lose weight. This applies to the second day of life of the baby. At this time the intestines of the child are cleared from the stool, which is called meconium. A child can suck little, lose weight, lose weight, lose fluid. Therefore, on the second day after birth and throughout the first week, the weight of the baby can decrease by 9% compared to its weight at birth.

The body temperature of the baby 2 days old can also vary. On the second day after birth, it may decrease by about 2 degrees. Until the end of the week the temperature of a small child rises - can become very high, up to 40 degrees. Do not worry - this is the so-called transient temperature, which can be accompanied by a fever. At this time in the baby's body, harmful bacteria are actively being destroyed.

Sleep of the child in the first two days

In the first two days a child can sleep for a long time, does not wake up even for feeding at the appointed hours. It happens on the contrary - the kid is irritable, often and much crying, his sleep is alarming and short-lived. The child's sleep and feeding regimen is established within a week, or even two. In general it is recommended to feed the child every three hours, the rest of the time he can sleep. But some doctors are fans of natural feeding and sleeping, only in those hours when the child wants it.

If the baby does not sleep much and constantly cries, you need to inform the doctor about this, who will again examine the baby and tell you whether his body is normal. It happens that with a small amount of sleep the body of the child on the second day after birth is still normal, just this way, he builds up his relationships with the world around him.

To mother did not worry about the baby's dream, she should know that in the first and second days he can sleep up to 22 hours a day. By the end of the first month of life, the baby's sleep is reduced to 18 hours. But these are average indicators. In general, the number of hours for each kid individually.

To the child 2 days: how and how much it needs to be fed

In the first day, my mother still does not have high-grade milk - only colostrum. In the second - too. Milk for a week will come and be filled with the necessary substances for the child. Calorie content of colostrum in the first-second day is still very high - more than 2 times that of normal milk. In addition, the colostrum of the mother in the first few days after giving birth contains many substances beneficial to the child: vitamins, immunoglobulins, minerals.

A child on the second day after birth can take the mother's breast at least 2 times, a maximum of 20 times. But if the feeding regime is strictly by the hour, the mother can be saved from constant exhausting feedings. Gradually, the clock and the duration of feeding will be fine, but it takes time - from a week to two.

In the meantime, the baby can not break away from the chest for a long time - up to an hour. But he does not need as much milk. Mom should know that the optimal feeding time is up to half an hour. And this is the maximum for which the child receives the necessary amount of milk. In general, he gets the lion's share for 10 minutes.

With regard to servings, in the first days after birth, the child at a rate enough to 80 ml for feeding. These figures increase by the end of the first month of life of the child - up to 130 ml of milk per one feeding.

  • If the mother has little milk, it can be increased by supplementing (only on the advice of a doctor). This supplement can be an adapted mixture of milk, designed specifically for newborns.
  • If the milk is enough for the child and he is not sick, then during the first month he will start actively gaining weight.

To the child two days? Very good! May these two days be the happiest in the life of mom and dad.

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