Upbringing and care of the newborn

Proper bathing of a newborn baby

The first bathing of a newborn baby is recommended for the next day after mother and baby were at home.

Breast massage at feeding

Breast massage when feeding - in some cases this can be the only remedy that helps to reduce all the unpleasant consequences of breastfeeding. Very often the nursing mother meets with the problem of lactation due to milk stagnation or other causes, which brings painful sensations to the mother and does not bring the baby plenty.

Swimming for babies

A magnificent procedure that contributes to the physical development of the baby, is considered swimming for babies.

To the child of 9 days: about what parents did not know about him?

To the child of 9 days - what small term of a life. And how much time the child comprehends in this time! Doctors believe that the birth of a child on load can be compared with going into outer space. And all because for the child our world is a completely new environment, to which it must adapt in the shortest possible time.

7 greatest surprises after birth

Regardless of how many books about newborns you read or how much you feel prepared, after giving birth, you will still get surprises from your child.

The child is constantly crying: why not throw it alone?

Scientists-psychologists have two versions of the relation to children's crying. When a child cries, some doctors believe that you need to "give him a cry," others - that the child can not be left alone with his crying for more than 10 minutes. If a child often cries, you must always respond to his call. Why?

The attitude of parents towards a newborn affects its success in the future

The more love is shown by at least one of the parents to the child immediately after his birth, the more successful the child will be in adulthood.

24 ways to increase the production of breast milk

How to increase the amount of breast milk?

Children in a large family: 5 for and 4 against

Children in a large family have their own advantages and problems. In some countries, for example, such as ours, children from a large family have numerous benefits on receipt or receipt of material benefits. In China, on the contrary, they try to reduce the birth rate by restricting benefits for large families. Let's look at the pros and cons of a large family.

How to wean a child by hand?

Before weaning the child at hand, we need to ask ourselves the question: in what cases does the baby ask for his hands? Because not in all cases the child must be weaned from the hands, sometimes the mother's or father's hands are real salvation for the baby. For example, when a child is sick.


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