Where to make ultrasound?

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21 May 2015, 18:00

Where to make ultrasound, this question certainly arose for each of us. Consider the features of ultrasound, the main indications and contraindications to its conduct, as well as the addresses of medical centers and clinics.

Ultrasound is a diagnostic method that is based on the use of ultrasonic waves (air vibrations from 20 kHz to 1000 MHz, inaudible by humans) to examine the subcutaneous structures of the human body. With the help of ultrasound it is possible to examine tendons, muscles, internal organs, to reveal abnormalities in their functioning and possible pathologies.

The popularity of this diagnostic method is explained by its safety, low cost, high informativeness. In addition, ultrasound is one of the few methods that can be repeated if necessary.

There are several modes of operation of apparatus for ultrasound diagnosis, consider them:

  1. One-dimensional mode - the ultrasonic beam penetrates at one point in the tissue and is reflected. This mode is used to study the chambers of the heart, large vessels, cavities, cysts, wall thickness. The accuracy of this mode and its quality is much higher than in the other two modes.
  2. Two-dimensional, sectoral or 2D mode - provides a two-dimensional flat image at a certain depth of located structures. It is the simplest mode for perception, as it reflects the anatomical structure in the cross-section.
  3. Doppler mode - used to assess the characteristics of blood flow and quantify blood flow. The pulse-wave mode allows to estimate the blood flow at a given depth.

The accuracy of the ultrasonic examination depends on the diagnostic apparatus, the set of sensors, the software and the size of the monitor. Anatomical features of the patient's body, that is, various pathologies, and diseases also affect the quality of the resulting picture. Precisely because of these factors, ultrasound can give erroneous information. But there are a number of methods to improve the accuracy of the study. First of all, the patient must come prepared, that is, the study of that or body requires special preparation. For example, ultrasound of the kidney is done with a filled bladder, and gynecological ultrasound is recommended to be performed in different phases of the menstrual cycle.

But do not overestimate the importance of ultrasound, since the doctor-ultrasound gives a diagnosis, and the final diagnosis is made only by the attending physician. Therefore, some ultrasound data is not enough to diagnose, inspection, tests and a number of other examinations are necessary. In addition, ultrasound is a subjective technique, that is, different doctors treat the same data in different ways. Therefore, the qualification of the doctor and the preparedness of the patient for the study are very important.

Where can you make ultrasound?

Where can I make ultrasound and what are the advantages and disadvantages of this method? So, ultrasound diagnostics are carried out in medical centers and hospitals equipped with an ultrasound machine and qualified doctors performing the research.

Consider the main types of medical ultrasound in the study of body organs and systems:

  1. Anesthesiology - Ultrasound is used when it is necessary to inject an anesthetic into the area near the nerve fibers.
  2. Medical assistance (emergency) - used to examine the body after injuries. It allows to diagnose disorders of the cardiovascular system and organism.
  3. Gynecology and obstetrics - reveals bleeding, abnormalities in the work of organs and other pathologies. Ultrasound is administered to all pregnant women in order to follow the development of the fetus.
  4. Gastroenterology - with the help of ultrasound examines the organs of the abdominal cavity. The study reveals inflammatory processes and other pathologies in the pancreas, spleen, stomach and other organs.
  5. Musculoskeletal system - used to examine ligaments, tendons, the surface of bones, soft tissues, nerves.
  6. Cardiology and cardiovascular system - ultrasound is used to diagnose the heart and to detect abnormalities in the functioning of the heart valves and ventricles. With the help of ultrasound can determine the patency of blood vessels, thrombosis, narrowing of the arteries and other pathologies.
  7. Neurology and ophthalmology - allows you to detect narrowing of the arteries and disorders in the work of nerve fibers.
  8. Urology - UZD is used to study the pelvic organs and to determine violations in the functioning of the bladder, testicles, and the prostate.

As a rule, ultrasound examinations are conducted in the direction of the doctor. So, in some public institutions, they are being used by UZD and it is free. But there are many clinics and medical centers, which perform ultrasound without referral to a doctor at any time convenient for the patient.

Consider the main advantages and disadvantages of ultrasound:


  • Ultrasound research creates live images, which is very convenient for biopsy, injection and other methods that require visualization.
  • The study does not cause discomfort or long-term side effects.
  • Allows to consider muscle and soft tissues, the surface of the bone, organs. This is convenient when distinguishing structures filled with liquid and hard tissues.
  • Refers to inexpensive and affordable diagnostic methods, in comparison with computer and magnetic resonance imaging or screening.


  • Ultrasound does not give an image through the bone tissue, and when gas is generated between the sensor and the organ, ultrasound is blocked, which negatively affects the accuracy of the study.
  • The image quality depends on the physique of the patient. When diagnosing patients with excess weight, ultrasound is not always accurate, since the subcutaneous fat layer blocks ultrasound of the sensor.
  • The accuracy and reliability of the study depend on the professionalism of the operator, that is, the specialist who conducts ultrasound diagnostics.

Where is it better to do ultrasound?

Most people do not think about their health condition and only with obvious symptoms of illness seek medical help. Quickly identify the disease and determine its cause can be through ultrasound. Where it is better to make ultrasound and in what clinic to address, we will consider in detail these questions.

US is based on the ability of tissues of different density, to reflect ultrasonic waves. The received information is processed by a special apparatus and forms an image of organs or tissues on the monitor screen. Ultrasound is used in all areas of medicine and is one of the most common diagnostic methods. To date, many medical centers and hospitals have at their disposal ultrasound machines.

When planning to undergo this research and choosing the place where it is best to make uzi, it is worth carefully choosing a clinic and doctors who will be engaged in diagnostics. This is due to the fact that recently medicine is one of the spheres of business, that is, medical centers of ultrasound is a kind of way of earning money for their owners. But not all of them have a medical education and can correctly interpret the results of the study. Therefore, you need to carefully collect information about the clinics and hospitals in which you plan to do ultrasound.


  • Medical Center "Boris" - st. Bolshaya Vasilkovskaya, 55A, tel. (044) 238-00-00.
  • Clinic "Virtus" - st. Konstantinovskaya, 57, tel. (044) 332-44-00.
  • The network of medical clinics "Viva" - ul. Porika 9A, tel. (044) 238-20-20.
  • Medical Center "Agapit" - st. Nikolay Lebedev, 14A, tel. (044) 292-23-43.
  • St. Panteleimon Medical Center - ul. Simferopol, 19/1, ph. (044) 594-94-55.


  • Clinic "Family" - st. Heroes Panfilovtsev, 1, ph. (499) 705-27-16.
  • Clinic "MedCenterService" - st. Aviamotornaya, 41B, tel. (499) 641-12-87.
  • Clinic "Dobromed" - st. Krasnodonskaya, 12, tel. (499) 649-24-31.
  • Medical Center "Euro-Med" - st. Mnevniki, tel. 6, (499) 649-39-87.
  • Medical Center "Mositalmed" - st. Arbat, 28, ph. (495) 956-15-03.

St. Petersburg:

  • Clinic "Medica" - Toreza Avenue, 72, tel. (812) 424-49-31.
  • Clinic "University" - st. Tavricheskaya, 1, tel. (812) 389-34-64.
  • MediAlif Clinic - ul. Furniture, 47K, tel. (812) 424-32-61.
  • The clinic "Medpomoshch 24" - Balkanskaya square, 5, ph. (812) 389-49-63.
  • Medical Center "ProfiMED" - Yuri Gagarin Avenue, 1, tel. (812) 748-29-95.

Where to make a paid ultrasound?

Many patients are faced with the fact that when you direct the doctor to an ultrasound study, you have to wait long lines in the clinic or hospital. That is why the question arises where to make a paid ultrasound.

  1. If you received a referral from a doctor in Kiev, then the following clinics will work for you, in which ultrasound is done qualitatively, quickly and inexpensively:
  • Center for laboratory diagnostics "Dneprolab" performs all kinds of ultrasound for pregnant women, as well as diagnostics of kidneys, joints, pelvic organs and other types of research. Prices from 120 to 400 UAH. On different types of research.

Address: st. Ivan Kramskoy, 9, tel. (044) 284-00-00.

  • The multidisciplinary clinic "Oberig" conducts ultrasound of the pelvic organs, cardiovascular system, head, as well as diagnosis of pregnant women from the first month after conception. The cost of diagnosis is from 200 to 1000 UAH., Depending on the type of ultrasound.

Address: st. Zoological, 3, ph. (044) 390-03-03.

  • The national children's specialized hospital "Ohmadet" is perfect for passing the ultrasound diagnosis for young patients. Reception by appointment.

Address: st. Sretenskaya, 7/9, tel. (044) 272-15-91.

  • Medical clinic "Viva" performs ultrasound of all kinds for patients of all ages. The cost of the study is from 190 to 1200 UAH. Depending on the direction of the SPL. The medical center has several branches all over Kiev, by calling the registry, you can find out the address closest to you.

Address: st. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.

  • The clinic "Medicom" conducts ultrasound for pregnant and children, as well as ultrasound of all directions and organs. Prices for services from 170 UAH.

Address: 6 Geroev Stalingrad Avenue, tel. (044) 503-77-77.

  1. In Moscow, many medical clinics and hospitals that provide paid ultrasound services:
  • In the center of ultrasound diagnosis can be an ultrasound in pregnancy, as well as studying the uterus, mammary glands, gall bladder, liver, heart and other internal organs. The cost of the service is from 600 rubles.

Address: st. Academician Yangel 6A, tel. (495) 387-05-61.

  • International Medical Center "MositalMed" conducts ultrasound of the organs of the small pelvis, kidneys, joints and other organs. The Center provides SPL services for pregnant women and patients of all ages.

Address: st. Arbat, 28/1, tel. (495) 956-17-67.

  • The network of capital medical clinics "Be Healthy" performs all kinds of ultrasound. Professional specialists will conduct for you ultrasound of the kidneys, liver, joints, mammary glands, thyroid and pelvic organs.

Address: st. Suschevsky Val, 12, tel. (495) 782-88-82.

  • Clinic "MedCenterService" - diagnostics of all organs and systems in patients of any age. Reception is carried out by appointment.

Address: st. Aviamotornaya, 41B, (from the inside of the building, 3rd floor), tel. (499) 641-12-87.

  • In the multifaceted medical center "Euromedprestige" you can go through any kind of diagnosis, including dopplerography. For the passage of an ultrasound study, it is not necessary to have a medical direction.

Address: st. Don, 28, ph. (495) 225-52-05.

  1. In St. Petersburg, the procedure is carried out in the following clinics:
  • Multidisciplinary medical center "Meditsentr" performs all types of ultrasound diagnostics. Ultrasound is performed on a high-tech device, which allows you to obtain a quality image that is close to CT.

Address: Alley Polikarpova, 6, building. 2, bodies (812) 640-55-25.

  • The network of medical centers and laboratories "MedLab" conduct ultrasound of joints, kidneys, pelvic organs, abdominal cavity, heart, vessels. The center serves pregnant women and performs ultrasound for children.

Address: 10th Line of Vasilievsky Island, 15, tel. (812) 490-64-88.

  • The international medical clinic "MEDEM" provides ultrasound scanning services for all organs for patients of all ages. The clinic performs Doppler study and other diagnostic procedures.

Address: st. Marata, 6, tel. (812) 336-33-33.

International Medical Center "Sogaz" performs all types of ultrasound diagnostics. The study can be done both in the direction of the doctor, and by appointment in the center.

Address: st. Malaya Konushennaya, 8A, tel. (812) 406-88-88.

  • Specialists of the multidisciplinary medical center "Grange" do any kind of ultrasound, including 4d and 3d diagnostics. Before the passage of ultrasound, it is recommended to call the medical center and learn more about the preparation for the procedure.

Address: st. Marata, 25A, tel. (812) 363-00-63.

Where is ultrasound done for free?

Where to make ultrasound for free and how to get the opportunity to undergo this study without payment. So, free ultrasound can be done in the direction of the doctor. That is, the doctor gives recommendations to this diagnostic method, indicates the clinic and specialist. Often, polyclinics, maternity hospitals and hospitals have their own ultrasound machines, so it is enough to ask the attending doctor about the possibility of free ultrasound diagnosis.

You can do ultrasound for free with a routine examination. As a rule, this is encountered when passing a medical commission and pregnant women. That is, they have the opportunity to undergo scanning without payment according to the doctor's prescription. Such a service can be used by the owners of the insurance policy, which provides medical care.

Where to make ultrasound on Sunday?

Where to make ultrasound on Sunday, this is an urgent issue for people who need to urgently undergo a diagnostic study. A similar procedure at weekends is popular with those who can not get out to the medical center or clinic on a weekday. Consider where you can pass an ultrasound examination on a day off.


  • Metropolitan Clinic - st. Lepse, 4A, tel. (044) 599-00-03.
  • Clinic of Emergency Medical Services of St. Luke - Krasnozvezdny Avenue, 17, tel. (044) 200-03-11.
  • Clinic "Hippocrates" - boulevard of Ivan Lepse, 4, ph. (044) 454-04-04.
  • Medical Center "Boris" - Nicholas Bazhana Avenue, 12A, tel. (044) 238-00-00.
  • American Medical Center - st. Berdichevskaya, 1, ph. (044) 490-76-00.


  • Multidisciplinary clinic "MedTsentrServis" - st. Aviamotornaya, 41B, tel. (499) 641-12-87.
  • The medical center "European Clinic" - a lane Dukhovsky, 22B, tel. (499) 750-05-50.
  • Clinical Hospital "MEDSI" - travel Botkinsky 2-nd, 5 building 3, and building 4, tel. (499) 704-52-41.
  • Road Clinical Hospital. ON. Semashko - st. Stavropol, 23K1, tel. (499) 266-98-98.
  • Clinic "The First Doctor" - st. Kievskaya, 22, ph. (495) 921-33-99.

St. Petersburg:

  • Clinic "BaltMed" - the village of Pargolovo, Vyborg highway, 5k1, 1, tel. (812) 612-70-49.
  • International clinic "MEDEM" - st. Marata, 6, tel. (812) 336-33-33.
  • NMHTS them. N.I. Pirogova St. Petersburg Clinical Complex - Cadet line, 15, tel. (812) 676-25-33.
  • The clinic "Euromed" - prospectus Suvorovsky, 60, tel. (812) 327-03-01.
  • Institute of First Aid to them. I.I. Dzhanelidze - st. Budapest, 3, tel. (812) 384-46-99.

Clinics where you can do ultrasound

Modern multidisciplinary clinics, where you can make ultrasound is in every city, and ultrasound machines, in many hospitals and clinics. The popularity of this method of diagnosis is explained by its cheapness, simplicity, safety and quality. Using ultrasound scanning, you can identify serious diseases in the initial stages and prevent their development. With the help of ultrasound it is possible to control the process of recovery and, if necessary, change the course of therapy.

USD can be passed in the direction of a doctor, both in a public medical institution free of charge or for a minimum payment, and in a private clinic. And in the first and second cases, the quality of the research is high, so the choice of the clinic remains for the patient.

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Clinics of Kiev where you can make uzi

Clinics in Kiev, where you can make ultrasound are very versatile in choosing a method of diagnosis and communication with the patient. Due to modern equipment and competent doctors, ultrasound examination is qualitative, which is a guarantee of reliable data for diagnosis. Consider the most popular clinics:

  • The network of Viva multidisciplinary clinics performs all types of ultrasound diagnostics, including 3D and 4D studies. The clinics are located in all districts of Kyiv, which is a significant advantage for patients. The clinic works without days off from 8 to 21, but before going to the procedure, it is recommended to call the registry and sign up, this will help to avoid the queue.

Address: st. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.

  • The Medical Center of the ACMD-MEDOX is located in the center of Kiev and offers a wide range of diagnostic procedures and comprehensive medical assistance. In the clinic you can do not only ultrasound, but also CT, MRI, ECG and other procedures.

Address: st. Petropavlovskaya, 14D, tel. (044) 393-09-3.

  • The medical clinic of a wide profile "Olgerd" provides all kinds of ultrasound diagnostics, as well as consultations with qualified doctors. In "Olgerd" it is possible to pass the diagnosis of the whole organism as soon as possible and at affordable prices.

Address: 36 Akademika Vernadsky Boulevard, tel. (044) 422-95-05.

Clinics in Moscow where you can make uzi

Clinics in Moscow where you can make ultrasound work with patients of any age. But there are also specialized medical centers that take a survey of children or diagnose diseases of the female body.

  • Multidisciplinary clinic "MedCenterService" offers patients a wide range of services. In the clinic, you can go through any type of diagnosis and get a quality consultation from professional doctors.

Address: st. Aviamotornaya, 41b, from the inside of the building, 3rd floor, tel. (499) 641-12-87.

  • The Hippocrates Medical Center provides medical and diagnostic assistance. In the clinic, you can take all the necessary tests and examinations.

Address: st. Ground Val, 20s3, 2 floor, tel. (499) 704-30-82

  • The network of Dobrimod clinics is located throughout Moscow. In the clinic you can do any kind of ultrasound diagnosis, take tests and get advice from a doctor. The special feature of "Dobriedom" is that on the basis of the diagnostic center there is a full-fledged stationary clinic where you can undergo treatment.

Address: st. Krasnodonskaya, 13 Building 2, tel. (499) 649-24-31.

Clinics of St. Petersburg where you can make uzi

Some clinics in St. Petersburg where you can do ultrasound work around the clock, which is popular with patients. Consider the multi-disciplinary diagnostic centers:

  • Medical Center "Longevity" provides services for ultrasound diagnostics, as well as consultations with qualified doctors.

Address: 4, Krestyansky per., Tel. (812) 425-30-31.

  • "Almeda" is a multidisciplinary medical center that provides services in several areas of medicine. In the clinic, you can undergo ultrasound and other types of diagnostics, as well as visit a dentist, a cosmetologist and a chiropractor.

Address: st. Dimitrova, 8k2, 1st floor, tel. (812) 425-36-79

  • The multi-profile medical center "Granti-Med" has been providing diagnostic services to residents of St. Petersburg for more than ten years. The clinic employs specialists from different fields of medicine, which guarantees an integrated approach to solving any health problem.

Address: st. Chekistov, 22, tel. (812) 425-35-61.

Where to make ultrasound, and how effective such a diagnosis, such questions arise in many patients who have been prescribed ultrasound procedure. But do not worry, because today, ultrasound diagnosis refers to the safest and best methods of research of the body. Observance of all rules of preparation for ultrasound and compliance with the requirements of a doctor is a guarantee of a qualitative, rapid and reliable examination.

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