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Where to make ultrasound to a child?

26 May 2015, 12:00

Where to make ultrasound to a child and what are the main indications for conducting this diagnostic method? So, ultrasound is carried out in the first months of their lives. This is necessary for the study of fontanel, hip joints and abdominal organs, in order to detect abnormalities and pathologies in time. Ultrasound is also prescribed for older children, as a method of monitoring the state of the body or controlling the treatment of diseases.

Indication for sonography:

  • Mandatory preventive examinations of babies up to one year.
  • The appearance of painful sensations of inexplicable origin.
  • Identification of disease and pathologies.
  • Control over the treatment process.
  • Hereditary predisposition to various ailments.

Ultrasound is performed in a children's polyclinic or a medical center. To date, many hospitals have devices for carrying out ultrasound.


  • Medical Center "Euroclinic" - st. Melnikova, 16, tel. (044) 483-483-4.
  • Medical Center "Ditina" - Alisher Navoi Avenue, 3, tel. (044) 540-44-40.
  • Children's Medical Center "KinderLab" - st. Knyazhy Zaton, 9, tel. (044) 574-93-36.
  • The clinic "Yurinmed" - st. Miropolskaya, 15B, tel. (044) 332-61-61.
  • Clinic "Stolichnaya" - st. Lepse, 4A, tel. (044) 454-04-44.

Ultrasonic research in pediatrics in Moscow:

  • Children's medical center "Inpromed" - st. Azovskaya, 24, тел. (495) 374-79-43.
  • The clinic "Euromed" - st. Krasina, 14, tel. (495) 204-32-58.
  • Clinic "Be Healthy" - ul. Suschevsky Val, 12, tel. (495) 782-88-82.
  • City Clinical Hospital № 13 Reception of children's department - st. Velozavodskaya, 1/1, tel. (495) 674-51-31.
  • Morozov Children's City Clinical Hospital - lane Dobryninsky, 1/9.

Addresses of diagnostic centers for children in St. Petersburg:

  • Multidisciplinary Medical Center MSCh No. 157 - ul. Varshavskaya, 100, tel. (812) 415-37-00.
  • Consultative and diagnostic center for children - st. Oleko Dundicha, 36, tel. (812) 708-29-36.
  • Medi Clinic - Komendantsky Avenue, 17, tel. (812) 777-00-00.
  • Children's Hospital № 19 named. K.A. Raukhfusa - Ligovsky Lane, 8, tel. (812) 578-75-53.
  • City counseling center "Juventa" - Staro-Peterhof avenue, 12, tel. (812) 644-57-57.

Where to make ultrasound to a newborn?

Where to make ultrasound to a newborn is an urgent issue for all parents who care about the health of their baby. Ultrasound examination is mandatory for children aged 1-2 months. Such an early diagnosis allows us to identify congenital pathologies and begin rapid treatment with a more accurate prognosis for recovery. As a rule, newborns are carried out ultrasound of the brain, the study of the kidneys and organs of the abdominal cavity, diagnosis of the cardiovascular system and large vessels, as well as ultrasound of the hip joints.

Ultrasonic diagnosis of the newborn consists of different types of studies, which the pediatrician appoints depending on the clinical symptoms of the baby. Let's consider more in detail the main types of ultrasound of newborns:

Brain research (neurosonography) is carried out if the child has had complications, the baby was born prematurely, at birth was asphyxia, convulsions or birth trauma. In the first month after birth, the uzi is prescribed with the rapid growth of the child's head, multiple small developmental abnormalities, and suspected pathology. The study is carried out through the fontanel.

  • Ultrasound of the abdominal cavity is also considered a planned study, but when there are complaints, it is carried out unscheduled. Diagnosis is carried out on an empty stomach, and a few days before the procedure, the nursing mother should exclude from the diet products that cause gas formation.
  • Diagnosis of the hip joint - is performed to detect congenital joint diseases, in particular congenital dislocation of the hip and dysplasia.

About where to do ultrasound to a newborn can tell the pediatrician. In addition, the doctor gives a direction in which it is indicated which systems and organs require ultrasound diagnosis. Often, in perinatal centers, ultrasound is done free of charge for newborns, this also applies to maternity homes. Let's consider the basic clinics and medical centers in which it is possible to pass UZD:

Diagnosis of babies in Kiev:

  • "Uniklinika" - st. Obolonskaya Embankment 11, building 2, tel. (044) 379-19-11.
  • Androtsentr - Goloseevsky Avenue, 59B, tel. (044) 502-33-03.
  • Children's clinic "Dobrobut" - st. Dragomanova, 21A, tel. (044) 495-28-88.
  • Clinic "Viva" - st. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.
  • Clinic "My family" - st. Voloshskaya, 50/38, tel. (044) 22-77-330.

Ultrasound for babies in Moscow:

  • Children's polyclinic "Markusha" - st. Ural, 23, building 4, tel. (495) 460-39-55.
  • The clinic "Euromed" - st. Krasina, 14, tel. (495) 204-32-58.
  • Clinic "Medicine" - lane 2-nd Tverskoy-Yamskaya, 10.
  • «GMS Clinic» - st. 2-ya Yamskaya, 9, tel. (495) 781-55-77.
  • Center for Endosurgery and Lithotripsy - Highway of Enthusiasts, 62, tel. (495) 788-33-88.

USD of newborns in St. Petersburg:

  • Prenatal genetic center, Women's consultation № 19 - st. Turku 5/13, tel. (812) 410-98-10.
  • Medical Center "Exclusive" - st. Krasnoputilovskaya, 8, tel. (812) 570-80-80.
  • Medical Center "NaVita" - st. Trefolev, 15, tel. (812) 924-68-12.
  • Multifield clinic "Profi Medica" - Bogatyrsky Avenue, 64, tel. (812) 699-99-88.
  • The medical center "Prophylaxis" - Engels Avenue, 50, tel. (812) 554-16-94.
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