Where to make ultrasound in pregnancy?

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31 May 2015, 18:00

Where to make ultrasound in pregnancy is an urgent issue for future parents. Ultrasound is performed according to the doctor's prescription, usually at 12-14 weeks, as well as in the second and third trimesters. Diagnosis is necessary to control the course of pregnancy and fetal development. With its help it is possible to identify pathologies and disorders at an early stage.

  • If the diagnosis is carried out at 5-8 weeks, then its purpose is to confirm the fact of pregnancy and the place of attachment of the fetal egg. The doctor finds out the viability of the fetus, that is, the motor activity and the presence of cardiac contractions. Mandatory is the measurement of the bladder, as well as clarifying the condition of the placenta and water.
  • In the case of SPD at 12-14 weeks, the doctor receives data on the expected date of delivery and specifies the period of gestation. Measure the thickness of the collar zone, since the indicators below or above the norm may indicate the presence of chromosomal diseases.
  • On the 22-24th week, ultrasound is used to exclude various abnormalities in fetal development. They study the condition of the placenta and water, compare the size of the fetus with the corresponding development period. During this period, you can determine the sex of the future baby.
  • In the last trimester, that is, at 32-34 weeks, the study is aimed at checking the same parameters as in previous diagnoses. The doctor examines the position of the fetus relative to childbirth, the possibility of cord embryos, activity and the baby's well-being. The results of the study are needed to compile a birth plan.


  • Clinic "Medicom", women's consultation - st. Borschagovskaya, 129/131, tel. (044) 503-05-55.
  • Institute of Clinical Medicine - ul. Hetman Vadim, 3, tel. (044) 503-66-30.
  • Clinic "MedErbis" - Okipnoy Raisy street, 10B, tel. (044) 569-01-22.
  • Medical Center "Sinegro-honey" - st. Vishnyakovskaya, 13, tel. (044) 577-08-62.
  • "Uniklinika" - st. Obolonskaya Embankment 11, building 2, tel. (044) 379-19-11.


  • Clinic "Doctor Ozone" - st. Starokachalovskaya, 6, tel. (495) 711-01-65.
  • Clinic "Happy Family" - st. Minskaya, 1G, tel. (495) 788-97-99.
  • The network of multi-profile clinics "Your Health" - ul. Pererva, 52/1, tel. (495) 649-23-16.
  • Medical center "VitamaMed" - st. Seslavinskaya, 10, tel. (495) 971-60-17.
  • Medical Center "World of Women" - Rublevskoe shosse, 81/2, tel. (495) 777-38-48.

St. Petersburg:

  • The family medicine clinic "Medi na Nevsky" - Nevsky prospect, 82, tel. (812) 777-00-00.
  • Medical Center "Professor" - st. Tchaikovsky, 42, tel. (812) 272-70-24.
  • Scientific Research Institute of Obstetrics and Gynecology named after DO Ott - Mendeleyevskaya line, 3, tel. (812) 325-32-20.
  • Perinatal center "Roddom № 2 at Furshtatskaya" - st. Furshtatskaya, 36A, tel. (812) 458-76-76.
  • Center of Fetal Medicine (Prenatal Genetic Center) - 14th line of Vasilievsky Island, 7, tel. (812) 677-14-08.

Where to do 3D ultrasound?

Where to do 3d, as a rule, is interested in future parents. Since recently this method of diagnosis is very popular, because it allows you to look at the baby in the womb. But 3d diagnostics is used not only in gynecology, but in the study of all organs and systems of the body. Ultrasound 3d is a volumetric ultrasonography and its difference from a two-dimensional study is that it shows a three-dimensional image of the organ under study. The spectrum of application of this technology is wide, it is used in gynecology and obstetrics, urology, surgery, cardiology and even in endocrinology.

This procedure is especially popular in obstetrics, as it gives a unique opportunity to follow the development of the fetus and to know the sex of the unborn child. Most often, the diagnosis is carried out to 12 and 30-34 weeks of gestation. At the same time, it is better to carry out the research in the direction and permission of the doctor. In the process of USM, if the future parents wish, the doctor takes pictures of the baby's movements.

Consider the popular clinics and medical centers that provide the service of ultrasound 3d.


  • Clinic of Reproductive Medicine "BioTexCom" - st. Otto Schmidt, 2/6, tel. (044) 592-66-03.
  • Institute of Genetics and Reproduction - ul. Zoological, 3D, tel. (044) 223-48-88.
  • Clinic for Family Planning Problems - Krasnozvezdny Avenue, 17, tel. (044) 244-77-53.
  • Clinic "Omega-Kiev" - st. Vladimirskaya, 81, tel. (044) 287-33-17.
  • Clinic "Isis" - Boulevard I.Lepse, 65, ph. (044) 251-21-01.


  • Center for Fetal Medicine - ul. Myasnitskaya, 32, tel. (495) 532-90-00.
  • Network of polyclinics "Family doctor" - Polyclinic № 1, st. Vorontsovskaya, 19A, tel. (495) 780-07-71.
  • Clinic "Doctor Ozone" - Khoroshevskoe highway, 72, tel. (495) 941-45-61.
  • Clinic "Medline-Service" - Warsaw highway, 158, ph. (495) 387-00-00.
  • Medical Center for Women's Health - Kutuzovsky Avenue, 33, tel. (495) 797-78-25.

St. Petersburg:

  • Center of ultrasound diagnostics ultrasound 21 century - st. Olkhovaya, 6, tel. (812) 342-89-05.
  • Clinic "D-Med" - St. Petersburg Highway 48, tel. (812) 386-99-81.
  • Perinatal center Maternity hospital № 2 on Furshtatskaya - st. Furshtatskaya, 36A, tel. (812) 458-76-76.
  • Prenatal genetic center, Women's consultation number 5 - st. Ordzhonikidze, 21, tel. (812) 920-26-24.
  • Central Clinic "Scandinavia" - Liteiny Avenue, 55A, tel. (812) 600-77-77.

Where to make a 4D ultrasound?

Where to make a 4d ultrasound and what is the difference between this study and this type of diagnosis? So, ultrasound 3 and 4d are delimited quite arbitrarily, since 3d is an opportunity to get a photo in the process of research, and 4d is a photo and video. That is, 4d ultrasound is a diagnosis in the video mode. In addition, if the usual ultrasound is done within 15-20 minutes, then the 4d diagnosis takes 30 to 60 minutes. If an ultrasound is performed for a pregnant woman, then its advantage is that it can reveal various defects and pathologies in the fetus. With the help of ultrasound examination of organs and tissues it is possible to accurately diagnose the disease and in the future to make the right treatment.

But turning to the clinic or medical center for ultrasound 4d, it is worthwhile to ask about which equipment, that is, the scanner is used, whether it is harmful to the body and what pictures it does. Like any other method of diagnosis, ultrasound is best done in the medical field. First, having a referral, diagnosis can be done free of charge, since some hospitals have ultrasound machines. And secondly, the doctor's recommendations to such a study facilitate the work of specialists involved in ultrasound.


  • Metropolitan Clinic (based on the Hippocrates clinic) - ul. Lepse, 4A, tel. (044) 599-00-03.
  • Institute for Family Planning (IPF) - ul. Plato of Mayboroda, 8.
  • Clinic "Omega-Kiev" - st. Vladimirskaya, 81, tel. (044) 287-33-17.
  • Clinic "Obereg" - st. Zoological, 3, ph. (044) 390-03-03.
  • Clinic "Ultrasound Pro" - st. Baggovutovskaya, 38, ph. (044) 331-91-11.


  • Center for Immunology and Reproduction - ul. Lublin, 112.
  • Medical Center "Hope" - st. Khabarovsk, 4, ph. (495) 603-78-12.
  • Medical Center "Petrovsky Gates" - Kolobovsky Lane, 4, tel. (495) 125-28-46.
  • Polyclinic №4 "Family doctor" - st. Medynskaya, 9, tel. (495) 775-47-06.
  • Center "Delta Clinic" - Lane Mentor, 6, tel. (495) 984-06-14.

St. Petersburg:

  • Medical center - Alley Polikarpova, 6, building 2, tel. (812) 640-55-25.
  • Medical Center "Profimed" - Y. Gagarin Avenue, 1, tel. (812) 336-29-55.
  • Clinic "Doctor" - Bolshevikov Avenue, st. Lazo, 5, tel. (812) 577-69-60.
  • Perinatal Center Maternity Hospital No.2 on Furshtatskaya Street. Furshtatskaya, 36A, tel. (812) 458-76-76.
  • Perinatal genetic center, women's consultation number 22 - st. Siqueiros, 10/2, tel. (812) 908-35-55.

Where can I make a fetal ultrasound?

Where to make ultrasound of the fetus and from what period of pregnancy it is possible to undergo this study, we will consider the features of the procedure. So, ultrasonic examination of the fetus is the main diagnostic method used during pregnancy. The number of procedures and the frequency of their conduct is determined by the gynecologist observing the woman. Depending on the period of pregnancy, the SPL has different purposes, but, as a rule, the number of planned procedures does not exceed 5-6 times.

The ultrasound of the fetus is carried out at the 5th-7th week of pregnancy. The study is necessary to assess the intrauterine development of the embryo and the elimination of malformations. At 11-13 weeks, the heart is being studied, and at 19-21 weeks the size of the fetus, the condition of the placenta and determine the sex of the unborn child. At 32-34 weeks, that is, in the last trimester of pregnancy, ultrasound diagnosis is necessary to determine the approximate weight of the baby, the condition of the umbilical cord and the commensurability of the birth canal of the woman and the baby's head. With the help of ultrasound scanning it is possible to prevent possible complications during the childbirth process.

The main types of ultrasound of the fetus and the method of their conduct:

  • Transabdominal

In carrying out this type of study, the sensor is placed on the abdomen of the expectant mother. Ultrasound is performed with a complete bladder. For 2 hours before the procedure a woman should drink at least a liter of liquid and do not go to the toilet.

  • Transvaginal

The ultrasound sensor is inserted into the vagina, while the woman's bladder should be empty. Unlike the transabdominal, this study is more accurate. But more and more often women resort to ultrasound in 3D and 4d format, which makes it possible to visualize the future child on the monitor screen.

In addition to planned examinations, a pregnant woman may be assigned an unscheduled ultrasound of the fetus. The main indications for it: pain in the lower abdomen and spotting from the genital tract. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that ultrasound is not harmful to the child and does not affect its normal development.

In Kiev:

  • The network of medical clinics "Viva" - ul. Lavrukhina, 6, tel. (044) 238-20-20.
  • "Capital Hospital" - st. Lepse, 4A, tel. (044) 454-04-44.
  • Clinic of Reproductive Medicine "Hope" - st. Maxim Krivonos, 19A, tel. (044) 537-75-97.
  • Medical center "Atlanta" - st. Dragomanova, 17, tel. (044) 572-00-60.
  • Medical Center "K.MEDICAL GROUP" - st. Mezhigorskaya, 87A, tel. (044) 545-63-15.

In Moscow:

  • Center for Fetal Medicine - ul. Myasnitskaya, 32, tel. (495) 215-12-15.
  • Medical center "Onmed" - st. 7-th Parkovaya, 19, ph. (495) 231-20-71.
  • Specialized clinic "Women's Health Center" - Kutuzovsky Avenue, 33, tel. (495) 790-07-79.
  • Medical Center "Home Clinic" - Leninsky Prospect, 102, tel. (499) 133-53-85.
  • Polyclinic № 1 "Family doctor" - st. Vorontsovskaya, 19A, tel. (495) 125-27-69.

In St. Petersburg:

  • Medical Center "Health" - Koroleva Avenue 48/5, tel. (812) 306-27-72.
  • Center for Ultrasound Diagnostics - Udarnikov Avenue, 21, tel. (812) 244-53-34.
  • Clinic "Aymed" - st. Stakhanovtsev, 13, tel. (812) 389-20-16.
  • Medical Center "Mart" - Maly VO, 54/3, tel. (812) 245-36-49.
  • Multidisciplinary medical center "Grange" - st. Marata, 25A, tel. (812) 363-00-63.

If a pregnant woman complains of poor health, severe toxicosis or suffers from a hereditary disease, then an additional ultrasound is performed. But, as a rule, for the entire pregnancy, ultrasonic diagnostics are carried out 5 to 10 times.

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