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Resveratrol: a new step towards rejuvenation

A group of leading genetic scientists from the UK created a new way to restore aging cell structures. The basis of the new technique is the use of natural phenol - resveratrol.

28 February 2018, 09:00

Nanoparticles will come to the rescue with endometrial cancer

The possibilities of treating cancer are expanding every year. However, statistics is still disappointing: in every six patients with endometrial cancer, 1-2 cases result in a fatal outcome.

16 February 2018, 09:00

Biologists suggest that the use of smartphones can lead to a change in the shape of the brush

World experts in the field of biology and medicine assure that the regular daily use of smartphones in a few centuries or millennia will affect the shape of the human hand: over time, the hand will naturally "adapt" for better and more comfortable use of the mobile device.

06 December 2017, 09:00

Scientists have told, that occurs to the person at absence of a dream

What will happen to a person if you do not give him the opportunity to sleep: a day, two, a week?

04 December 2017, 09:00

A non-standard and effective method for treating kidney stones has been discovered

Scientists accidentally found an effective way to get rid of pain in kidney stones: this method is unexpected and even very pleasant.

29 November 2017, 09:00

Scientifically proven the benefits of meditation for health

Scientific experts representing Harvard Medical College (United States) conducted several studies, on the basis of which they concluded: meditation is really useful. 

22 November 2017, 09:00

Eczema in a child can be a consequence of a lack of vitamin PP in the mother

Leading English scientists - scientific representatives of the University of Southampton - proved that the lack of nicotinamide (vitamin PP) during pregnancy increases the risk of eczema in a newborn baby.

15 November 2017, 09:00

A new generation of molecular retina prostheses has been tested

Scientists from Catalonia have completed a long work on the creation of photosensitive molecules for use in molecular retinal prosthetics.

01 November 2017, 09:00

Admission of analgesics affects the buildup of muscle mass

Many men and women who lead an active lifestyle and regularly train in gyms, often put stress on building their own muscle mass.

25 October 2017, 09:00

A plaster with estrogen returns to women a sexual attraction

Statistics states: women with the approach of menopause suffer not only from many unpleasant symptoms, but also from the growing indifference to sex.

23 October 2017, 09:00


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