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Bone marrow function depends on the state of the cardiovascular system

In people suffering from hypertension, atherosclerosis, as well as during the post-infarction period, the production of immune cells is activated in the bone marrow.

01 February 2022, 09:00

Why do chalky spots appear on children's teeth?

Dental hypo-and demineralization is a common disorder that is often diagnosed in pediatric dentistry. 

28 January 2022, 09:00

Link between cataracts and dementia

Researchers at the University of Washington College of Medicine found that people who had cataracts removed were less likely to get dementia, regardless of its etiology. 

26 January 2022, 09:00

Red meat contributes to the development of atherosclerosis

Volunteers eating red meat had an increased tendency to form atherosclerotic plaques and intravascular clots

24 January 2022, 09:00

Relieve Anxiety with Botox

Botulinum toxin injections promote muscle relaxation in the injection area, and in general eliminate excessive anxiety and reduce the risk of developing depressive conditions.

20 January 2022, 09:00

There is a diet for leukemia

If you stop the intake of the amino acid valine, then the course of the acute form of T-cell lymphoblastic leukemia is almost completely blocked, which was observed in the course of an experiment performed on rodents.

18 January 2022, 09:00

Do hangover pills really work?

14 January 2022, 09:00

The immunodeficiency virus is sensitive to hydrogen sulfide

The ability of hydrogen sulfide to inhibit oxidative stress and inflammation that occurs during antiretroviral treatment has been found, which allows controlling HIV.

12 January 2022, 09:00

Removing tonsils in children affects urinary incontinence

Adenotonsillectomy, which was performed in children with obstructive sleep apnea, reduced episodic nocturnal enuresis.

31 December 2021, 09:00

Spinal stimulation reduces the risk of postoperative fibrillation

The procedure of spinal stimulation before and after open heart surgery reduces the likelihood of postoperative heart rhythm disturbances by almost 90%.

29 December 2021, 09:00


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