Losing weight: how to do it right?

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Last reviewed: 16.10.2021

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Effective weight loss is what all women of the planet dream of. Each female representative had moments in her life, when weight loss was considered something necessary. In our time only the lazy one does not offer another new way to remove the extra pounds, but the number of full people says that such methods do not guarantee the result. Weight loss can be achieved with the help of various methods for today's day: a variety of diets, miracle pill, decoction of rare herbs, belts and shorts for weight loss. All these tools promise almost instant results, but it's worth saying that without painstaking work on yourself this is impossible.

If you are interested in losing weight without harm to health and without the risk of returning kilograms, then the issue should be approached seriously. You can not lose weight without effort, you will not be able to lose ten kilograms in three days, to achieve a visible result, and, moreover, for reliable fastening, you need to spend a lot of time.


Proper weight loss: the basic rules

Effective weight loss - slow weight loss

Healthy weight loss has one single rule - weight should go away slowly, without applying hard methods. Do not give in to advertising reviews of miracle tablets that supposedly can help to lose weight without changing the diet. Avoid strict diets that promise that you will lose pounds in a matter of days. 3-5 kilograms per month is a normal result and if you do not rush, it will satisfy you soon. "Extreme" diets that are more like long hunger strikes can, of course, lead to a result in the form of a fast-losing weight, but after a few days, when you return to your usual diet, the weight will return doubly, and instead of the lost 5 kilograms you will get 5 on.

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The most important is self-discipline

Based on the first rule, it is easy to derive the second, which concerns self-discipline. If you are focused on the result and losing weight - this is your main goal at the moment, then you should set yourself up in advance that the process will be long and time consuming. Choose a favorable time for yourself, perhaps it is convenient for you to start from Monday or from the first day, tune in to a positive mood and make a firm decision not to succumb to temptations and not to deviate from the main goal. Remember that in the presence of chronic diseases, weight loss is worth discussing with the attending physician.

How to eat to lose weight was effective?

Effective weight loss depends on many factors and first of all you will have to completely change your lifestyle, foods and diet. Be ready to give up semi-finished products, fast food, sweet soda water: these products do not contain useful substances, and preservatives prevent the removal of toxins from the body. If you are aiming for weight loss, you need to drink a lot of liquids, not so much tea, coffee or juice, and distilled chilled water. Start the day with a glass of water with lemon, this will help start the metabolism, and then losing weight will not take long. Try to exclude from the diet sweets, flour and bakery products, sugar, fatty and fried foods. Instead, include in the daily diet fresh vegetables throughout the day and fruits in the morning. Go to a split meal: eat at least five to six times a day, try to get rid of hunger with snacks every two hours. In the afternoon, try to eat protein-free, low-fat foods, dairy products, steamed or fresh vegetables. Losing weight will be effective if you limit alcohol consumption, except, perhaps, a glass of dry wine several times a week. Several times a month you can arrange for the organism unloading thematic days: apple, kefir, watermelon. Remember, these recommendations are not a short-term diet, but a new way of life, which you will always have to adhere to.

Weight Loss and Sports

Losing weight depends not only on the diet, but also on physical activity. After you have made for yourself a healthy diet consisting of nutritious and not too high-calorie foods, you should think about intensive training. You can start with walking and short aerobic workouts several times a week. After the body gets used to physical exertion, try every morning to give at least 15-20 minutes of easy gymnastics-warm-up, several times a week to practice in the gym, alternating power and cardio.

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Weight loss does not wait for a few simple rules: a cardinal change in the diet, increased physical activity and daily training, a positive mood and focus on results.

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