Diets of stars

Diets of stars are very interesting and very popular principles of sensible nutrition and as a consequence - slimming, represented by stars. After all, they constantly need to look great, have a gorgeous skin color, keep the figure slim with any chart.

Our star diets are proven recipes for fast and slow weight loss, for improving the shape and health. Read about the practical experience of losing weight of the most popular people of our time in our section "Star Diets".

Diet Valley

Many women with envy and admiration look at the famous singer Larissa Dolina. How can you not envy such a lady? She has a beautiful voice, beautiful appearance and, of course, a slim figure.

"Divorce" on the diet Malysheva - beware of scammers!

The diet menu Malysheva, TV presenter of the program "Health", thanks to the development of which, according to reviews, lose weight just at incredible speed, there is no public access.

What are the responses about the diet of Larisa Dolina?

Reviews about the diet of the Valley is very different. Those who lost weight on this food system, note an unambiguous discharge of excess weight.

The diet menu of Xenia Borodina

Let's start right from the diet under the name: "Borodina's diet" and back away from the prefaces.

Diet of Borodina

In 2011, there was a diet that made a furore for almost everyone. Diet of Borodina.

Kefir diet of Larissa Dolina

When Larissa Dolina lost her super-diet, all the women of the country followed her enthusiastically.

Diet of Tatyana Tarasova: application

The diet of Tarasova, the famous sportswoman, champion, figure skating coach, is based on one more principle (the previous ones we listed in the article Tatiana Tarasova's diet: features).

Tatiana Tarasova's diet: features

Diet Tatiana Tarasova - a low-calorie diet for weight loss and health improvement.
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