The Basics of Healthy Eating

Blood pressure products

It will not be possible to completely replace medications with products that lower blood pressure, but you can use their properties such as the ability to dilate blood vessels

Croup with pancreatitis

Cereal dishes appear in the diet of a patient with pancreatitis among the first: from the second or third day after the removal of an acute attack.

Seafood for pancreatitis

If we talk about seafood with pancreatitis, you can’t say in one word. Sea delicacies are different, as are the ways they are processed and eaten. What is possible and what is impossible depends mainly on this.

Flour with pancreatitis

Flour with pancreatitis is included in the lists of both allowed and prohibited dishes. The list of allowed includes white, dried bread or yesterday's baking, crackers, lean cookies. You can not use freshly baked rye bread of any kind, rich, puff, fatty confectionery, pancakes, cheesecakes.

Products for pancreatitis: what can and what can not?

Inflammation of the pancreas or pancreatitis is a disease accompanied by periodic exacerbations that provoke inappropriate nutrition for such a diagnosis. The function of this organ is to produce enzymes necessary for the processing of food in the duodenum.

Apples for type 1 and type 2 diabetes

Healthy people never doubt whether or not to eat apples. Familiar from childhood, fruits grow in every garden, are sold in every market, and therefore are considered something familiar and self-evident - like air, sunlight or rain.

Beets for gastritis

Paradoxically, the same product can be both beneficial and harmful to health, depending on the diagnosis, the way it is prepared and the method of consumption. A good example of this statement is beets for gastritis.

Breakfast with gastritis: healthy recipes

Equally important is breakfast for gastritis, one of the most common diseases of the human digestive system.

Chicory for gastritis

Most of what we know about chicory is that it is a healthy alternative to coffee. But this plant is added not only to drinks, but also to various dishes. Is it always helpful? For example, will chicory be harmful for gastritis?

Dishes for pancreatitis: what can and what can not?

The standard diet prescribed for patients with pancreatitis is treatment table No. 5, based on thermal and mechanical protection of the digestive tract. Nutrition should be balanced, with a low content of fats and carbohydrates against the background of a high percentage of proteins.


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