The Basics of Healthy Eating

Alcohol during gastritis

Everyone probably noticed that after drinking alcohol the appetite greatly increases and food is eaten much more than usual. This is due to the aggressive effects of alcohol on the gastric mucosa and its irritation as a result, causing an increased secretion of hydrochloric acid.

Baked Pancreatitis

Digestion of food fats, carbohydrates, proteins is possible only if there are enzymes contained in the pancreatic juice produced by the pancreas.

Cottage cheese with erosive gastritis, with high acidity, exacerbation

Cottage cheese is a valuable food product, a source of high-grade protein, which is easily digested and contains fats, carbohydrates, many vitamins: A, B1, B2, B12, C, PP; phosphorus, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron.

Kefir with gastritis with increased and decreased acidity, stomach ulcer

Kefir is a famous and many favorite milk drink. Get it by fermenting milk, created with the help of microorganisms. About two dozen of them are involved in obtaining the product. It is divided into one, two and three days.

Treatment and control of overeating

Particular attention in the treatment of overeating is given to the normalization of the diet. For this, a nutritionist develops a special nutrition plan. The doctor makes a list of permitted and prohibited foods, recommended methods for their preparation and a schedule of meals.

Raw, boiled and quail eggs with gastritis

Inflammation of the gastric mucosa causes a cautious attitude to their diet. Often, patients with gastritis have a question about this or another product, whether it will not hurt.

Can I drink coffee in pancreatitis?

The morning of a large number of people begins with a cup of coffee, and then more than once repeats during the day. This drink helps to wake up, charges vivacity, gives energy and is just delicious and fragrant.

Dietary salads with gastritis: recipes

Salads have firmly entered our diet, they bring a great variety of food. This is an appetizer prepared from a mixture of various products (vegetables, cheese, meat, fish, fruit, greens) in a chopped, rubbed or otherwise crushed form.

Cow and goat's milk with erosive gastritis with high acidity

Milk is a product conceived by nature to nurture born babies as a means of prolonging life on Earth. It is produced by female mammals, including humans, and contains nutrients that provide everything necessary for the growth and development of offspring.

Milk in pancreatitis

The pancreas plays an important role in digestion. It releases enzymes that enter the duodenum, neutralizes the acidic environment of gastric juice, splits and processes food fragments, and the absorption of nutrients takes place.


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