Fast diets

Fast diets are the most convenient and, most importantly, almost lightning-fast opportunity to lose weight in a very short time. For example, during the day to lose 2-3 kg. And within a week to become slimmer by as much as 5-6 kilos. This is an undoubted plus. .

But maybe fast diets have their disadvantages? What are they? Which diets are considered fast, and which ones do not apply to them? Are there any contraindications to fast diets and for whom are they intended? What are the recipes for fast diets? These and other questions will be answered by the section of our website "Fast Diets" ..

Low-carbohydrate diet

A Low-Carb Diet is a type of diet that restricts carbohydrate intake, especially fast carbohydrates such as sugar and starches.

Carbohydrate-free diet

A carbohydrate-free diet, as the name suggests, restricts carbohydrate intake to a minimum or eliminates it completely from your diet.

Drinking diet

Drinking diets are a method of dietary planning in which the main focus is on drinking liquids such as water, juices, tea, and broths, and solid food intake is limited or completely eliminated for a certain period of time.

Effective weekly diets for weight loss and in diseases

Without food, the basic life functions of a person are unthinkable. Food is the source of energy, without which internal processes, motor and mental activity can not occur.

90-Day Diet

In pursuit of beauty and harmony, many of us try more and more new diets. Very popular are short-term dietary schemes - for example, a 3-day or five-day diet.

12-day diet

Some losing weight listen to dieticians' advice and lose weight slowly, for several months. And others need to get rid of boring kilograms quickly - for example, lose weight for the holiday or the first days of vacation.

10-day diet

Every woman dreams of an ideal figure that would attract the admiring glances of men. That's why the fair sex is trying to find a suitable diet that will help to cope with this difficult task.

14 day diet

The advantage of this diet in a relatively short time interval, combined with a sufficiently high efficiency of the result.

7 day diet - activation of metabolism or test?

Nutritionists, who offer various short diets for weight loss, justify the principle of their action in that long-term dietary intake slows down the metabolism, that is, the metabolism in the body.

5 day diet

If you sincerely believe that in just a few days - as promised by the 5-day diet for weight loss - you can become easier by five (in other versions - by nine) kilograms, then read on.


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